Short Inspirational Quotes about Strength to Survive During Hard Times

Short Inspirational Quotes about Strength to Survive During Hard Times

Short inspirational quotes about strength are all you need to keep your chin up. Face your problem and never surrender because these quotes will motivate you.

In fact, during the hard times, reading some short inspirational quotes about strength can make you stronger. The quotes are all you need to open your mind and change your perspective, allowing new and fresh idea to come and let you survive from the bad condition. Stop moaning and wake up because a better life waits!

Short Inspirational Quotes about Strength to Pass through Hard Times

Well, when everything goes wrong, it feels like you want to fix everything. In fact, sometimes you only need to wait and be patient because bad times will not last forever. The following short inspirational quotes about strength will make you stronger to face anything in front of you; therefore you can survive during hard times.

"New day always comes. When it comes, new thought and new strength will come along. You do not have reason to stop moving, as the sun that does not have a reason to stop shining."

"Within every soul, there lies strength and weakness. Strength will grow only when you let it grow. Otherwise, weakness will over you."

"Storm does not come all day. It will give you beautiful rainbow in the very end. All you need to do is wait patiently, keep your chin up and look at the sky."

"Inner strength emerges from your calm mind. Only calm people are strong enough to stay during hard times without complaining."

"Only you can save yourself. Family gives best support, while your soul gives confidence. Never underestimate yourself because your mind sets limit for yourself."

The short inspirational quotes about strength above can be your motivation to survive during hard times. Whenever you really need support but no one does sound to care, the inspirational quotes will make you view the problems from another perspective.

The Mind-Blowing Short Inspirational Quotes about Strength

Sometimes, putting smile on your face while you have heavy burden on shoulders is far from easy. The truth, smile gives positive effect to your psychology because it is able to boost up the mood as well as enhance your feeling. Here are short inspirational quotes about strength that will definitely blow your mind and make you smile.

"A human is valued by his struggle. When he stops struggling, it means he stops living."

"Hope is for those who work hard. The harder your work, the sweeter it tastes."

"Be grateful of what you have, of what you eat, of what you see. If you cannot find any reason to thanks every day, something wrong lies within yourself."

"Nobody is strong without patience. Nobody is patient without intelligence. The more patient you are, the higher your value."

"A powerful man is not one who is able to lift heavy load. A powerful man is one who can control his emotion."

Those short inspirational quotes about strength will make your day brighter. During hard times, all you need is positive suggestions and the quotes give what you need to stay positive. Even though to live everyday life is far more difficult than reading the quotes, it is worth trying.

Whenever you want to give up, remember the short inspirational quotes about strength and you will feel energized. Keep struggling until storm gives you beautiful rainbow.

Short Inspirational Quotes about Strength from Famous People

Famous people are inspiring. Their habit, personality, even their quotes are able to bring inspiration and enlightenment to many people around the globe. Below, you will find short inspirational quotes about strength from famous people ranging from artists, politicians, and others.

The inspiring quotes by Lao Tzu:

"Being loved gives you strength, while loving gives you courage."

"Love is a powerful universal language. When you are loved, you will be strong enough to face anything during hard time. Loving someone gives you courage to live the life."

Quotes from Abraham Lincoln:

"Put your feet in the right place and stand firm."

"Just determine your position. Whenever you have decided where to stand up, you should stay there and stand firmly."

Winston Churchill also makes the short inspirational quotes about strength that's mind blowing with deep meaning.

"Kites rise against the wind instead of with it."

"To be a successful person, you have to be strong against anything that will hinder you. Only through this way, you will be able to achieve your dream."

Here are the inspiring quotes about strength and beauty by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"You do not gain strength from winning. Your struggles build your strength. When you face hardships and choose not to surrender, it is strength."

"Strength does come from your struggles. When hard time comes and you decide to stay, you already show your strength."

Angelina Jolie, the famous Hollywood actress has this quote to blow your mind:

"Overcoming difficulties makes us gain maturity and strength."

"Believe that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Either good or bad experiences come to you in purpose. Whenever you can overcome the difficulties, you will grow to be more mature and stronger."

The short inspirational quotes about strength from Ernest Hemingway also illustrate how life is hard, but it is not a reason to surrender.

"World breaks everyone. And yet, some are strong at their broken places."

"When life gives you lemon, you turn it into a fresh lemon juice and enjoy it. There is no other way to face the hard time than preparing yourself to be as strong as you can."

Ralph Waldo Emerson got this inspiring quote to ignite spirit of millions of people around the globe:

"Shallow people believe in luck. Strong people believe cause and effect."

"Luck is for those who struggle. You deserve luck when you have the cause to be lucky."

In short, inspirational quotes are sometimes able to trigger spirit and motivation, especially when it comes from famous and influencing people. For those who experience hard time, short inspirational quotes about strength will make them stronger to live the life and face the problem. Even, it may change their perspective in seeing the problem.

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