List of Boyfriend Quotes for Him in Many Kinds of Occasions

List of Boyfriend Quotes for Him in Many Kinds of Occasions

To keep the romance alive, many measures must be done. That includes giving boyfriend quotes for him especially during special occasions.

If you are running out idea to jazz up relationship, boyfriend quotes for him might be a great thing to try out. It is possible to find quotes that are romantic, cheesy, and even witty. These quotes will help building up attachment between partners. Let’s take a look at them.

Some Romantic Boyfriend Quotes for Him Suitable for Special Occasions

During special occasions such as anniversary, reciting some romantic quotes for boyfriend will enliven that moment. There are many quote options to choose. It all depends on the person’s preferences. Here are several boyfriend quotes for him with poetic vibe that will turn even ordinary night out romantic.

“At the first time you came into my sight, I knew that you are not going to leave until my end.”

“I used to be a pessimist who believed that dreams would never come true. Then you came into my life and I now believe that all my dreams will come true. They all have because my dreams are all about you.”

“The love that I feel for you is something that I will only feel once in this lifetime. I love you with everything I have: my bad and my good. Let’s spend today and tomorrow together. Always.”

“Many people will say that dreams are better than reality. The opposite happens to me. My reality is much better than all my dreams combined. Because it has you.”

Those poetic boyfriend quotes for him will indeed make the special occasion more special. But at times, quotes that are too poetic may not be suitable for people who do not fancy that kind of thing.

Realistic Boyfriend Quotes for Him

In the following part, you will see some realistic but romantic boyfriend quotes for him.

“I might not be the best talker, but I know that I am the best shower. But just in this special day I’m going to say it to you: I love you.”

“Our love is definitely far from perfect. Who needs perfection, though? All I know is that we are keeping it real.”

“What I look for in a romantic relationship is a boyfriend with whom I feel really safe and can share even my biggest insecurities with. Thank you for being that kind of boyfriend to me.”

“I used to be a really selfish person. I can only think about myself when I do something. But then came you and you are always a part of my every day’s decision.”

Here are other boyfriend quotes for him that is going to make the man of your life really happy:

“I will always desire you and being with you. I feel like I cannot get enough of your heat, taste, and smell. I want to be with you all the time and always.”

“To me, you are always on fire. I want to burn with you.”

“Frankly, it is impossible to resist you. You are the best sculpture ever designed. What is the best thing about it? You are made specifically for me.”

“I am always reminded that I am in love with you every time my eyes land on you. The feeling intensifies when you touch my whole body.”

There are people who prefer short boyfriend quotes for him because they do not really like talking. Such quotes are also suitable for texting.

“I fell in love with you. That moment was the starting and ending point simultaneously.”

“You are the best thing I have ever been holding onto.”

“I don’t think there will be a cure for love sickness except loving some more.”

“In your smile, I see something that is more precious than diamonds.”

“I will never love someone as much as I love you.”

“Since I know you, I can finally describe what love is like clearly.”

Boyfriend quotes for him that are discussed above are suitable for special times with boyfriend. They have serious vibe, but serious occasion calls for it, right? If you prefer lighthearted quotes, the following part might fit you more.

Witty Boyfriend Quotes for Him that Will Leave Him Laughing

Humor is almost essential in any relationship. Couples that last for really long time are incorporating this aspect to flavor the relationship. Here are some funny boyfriend quotes for him that can be used to make him laugh.

“I never really know what is so special about you. The problem is: nothing seems special without you here so I keep you around.”

“I love you because you are insane, ugly in the morning, and really dumb sometimes. But every day with you feels amazing.”

“I believe you are overstaying a place in my heart. Unfortunately, you are too cute so I cannot charge you for that.”

“You know what is so great about having you as my boyfriend? I can annoy you every time I want and you just have to deal with it. Probably for the rest of our lives.”

“Damn it. Albert Einstein said I shouldn’t blame gravity about falling in love with you. I should just blame you for all of these feelings instead.”

“I’m lucky enough to get myself a weirdo. I will never let this weirdo get out of my life.”

The Birthday Boyfriend Quotes for Him

Giving funny boyfriend quotes for him on his birthday is also a nice thing to do. Wouldn’t it feel nice to be one who makes him smiling on this special day? Below are some of the examples.

“Happy birthday, Babe! Expect me to lurk around the corner for the rest of your life. It’s just going to go downhill from now on. I love you.”

“I am not going to give you present this year or the years to come. I am already the best present in your life. Cheers to that.”

“I hate your birthday because it means you will add another wrinkle I cannot help but love.”

Despite the tough exterior, guys are just like girls. They need to be reminded how important they are in their partner’s life. Even if it does not seem like they would love it, hearing expressive love quotes is going to flutter their hearts. The boyfriend quotes for him should help.

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