Depression Quotes Life Sayings to Help You Healing

Depression Quotes Life Sayings to Help You Healing

Many people do not have adequate understanding of depression even if they experience it. These depression quotes life sayings should help.

How can depression quotes life become important? Although this mental disorder is quite severe the prevalence is increasing worryingly. It is important to find ways coping with such condition. Another thing, raising awareness of depression is crucial too. These quotes have varied uses in situations related to depression. Let’s see!

Depression Quotes Life Sayings to Help People Coping

Are there depression quotes life sayings that have hopeful tone? Well, if you are looking closely there are chances to find some. The following quotes are great for the depressed.

“Everyone has hidden sadness deep within them that the world cannot comprehend. At times somebody is called heartless, but most of the time this person is just sad.”

“Have you seen someone bawling their eyes out on the curb? This probably looks like the worst crying at all. But truthfully, the worst one may not involve tears. It happens when the soul is so parched that it is weeping for help.”

“What you see on the outside does not really translate the tumultuous inside. Behind a high pitched giggle, there may be tears. Please understand that this can happen to anybody.”

“There are days when you don’t feel like getting up from bed and do your usual gigs. There are days when the notion of being happy seems impossible, even scary. You are not alone in this.”

The depression quotes life sayings above are telling people that this situation can be experienced by anyone. There are quotes that see this condition in a more positive manner.

“No one is able to develop in stagnancy. Sadness, despair, and suffering are the actual fuels to achieve one’s best self.”

“Being trapped in the darkness is making somebody more grateful to the light.”

“Getting kicked around with depression is painful but you are going to come out winning when it ends.”

“The ability to hold yourself together in a painful period is something that needs to be admired.”

“There are many great things waiting for you at the end of this dark tunnel. Keep walking with your chin up.”

To cope with this condition, you should get depression quotes life sayings that are motivating you to get up and be productive.

“Do not succumb to the temptation of giving up. Opt for hope and you will see that everything, even the one that seems impossible, is within your reach.”

“Depression gets worse if you think about it too much. Keep your body and mind busy with things that you love and get out.”

“The sun is still shining out there. Leave your depression cocoon for a while, be productive, and end the day as butterfly.”

There are also depression quotes life sayings to relay that everyone holds importance.

“You may not know this, but you are a joy for someone out there.”

“It is important to know that you bring impact to anybody that you have met. Whenever you meet someone, you leave a precious piece of you in them.”

“Whether you are in your worst, or your best, your loved ones cannot sleep peacefully at night if they do not interact with you in a day.”

“If you are facing your depression with great mentality, your condition will light up anybody.”

It is even possible to be a little sarcastic about this condition. Let’s see these depression quotes life sayings.

“Every morning I just want to become one with my bed and not having to face any breathing being.”

“Depressed people prefer the term mentally special than just depression.”

“If I let my mind wander around, it is going to have its joyful time and never to return.”

“I giggle to hide the fact that I am weeping inside.”

Adept Description by Depression Quotes Life Sayings

People who do not experience this condition will have difficult time to imagine what it is like. Describing the condition through depression quotes life sayings helps you to achieve that.

“Depressed person is bent beyond belief, but not broken. Depressed person has almost zero will to move, but still alive. It is confusing and scary to be torn in between.”

“I feel like there is something within that is broken. But it cannot be seen, so no one will think I am broken.”

“It is possible to look happy and giggly on the inside while your soul is being shattered into million pieces. That is what depression is.”

“Depression is like having your nose muted to scents while being in the middle of flower garden.”

Expressing the desire of depressed people can also be done using depression quotes life sayings.

“Receiving long embrace from the beloved ones is something that I need to mute all those disturbing noises inside my head.”

“Sometimes you need to wake up a little bit to intercept love sent by your closest people to feel a little bit of warmth.”

“Sense of purpose will make all the pains go away.”

“Hug me as there is nothing I care more than knowing that somebody cares about me.”

When somebody is depressed, they just expect some understandings. These depression quotes life sayings express that need.

“This depression is not an excuse for my deteriorating work. My mental state is deteriorating that it makes everything abhorrent.”

“Don’t ever ask someone who has sorrow to be happy! Depression doesn’t come and go like a light switch.”

“See the end of tunnel? How about trying to burn it down?”

“People who are depressed want to go back to the old times. They just walk at turtle pace while everyone around them expects cheetah pace.”

Depression makes people think harder about life. Here are some depression quotes about life.

“Taking everything for granted prevent you from reaching the ultimate happiness. You can only feel it when all happiness is robbed from you.”

“My life is an oyster and my soul is the pearl. I wouldn’t want to come out of it scratched.”

“Money and fame don’t turn out to be the most important things. All we need is a peaceful mind.”

“It is not a life if you don’t allow yourself to be happy.”

Depression is a difficult time for anybody who experiences it. Coping with such condition with the help of people who are aware of it is important for recovery. Reading these depression quotes life sayings is one of ways to deal with such situation. Keep an open mind and try positivity!

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