Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love to Help Channeling the Sadness Out

Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love to Help Channeling the Sadness Out

Coping with sadness can be difficult to some people, especially when there is not platform to let it out. Sad quotes sayings life love should be able to help.

Nobody will ever expect that sad quotes sayings life love topics are useful. When you are having difficult times in romantic relationship or life in general, the burdens may get too heavy. Writing or reciting some sad phrases that mirror the experience will alleviate the pain up to certain level.

Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love Themes about Losing Precious Something

Losing something so precious to our heart is not inevitable at times. Coping is the best way to deal with it. Sad quotes sayings life love themes might be perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the sayings.

“Certain things in your life will change. Money goes. Friends leave. But life continues to go on. It will never stop for anybody.”

“To the past thing in my life: please stop nudging on my back. I don’t want to look back at what I’ve lost.”

“Life does not have responsibility to give us anything that we want. If we lost it, we lost it. There is no point in blaming life for that.”

“When you are living on earth, there are only two possibilities: having things and not having things. Up to some extent, both can get pretty terrifying.”

The Optimistic Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love

Sad quotes sayings life love themes that have been mentioned above may be a little harsh and pessimistic. There are some quotes that are meant to be uplifting, although they are sad.

“At times the pain of losing an important thing might be too great that it seems impossible to continue on with life. But that pain will act as guidance to help you overcoming that difficult period in life. Happiness tastes a tad bit sweeter when it is seasoned with pain.”

“There is too much sadness in the world that it is ridiculous to want to feel sad all the time. Embrace the sadness by adding higher degree of happiness to it.”

“Someone who is young and pessimistic makes the worst portray ever.”

“There’s always reason for anything that you feel. You are sad for certain reasons. You are happy for certain reasons.”

“To be true, every single thing in your life will hurt you somehow. It just the matter of choosing which pain that is worth experiencing. Tackle it and level up.”

“Generally, you will find two types of people in the whole wide world: ones who are sad but fulfilled and ones who are sad but constantly feel wanting more. The choice is quite obvious, isn’t it?”

The sad quotes sayings life love themes above are suitable for people who are experiencing lost in general life aspects, particularly something that is so dear to their hearts. There are specific sad sayings suitable to describe failed romance too.

The Bitter Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love

In the next part, you are going to learn more than one sad quote about relationships. Here are the bitter sad quotes sayings life love themes that are dedicated to failed relationships.

“If you have been walking through the path alone all the time, any parting will not even faze you. But once you walk together with someone you hold dear, parting ways will destroy you.”

“Once in a while you are going to encounter someone that you believe is the one only to be reminded in the end that you are not meant to be. There is nothing you can do but letting go.”

“It is painful to realize that there are people who will always remain in your heart but will not remain in your life.”

The Positive Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love

There are quotes that look into this matter in more positive light.

“When the relationship ends, you feel your whole world shatters. However, when you look back at the relationship, all the sweet memories will replay in your mind and bring back smile. Just think of it like cough syrup: sweet with bitter aftertaste and healing.”

“Your life will only go on. With or without them by your side.”

Many other sad quotes sayings life love themes are available. There are sayings that are more general while some others can be specific to your case. It all depends on your need and how you are interpreting that feeling of losing in words.

Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love with Fun Vibe

Is it possible to have some sad quotes sayings life love themes that are actually funny? At times, people cannot help but acting sarcastic, even during the most difficult times. To certain people, humor helps them to cope with the pain better.

Here is the list of funny sad quotes sayings life love that can be used in general sad occasion.

“Keep your strong fa├žade. You can make people around you wondering how in the hell you are still capable of smiling.”

“Whenever you are feeling down like nothing else will cheer you up, please remember that time your friend walked pass the clear glass door.”

“When I am sad, I will sit down nearby the window and listen to the saddest songs. It feels like I’m a lead in a dramatic low-budget movie.”

“Remember that you are going to be the first victim of your own sadness.”

“Are you feeling sad? Do you feel like nobody is coming to your rescue? Well tough, you are all alone in this world.”

Romance Sad Quotes Sayings Life Love

It is also possible to get romance-related sad quotes sayings life love. Below are some of the examples.

“When I’m crying over someone, I will sober up, punch myself in the face, and straighten up my crown because it is about to fall down.”

“I have dealt with you. Hell should come across easy next time.”

“Great things will never come out of mediocre relationship.”

“Perhaps you two are fated to meet together so you can develop to be the perfect persons for the next partners.”

“I know you will always compare your new love with me.”

People need much longer time to deal with sadness because they have no platform to channel that feeling out. These quotes will be able to help you letting out that built-up feeling instead of burying it deep within. Sad quotes sayings life love themes above should be helpful to you.

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