Cenlar Mortgage Company as a Trusted Service for All

Cenlar Mortgage Company as a Trusted Service for All

Currently searching for a trusted mortgage company? Cenlar Mortgage Company could be the ideal choice once you understand how the company works.

Cenlar Mortgage Company is one of the many mortgage companies in United States which considered as trustworthy. This is due to the company’s long history which goes way back more than 100 years ago. If you are currently searching for a trusted mortgage company, who knows that this one could be a perfect choice for you.

Cenlar Mortgage Company Overview

The world ‘Cenlar’ from the name Cenlar Mortgage Company actually is an abbreviation of Central Loan Administration & Reporting. The company is led by Gregory S. Tornquist as the Chairman, President & CEO. Among the company’s key executives are Stephen W. Gozdan CPA as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President; Robert Lux as Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer; Mark R. Lybeck as Senior Vice President & Corporate Counsel, and Lori J. Pinto as Senior Vice President of Business Development.

It offers subservicing and mortgage loan services across the United States and its surroundings, which specialized in residential mortgage service. The company also provides third-party mortgage subservicing, loan service solutions, escrow administration, customer communications and support, investor reporting and accounting, cash management, satisfactions and payoffs, default administration, reporting and regulatory compliance, and special products. Moreover, call statistics is included as one of the company’s comprehensive reporting on many aspects of subservicing programs.

Firstly established in 1912, Cenlar Mortgage Company is headquartered at 425 Phillips Boulevard, Trenton, New Jersey 08618. If you need more assistance regarding the company, you can call the customer service at 1-800-223-6527 or send an e-mail to customerservice@loanadminstration.com. As alternative, you can also send a fax through 609-538-4006.

 As mentioned before, Cenlar Mortgage Company is a trustworthy company due to its constantly improving management teams who work best to meet the satisfaction of the customers by having an effective and great teamwork. It is currently in the first position in arena of subservicing. Among the company’s clients, there are credit unions, thrifts, serving banks, mortgage companies, and other clients in the financial industry.

In Cenlar Mortgage Company, employees are given ongoing education and training to make sure they offer the best service to the customers, as well as the available vastest range of subservice products in financial industry. They are the company’s best assets as the people are talented in their each specialized skill to contribute a stable management with leadership-based team.

Moreover, Cenlar Mortgage Company has a sole mission to be the best loan and mortgage service provider and wholesale federally chartered bank, giving solutions to its clients with the greatest quality, flexibility, and innovation. The mission is represented in the following quotation, “The success of our clients is a key driver of our success.”

The philosophy of Cenlar Mortgage Company is rooted on its successful clients. If the clients are successful, then the company will also be successful. Therefore, Cenlar really appreciates the solid management team, long history of financial industry experience, talented professional services, and strong-willed customer service. This company aims to excel everyone’s expectations at the present as well as in the future.

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