Love Quotes for Him Heart, the Quotes Collection for Your Beloved One

Love Quotes for Him Heart, the Quotes Collection for Your Beloved One

Saying your love with love quotes for him heart makes your day more meaningful. Get your lover’s heart with these inspiring love quotes.

Romantic vibe is in the air already and this is the time to think about love quotes for him heart. In case you do not have perfect words to express your feelings, below are some quotes collections that will inspire you. These will definitely blow his mind and heart.

The Sweetest Love Quotes for Him Heart

If you are a typical of quiet person who does not like to speak too much, expressing your love through short but meaningful quotes is all you need. Here are inspiring love quotes for him heart that will melt your men’s heart.

“When I am with you, I hear nothing but your heartbeat. When I am with you, I speak nothing but love words. Being with you is all I want to do.”

“The first time you came into my life, I knew you would stay forever. And I always knew that it is true. Be my guardian, because I am such a fragile without you.”

“Before, I did not believe dreams can come true. But everything changed when I met you. Being with you is my biggest dream and it already came true. Stay here, stay by my side till the end of the time.”

“Everybody can say “I love you”, but only I can prove it to you.”

“I may be not a person who can say romantic words every day. But I can show you how big my love through sincere smile that I put only for you.”

Those love quotes for him heart are so deep and romantic that your boyfriend cannot stop thinking about you. Most of the quotes express your true love even though there are not too many words to say. This is quite enough because the most important is the point that you deliver.

The Funny Love Quotes for Him Heart

It does not stop here. There are still many other love quotes for him heart that you may try for Valentine. These quotes are quite different because they sound a little but funny. They will be suitable if both of you are not romantic couple and do not really like something romantic.

”Look at the stars over there. They are uncountable, right? That is exactly the same as my love to you, uncountable.”

“Hey, could you give me your hand? I need another hand to hold mine and never let go.”

“Hey, do you hear that? My heart is beating your name. And it says I love you every 30 seconds.”

“My heart is empty. Do you know why? Because it is waiting for you to stay.”

“What is your future dream? Wait, let me guess. I already prepare one for you. I guess you will be a good father for my children.”

They are such funny love quotes for him heart that are not mainstream, right? If you are bored with love words, these quotes will sound refreshing. Both of you will laugh out loud together and your bond will be much stronger. What can be better than that?

Poetic Love Quotes for Him Heart

Are you a poetic person who is looking for inspiration? Running out of idea is annoying sometimes. But with these love quotes for him heart, you will never run out of idea for love quotes. Say these words for your special moment and renew your love just like the first time you met him. These cute love quotes for him are a little bit longer and suitable for poetic person.

“I always think that God is so kind to me. He brought me you, the very best men I have ever knew. You are my guardian angel and I surrender to you. I loved you, I am loving you, and I will love you. I will always do.”

“I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have no need to search you because I already found you. You are my dream and my reality, my past and my future. Will you stay here forever? Will you always love me unconditionally and continuously?”

“My world stops spinning when I look into your eyes. My heart stops beating when you look me back. My sanity disappears when I hear your jokes and my fear is gone when you say love words. Make me the happiest girl in the world and hold my hands forever.”

“I would give anything to catch your heart; I will do anything to put smile on your face. You are the only one I care about. I love you like the sea loves the ocean.”

“I know you love me, and I love you more than you know. I started loving you since I knew you and still counting the days. Be mine forever, stay with me together.”

Love Quotes for Him Heart for Married Couple

Married couples sometimes forget how to express their feeling to their spouses. In fact, they still need the romance to make the fire of love long lasting. Here are love quotes for him heart if you are already married.

“Being a woman is a blessing and being your wife is even better. Thanks for choosing me for your future. I promise to stay forever.”

“Before, I don’t understand why God sent you to me. But now I realize God wants me to be happy, and it is only you who can make me happy.”

You may also give love quotes for him heart that sounds funny as follows:

“Where did you learn to be a good husband? Because you have done very well for me.”

“Do you know my favorite place in the world? House-band (husband).”

Love quotes for him heart are a lot and you can choose one that you like the most. Those inspiring ideas will make your special moment even more memorable. However, it will be better if you make your own love quotes, one that comes sincerely from your deepest feeling. If you do, it will be the best and the most touching love quotes for him heart.

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