Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana as Wholesale Division for Brokers

Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana as Wholesale Division for Brokers

Brokers hold stronger role in mortgage industry these days. Wholesale division at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana offers them benefits that they cannot pass.

Nowadays, mortgage business industry is very competitive. There is an emerging trend of mortgage brokers within this industry. Broker’s main task is acting as a bridge between clients and mortgage companies. They help clients getting in touch with mortgage banks and educating them about mortgage. At the same time, they also submit clients’ documents to the banks and deal with other necessary paper works. Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana is the company’s wholesale division that deals with mortgage brokers. Together they are creating working network to help clients across United States obtaining houses of their dreams.

Features of Freedom Mortgage’ Wholesale Division

Wholesale division at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana aims to reach out to certain customer base: mortgage brokers. This company fully respects each broker’s business practice and relationships that they have developed with their current clients. It offers variety of benefits to its brokers, such as diverse mortgage products, experienced customer service officers to attend any issue in timely manner, competitive rate, and quick and simple deal closings.

At Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana wholesale division brokers can get various product offerings to match their clients’ profiles. This company offers government-supported mortgage loans like Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veteran Administration (VA), and United States Department of Agricultural (USDA) loans. These loans are available in fixed and adjustable interest rate. Conventional loans are also offered by this mortgage company. It also accommodates brokers’ needs for clients who want to obtain loan more than the conventional limit by offering jumbo loans. All of those loans are able to fund house purchasing and refinancing as per clients’ wishes.

This company has a great portfolio, servicing $45 billion for mortgage loans across 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. It employs experts in mortgage industry to help with various issues such as underwriting and deal closing. Wholesale division at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana has experienced lock desk officers. It assures brokers that most loans closings will happen in less than 30 days. So far, this company has a record of 80% deal closings in less than 30 days which is quiet impressive.

Brokers can reach wholesale division office at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana by mail. They can send formal letters or documents at Suite 300, 10500 Kincaid Drive in Fishers, Indiana 46037. This office is also contactable by toll free phone number on 800-388-1537 at working hours. Current and future customers of this division can also visit this company’s website to obtain more resources about mortgage procedures and legal issues related to it. It also provides online training sessions for current client as a part of its customer service.

Becoming a Freedom Mortgage Broker

There are several documents to submit in order to become a broker of wholesale division at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana. The required documents are balance sheet of customer’s business, broker compensation selection and election fee form, IRS Form W-9, resumes of business owners, business’ quality control policy, and so on. Customers are expected to create accounts on They need to upload those documents on the website and wait for approval. After their accounts are approved, brokers are mandated to maintain loan pipelines according to guidelines and close loan deal within 90 days since their approval.

Brokers hold crucial position because they directly interact with clients and mortgage companies. Choosing company that understands their business values and accommodates their clients’ profiles is difficult. Wholesale division at Freedom Mortgage Fishers Indiana offers an opportunity that they cannot pass.

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