Short Love Poems for Him to Send by Text

Short Love Poems for Him to Send by Text

In fact, expressing your love can be done anytime. The short love poems for him are perfect to send only by text.

There are times when you want to say something nice to your love only via text. It is simplest and fastest way to do. In order to express the feeling, short love poems for him can be perfect. Short love poems can be short, clear, and deliver what you want to say. Many poems can be sent as attached below.

Short Love Poems for Him That Are Worth to Try

Giving poems to the dearest one is something sweet and special. You can write it on your own, but looking for ones and choose the best to send by text is totally fine. What will be showed to you below are several short love poems for him special in life. Let’s check them out here.

Some of short love poems for him can tell how much you want to be with your boyfriend. These poems are sweet and perfect to send.

“I want to be attached to you endlessly,
Like stars are attached to the moon,
Like waves are attached to the sea,

“It only takes few seconds
To realize how beautiful your smile is
And it only takes some minutes
To realize the feeling that I have for you”

“I’m jealous of the blanket
That gets to hug you tight on cold days
Or the coffee mug
That gets to put a smile on your cold lips”

“I see you as a star
A bright star shining
Have you had galaxy?
Since I offer you one”

Here are examples of short love poems for him that try to deliver the complete feeling from having him in your life.

“Just like a peanut jam in my breakfast,
Toothpaste on my toothbrush,
Only you who can complete me”

“You can complete with your sweet smile
You can complete with your warm hug
You can complete me just the way you are”

“Long time ago I was alone
I knew something is missing
One day you come into my life
And I know I am complete now”

“You can be annoying one day
You can be very competitive another day
That’s all how you complete my flat universe”

“To complete me
You are the one and only who know how
To complete me
You are the one that needs no words to show”

Several sweet short love poems for him below are meant to show your love for him. Your boyfriend might be smiling to read the poems.

“I find difficulty to love someone
But once I love someone
I cannot stop to love
Have I told you I cannot stop loving you?”

“You are the blanket that warms me
You are the pillow that gives me comfort
You are the one that I wish for every night”

“You have something in you that is stunning
It is the love that you give endlessly for me”

Other short love poems for him are aimed to say how your boyfriend can be a strength that keep your chin up.

“My work is not always praised
My day is not always good
And I know I’ll still be fine
As long as you are with me”

“I am never afraid of what people say
I never take people comment seriously
Because I have you that is always supportive”

“I know my friends won’t ever be good every time
I know my colleagues won’t ever be fair to me
But I have you and that is enough”

“Being praised by my boss is nice
Being praised by others is pleasing
What’s greater is your praise
Your comfort for me to do better each time”

Two Lines Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

Love poems for him from the heart can be expressed in two lines love poems only. Although it is very short, you can give him something very deep and meaningful. Here are some poems that can be used to help you out expressing the feeling for the dearest one. Let’s take a look at them.

This one of short love poems for him can deliver how grateful you are for having him in life. He is special and you want him to know it.

“Coffee is perfect to accompany my morning
But I’d rather have your kiss to greet me in the morning”

“All people want a diamond from someone special
But for me, you are the diamond”

“I always believe that my life sucks before you have come
After your coming, you say I’m precious and my life becomes much prettier”

These short love poems for him show that after meeting him, you have had a visualization of how your future will be. Additionally, you want him to be one of your future plans.

“I don’t think I will always be strong to fight against this world
But with you by my side, I know I can be strong”

“Never imagine what the future will be
After meeting you, the future is all I think about”

“It is you the one who touch my cold heart
It is you the one who I want to be with for the rest of my life”

“My life will be boring when I think about it
Fortunately you come into my life and it won’t be boring again”

Several short love poems for him below can be sent to show your feeling after meeting him.

“Gravity keeps the earth to work as it has to
And you are the one who keep sane in this crazy world”

“I haven’t had any idea what an angel looks like
Until we met”

“Before I met you,
I never knew that a smile was all I need to pursuit happiness”

“I am always grateful for all the things happen in my life
And I could not be more grateful for your love coming into my life”

All short love poems for him above are worth to send via text or even say directly. Romantic is necessary in a relationship. Try to be a sweet person if you are actually not that kind of person.

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