Some Great Dirty Quotes for Your Lover and Best Friends

Some Great Dirty Quotes for Your Lover and Best Friends

Sometimes, it is hard to express your feeling. When you cannot make great words, dirty quotes will help. The words will deliver message well.

Some dirty quotes are necessary since sometimes it is boring to be romantic and serious. The quotes can break the silences and make things better. The words will loosen up your body and mind. Even, dirty words may deliver message better than the serious and romantic quotes.

Some Ideas of Dirty Quotes for Your Lover

It is true that you need something dirty when things are so boring. Dirty words and quotes can be good way to express your ideas and feeling. If you need some great dirty quotes for your beloved persons, these may be good reference.

“I want to taste my lips, would you mind doing it for me?”

“Small boobs are not big problems for me. It does not stop me to see and taste them all.”

“I am not a superman with great strength and tender heart. I am a bad man who wants to bring your darker side.”

Some dirty quotes can also be romantic. If you want to get the words, these dirty quotes can be good ideas.

“I love honey, but no one ever tells me that your lips can be much sweeter than honey. I want to kiss you forever.”

“You are such a pure angel and I want to stain you.”

“I do not need drugs anymore. You make so addicted and I really love all things about you.”

It is hard to express your deepest desire. When you have problem with it, then these dirty quotes can help you to say it.

“Yes, I have dirty mind and you are the best part of it.”

“Without women, world will never be so nice and it only becomes such a pain in my ass.”

“When I am with you, I can always feel excessive power and I want to spend the power with you.”

“For so long I want to get my ideal weight. Then, I have just found it when your body is on me.”

These can be nice and funny dirty quotes. Surely, women always make all things better and even bad things can be turned into great memories.

“I think your lips feel lonely. May mine accompany them?”

“I see your lips like alcohol and they make want to get drunk all day.”

“People with great minds argue, but people with dirty minds share the same waves.”

“Can you please make your face less beautiful? It is just so attractive and I can’t help it. I really want to make the face scream in satisfaction.”

It is always fine to express your desire to your lover. However, it is great when you can do it in sweet way by using these dirty quotes.

“If you think that all men are the same, you are wrong. I am the only exception and you are the one who makes it happen.”

“I want to taste your scents, your sweet, and all things about you. I want to hug you tight and make you sleep in my arms.”

“Do you have magic? I see you sparkling stars around you and those make me stunned, and it is only your kiss that can break the spell.”

“Kissing you is like obtaining money. It makes me want get it every day, even every minute.”

“I am so powerless and weak and I want to plug my battery on you until I am fully charged”

“I blame you for making so in love. You have driven me crazy and I really want to make you fully mine.”

The Nice Dirty Quotes about Friendship

Quotes are not only for your lovely person. Sometimes, it is also great to send dirty quotes for friends and these can always make lots of laughs. These are some of the quotes.

“Dirty minds make great friendship.”

“If you ask me the meaning of friendship, I cannot answer it. However, I can feel it. It is like peeing in my pants. I feel relieved and I am the only one who knows the warmth and the whole sensation.”

Friends can always know how to cheer you up. These dirty quotes can represent how it feels.

“Good friends do not complain you for farting. They will only make bigger and louder ones.”

“Great friends do not give flowers. They give mud so they can have fun with it.”

“Life can be full of shit, and good friends will be glad to accompany you swimming in those shits”

“My schoolmate gives me letters to congratulate me. My best friends give me alcohol and they make drunk all night.”

“Good friends talk about life, sex, and problems. Best friends talk about poops and shits.”

“When you poop in your pants, good friend will help you and hide the shame. Great friends will laugh at you and make you ashamed.”

Friends always have their own way to show the supports. Sometimes, dirty quotes can represent it.

“Don’t ever let your friends lonely. Throw them a shit and insult them.”

“Friendship is built by alcohol, sex, sarcasm, and high level of trust.”

“Great friends do not share foods. They share pants and underwear.”

“Alcohol never makes people happy. Drinking it with friends make it so perfect.”

“My friends never give me supports, yet curses and mocks. However, those work better than any other supports and donations.”

Friendship is just so meaningful and powerful. It becomes such a great thing in life and you will never let anyone ruin it. These dirty quotes can be good ways to show it.

“It is fine if you fuck any women. But, once you touch my friend, you are starting a war and you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

“We are just like worms crawling in the mud, but we are strong enough to break the wall that separates us.”

Those are some quotes for you. You have a lot of quotes and you will be able to express your feeling well. Some of the quotes are also about friendship In case you miss your friends and you can easily make the quotes or send them. Surely, words can be so powerful to express feeling, and the dirty quotes can be much stronger.

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