Depressing Quotes Life Love to Express Sadness and Uneasy Feelings

Depressing Quotes Life Love to Express Sadness and Uneasy Feelings

Depressing quotes life loves work so well to show the world that you are not okay. Whether it is because you’re in difficult relationship or life’s hard for you right now, these quotes help.

Depressing quotes life love is often used by many people to seek peace inside. It is not in everybody’s cup of tea to just express the feeling they have. For those who feel sad and need to express it in words, there are tons of sad yet comforting quotes down below to make you feel better.

Depressing Quotes Life Love for Those in Difficult Relationship

Most people feel extremely sad, and sometimes depressed, when they are in difficult relationship. Having problems with the significant other or even breaking up with them can cause massive pain inside. Moreover, the depressing quotes life love can be used to express the feeling of remorse after choosing wrong person to love.

Well, these depressing quotes life love can help expressing the feeling.

"Loving someone with all your heart is like cutting yourself. You know it'll hurt at some point and there'll be scars to remind you of that person, always."

"The bigger your ability to love someone, the bigger your possibility to get hurt."

"It's never easy to forget and forgive, especially when the one hurting you is already a part of you."

"Do you know how bad it is to get your heart broken? It's like having a big wound on your face. It's painful and everyone can see it."

"It's quite obvious that love is going to hurt. That's why you need to choose someone worth all the sufferings."

"Be careful of choosing the one you love. It can be pearl necklace around your neck or rope to end your life."

"The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is the two of you becoming one already. It's impossible to do something without the other one."

"The problems in relationship are like gravy. They're getting thicker over time. Sadly, you still need them to keep everything appetizing."

"It's depressing to see that you're not as important to someone you love as before."

“Being hurt by someone you love creates wound. A big wound that does not heal... ever.”

“Difficult relationship always brings you a difficult tomorrow, too. It’s always pain and sorrow.”

"Don't be afraid to walk away from someone who does not deserve your affection and attention."

Use the depressing quotes life love to encourage other people to be strong and leave their partner/ significant other when they treat them badly.

"Cry, if you must. Cry often makes you feel better."

"There's the word 'fall' in "falling in love". Why? Because everyone knows it hurts. It does hurt so very much."

"I cry a lot when my heart gets hurt. Most of the time I cry in the rain so no one can see my tears."

"It's nearly impossible to forget someone who gave you tons of memories."

“True love does exist. It’s just not for me.”

This sad quote about relationship is perfect to express devastated feeling, especially after breaking up with someone.

Depressing Quotes Life Love for Those Experiencing Hard Life

The depressing quotes life love can be used to send hints to people around you that you’re not happy at all, even though you are smiling all the time in front of them.

Moreover, depressing quotes life love work great as well to express the uneasy feeling felt by those experiencing hard life. Whenever the world is too cruel to you, say it out loud using these quotes down below.

"It's always difficult to accept that you're never good enough, even after you've done your very best."

"Life loves surprising you, either with happiness or sadness. Right now I'm getting the later."

"The happiest person is usually the one feeling loneliest at night. They just want to keep everyone happy."

"Life gives you two kinds of pain, the one that hurts you so badly and the other that changes you and makes you stronger."

"You know you win when you have the will to continue your life, even after losing everything."

"The most confusing thing about sadness is that sometimes it comes with no explanation or reason at all."

“Life is like stepping on Lego bricks. It hurts.”

"The bravest thing someone can do is keep smiling, even though sadness strikes inside."

“Sometimes life is too sinister and you think that death is probably friendlier.”

"You know you're in trouble when you're surrounded by many people and none of them can see how unhappy you are."

The depressing quotes life love mean that people around you can’t even see your true feeling, which is very concerning.

"I'm deeply depressed but here I am smiling. That's my life."

"It's so wrong to think that life is going to be kinder to you at some point. No, it isn't."

"The most difficult question in the world to answer is 'What's wrong?'. It's because you don't even know what goes wrong with you."

"Crying does not make you weaker. It shows everyone that you still have feeling."

These depressing quotes life love can tell people that nothing is wrong with crying, particularly during dark time in life.

"Life is cruel. It's not something people told you growing up."

"Do you know why someone snaps suddenly? It's because they're been trying to be strong for too long."

"How many times did you laugh and smile on the outside while weeping inside?"

"It's devastated when you get hurt too often and you can say 'I'm used to it'."

"I'd rather be alone. Nobody can hurt me when I'm alone."

"Life is nothing without love. My life is nothing."

Even though it’s short, these depressing quotes life love send alerting message to those reading it.”

"When life is too cruel and you're slowly giving up."

"Don't hold expectations. It's where disappointment comes."

It’s perfectly fine to feel sad, gloomy, and devastated. However, it’s better for to express the feeling so that you don’t have too much burdens inside. When you do, sometimes you’ll end up all alone and depressed. The depressing quotes life love above is certainly going to help you telling the world how you feel deep inside.

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