The Inspirational Graduation Quotes to Motivate Your Friends

The Inspirational Graduation Quotes to Motivate Your Friends

Those who have just graduated will soon continue the next phase of life. Giving some inspirational graduation quotes will be good way to motivate and support them.

Graduation becomes one of the important moment and inspirational graduation quotes can make the moment more special. The words of quotes sound nicer and more meaningful, and those who get the quotes may also save it as valuable message from you. In case you need ideas, these are some references for you.

Some Simple and Inspirational Graduation Quotes

When talking about graduation quotes, there are many words to choose. Some quotes are made by complicated words with long phrase. However, there are also some graduation congratulations quotes that come in shorter and simpler words.

Well, some people think that graduation is the finish line. By giving these inspirational graduation quotes, you will remind your friend that there are still journeys to go.

“Once you graduate, it is your choice to become busy dying or busy living.”

“Thing begins with imagination. Imagination becomes dream, and dream comes true.”

“Love your life, and live the life that you love.”

“Education and learning process knows no end. It ends once you cannot move forward.”

“We are the captain. We set the direction and we make our way to find the treasure.”

“Your graduation will show you that there are still more things to learn. It never becomes the finish line. It is just a gate for more challenging stories.”

“Your graduation does not determine your future. Your future depends on you and you are the one to choose the path.”

When you want to send your gratitude, you will also need to give motivation. These inspirational graduation quotes can be good to motivate your friends.

“Journey will become impossible once you are afraid to begin it.”

“Opportunity is not like your guest. It will never knock your door. You are guest of opportunity and you need to make an opening.”

“Standing on the right track is not enough. It will be useless if you just keep standing there.”

“Graduation does not give you good road to success. Your effort does.”

“When you do not know what to do next, make a small step and it will lead you to bigger path.”

When you want to show your support for your graduated friends, you may use these inspirational graduation quotes.

“Make a great dream and get ready for greater failure.”

You can save your books, but not for the knowledge. You still need it. Even, it is more importance once leave the status of students. Real life will make you real learners.”

“You already get medal for your learning process. Now, it is time to find your medal for your efforts in life.”

Ideas of Wise and Inspirational Graduation Quotes

There are also some inspirational quotes to make wiser. In fact, it is necessary to make people wiser after their graduation since real life needs both intelligence and wisdom. These inspirational graduation quotes can be good references.

“Biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful person lies in the motivation to achieve the dream and efforts give for it.”

“Success is not the destination, while failure is not the end of all efforts. It is your desire, effort, and courage that matter.”

Sometimes, it is fine to remind that there are always challenges. Then, these inspirational graduation quotes can be good reminder.

“Only tall and strong trees deserve the strong storms.”

“You get no elevator for your success. You only have stairs.”

“Graduation does not deliver you to success. It only opens the door to the real life.”

“Knowledge never becomes useful until you know how to use and implement it.”

Life will be full of choices. You need to remind your friends about it in their graduation, and these inspirational graduation quotes can give ideas.

“It is important to keep questioning since your life ends once you stop it.”

“When you have to choose between your life and work, choose the first one. Your life is not for working, but working is needed in your life.”

“Do everything with all of your heart.”

“There is nothing to worry about real life. It is not nightmare. It is just like your tests and exams, but it needs more actions and solutions, and things will come without no schedule.”

“Your graduation means nothing when you leave your learning process. There are still long way to go and things to learn."

Surely words are so powerful, but it is not easy to pick right words. In case you need inspirational graduation quotes, these can help you.

“Working requires more than just your muscles, and thinking requires more than just your brain.”

“When a door is closed for you, there are still windows to try.”

“Theories help you to think, but actions help you to solve.”

“Graduation shows that you have completed steps in life. It also shows that you are ready to make other steps.”

Words are so powerful. It is also useful when you want to congratulate your friend’s graduations. If you need words to express, inspirational graduation quotes can be good references.

“Your education is like phase of game. When you have your tests and exams, it is like facing the boss. Then, you will get your rewards for winning the stages. It is your graduation. You will find that it is not the end. There are still other phases and stages to defeat. However, you already get enough gears and skills to face the harder stages.”

Graduation is like your harbor. It is not the end of your journey, but it is not a place for you to start your adventure. You bring all things that you need to find more things to learn.

Education does not make people smarter and wiser. It only gives knowledge and information. You are the one to decide your wisdom and intelligence and these will be tested once you live your life outside the gates.

Those are some references and ideas of quotes. These will become powerful words to congratulate your friend in his or her graduation. Surely, it is much better to give nice and inspirational graduation quotes than just giving simple salutation since it is special day and you need to make it more special.

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