Fun and Inspiring Happy Friday Quotes to Welcome the Weekend

Fun and Inspiring Happy Friday Quotes to Welcome the Weekend

Happy Friday quotes are great to be read while welcoming the weekend. Well, Friday is basically the best time of the week.

Happy Friday quotes are the perfect weapon to boost your energy at the end of the week. Friday is often considered as the best day in the week. It is because most people feel so close to freedom at Friday. If you want to share Happy Friday wishes to everyone you care about, here’s the list of the quotes you need.

Happy Friday Quotes to Send to Family and Loved One

It’s always a good thing to send Happy Friday quotes to people that you love, especially to your family and probably your significant other. Sending these quotes below will certainly lift up their spirit.

"Happy Friday! May your Friday be as beautiful as you are."

"Happiness is a day. It's called Friday. Happy Friday!"

"Happy Friday, my love! May your weekend be joyful and fabulous."

"I just can't imagine my week without Friday. Just like I can't imagine my life without you. Happy Friday, sweetheart!"

"Happy Friday! May all your moments today and this weekend be wonderful and awesome."

Those Happy Friday quotes are useful to wish good things to the one you care about. Make sure that they are exciting in welcoming Friday as you are.

"Life is great, especially on Fridays. Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend!"

"Oh hi Friday! Where have you been! I've been looking for you since Monday!"

"Friday is my favorite F-word!"

"Dear Friday, I'm so glad you're here! Happy Friday to all beautiful people reading this!"

"When you feel laziness all over you, it means it's Friday! Happy Friday, everyone!"

The funny and witty Happy Friday quotes should put a big smile on everybody’s face, especially when they also realize that Friday is the best day to enjoy the freedom from boring routines.

"Friday is like the luxurious plane taking you to that wonderful place called weekend. Happy Friday!"

"Happy Friday, everyone! On a scale of 1 to me, how much do you love Friday?"

"Friday is awesome. But there are better days coming, they're called Saturday and Sunday. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!"

"Are you feeling Fridaylicious? You should be! Happy fabulous Friday, beautiful people!"

"The best thing about Friday is screaming 'LET THE WEEKEND BEGIN!' out lout. Happy Friday, enjoy your delightful weekend."

Sending those Happy Friday quotes to your close family and your love is certainly going to make them appreciate your sense of humor. Those quotes show excitement and happiness in welcoming the best day of the week.

"If Friday is a girl, it must be as beautiful as you are. Happy Friday, love!"

"My only hope for sanity comes a day called Friday! Happy Friday, happy weekend!"

"W.T.F = Wine Time Friday. Happy Friday, let's party tonight!"

"Friday is the day when time goes two times faster. Happy Friday! I can't wait to spend this weekend with you."

"Friday is magical. It turns me into a nicer person. Instantly. Happy Friday!"

By sending the Happy Friday quotes to those who you love, you will certainly spark positive vibe and they can enjoy their Friday with even bigger excitement and good spirit.

"Friday? It's more like Friyay for me! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!"

"I'm a good companion. I won't let you spend Friday night on your own! Enjoy today, enjoy weekend!"

Happy Friday Quotes to Send to Coworkers

You and your coworkers at the office know exactly that Friday is the special day of the entire week. Send these Happy Friday quotes to them and feel the excitement together.

"Happy Friday, everyone! It's time to forget all the bad things we encountered at work this week."

"It's 5 PM Friday. You know what it means... PARTY!"

"Goodbye office.. I won't miss you this weekend. Happy fabulous Friday, you guys!"

"I always give 100% at work. You know, 13% on Monday, 22% on Tuesday, 26% on Wednesday, 35% on Thursday, and 4% on Friday. Happy Friday!"

"There's always something odd about Friday. It's when you're physically at work but your mind is already at the bar, drinking wine. Happy Friday! Hang in there till 5 PM!"

Those Happy Friday quotes speak the truth about office life where Fridays are long awaited by everyone in the office. Spread the high spirit by sending the quotes to your close coworkers.

" Wakey wakey! It's Friday morning! The last day of the week to drag yourself to that dreadful place called office! Happy Friday!"

"Today I woke up happy knowing it is Friday. Friday is like the day when you know you've survived this week."

"Happiness is waking up and realize it is Friday. Happy Friday! I hope you have amazing weekend."

Those Friday morning inspirational quotes are going to make everyone gets them waking up with a big smile on their faces. There’s nothing better indeed than waking up realizing it’s the last day of the week that you’ve got to go to work.

"You know what rhymes with Friday? Wine! We're having wine right after work. See you there and Happy wonderful Friday to you!"

"Friday is like the superhero of the week. It rescues you from sad and sorrow you have to endure during the week at work."

"I don't hate my job but I've always loved it when Friday is just around the corner. Who doesn't love weekends anyway? Happy Friday, beautiful people!"

"Friday is like payday. You get excited all day. Thank Goodness Friday comes every week. Happy Friday, everyone!"

The Happy Friday quotes above can be sent to anyone you know that has 8-5 job 5 days a week. Only those who have that kind of job know how great Friday is.

"Things are not always smooth at work. Sometimes it's chaotic as hell. But here we are, surviving and smiling all day long at Friday. Happy Friday! Enjoy your well-deserved weekend."

"Friday is the day when random excitements filled your brain. All. Day. Long. Happy Great Friday, awesome!"

"Do you know why Friday is so exciting? Because you're so close to freedom on Friday. Enjoy this beautiful day, friends!"

It is clear now that everyone loves Friday and the following weekend. Sharing the joy and happiness by sending each other those witty quotes above is great. Those Happy Friday quotes above are not only useful to celebrate the freedom Friday, but also to welcome the well-deserved Saturday and Sunday.

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