Funny Quotes Sayings to Turn Your Bad Day into Joy

Funny Quotes Sayings to Turn Your Bad Day into Joy

Some funny quotes sayings can become good mood booster. The quotes may only be words, but they can be so effective in boosting mood. Even if it cannot make things look better, at least it still can comfort you and make you smile.

Some Funny Quotes Sayings to Bright up Your Day

Surely, a small smile can be so powerful to brighten your cloudy day. When it is just too hard to get sources of happiness, these funny quotes sayings can be good trigger. Once you read it, you will find your smile.

“If you have some targets in life, try to achieve it. In case it is hard, just try to shoot and whatever you can hit, make it as part of your life target and appreciate it.”

“It is wrong if people think that I am lazy. I have my own ways in life and being relaxed is part of it.”

“I am not fat. I only give additional spaces to store all memories since bigger storages are needed for many unexpected surprises.”

“Working is not that bad. When it looks awful, then I will only remember that home is waiting for me after these works. It is enough to make me happy.”

“Your teeth make your smile beautiful, so smile while you still have them.”

Those funny quotes sayings are surely funny, but those offer nice alternative in seeing the life. Life can be bad, but it does not require you to feel stressed.

“I am not stupid. I just do not want to answer things that I do not know the answer. It is logical.”

“If you fail in your plan, call it as plan A. Then, you still have 25 more letters to try. Keep trying.”

“Wait for me. If I am not here in 5 minutes, spare more time to wait. Patience is good for your health.”

“I do not need to spend money for hairstylist. My pillow work well and I can always have different style every day.”

It is always necessary to make things look funny. Sometimes, taking things seriously will not guarantee the success. Those funny quotes sayings show it, and there are still more quotes to read.

“Do not waste your time arguing with idiots. They will only make you fall into their level and you will never win. They have more experiences to beat you down.”

“If you cannot see the beautiful side of life, paint it. If you cannot see the bright side, bring a lamp. Life can be so simple to face.”

“You are not a genius until you can explain all things to your grandmother.”

It is true that it is useless to expect beautiful life. Life can be so awful, but funny quotes sayings can give you small smile to be gratitude.

“When you find some people talking behind you, don’t worry. Fart and they will stop.”

“Experience is great teacher. It will tell you about the mistake after you do it twice. As a good student, it is recommended to stop on the third trial.”

Those are some simple words to read. They are short but they give you enough booster. When you find that your day is not as what you have planned, funny quotes sayings can save the last bit of your hope.

Great Collections of Sarcastic Funny Quotes Sayings

Maybe, those hilarious funny quotes sayings are not enough for you. Then, it means you should try the sarcastic funny quotes. It can work better to give you nice laugh in your day.

“In physics, it is said that light travels faster than sound. Then, I find the reason why some people look so bright until they start to speak.”

“You are free to hate me. I know that some people do not have great taste.”

“Honestly, you look great when you close your eyes. Then, do you want to look greater? Okay, I will close my eyes.”

“Luckily we are not in the fairytale where mirror can talk. I am afraid that the mirror even can laugh after seeing you alive.”

Sometimes, other people make you uncomfortable. These are some funny quotes sayings to face them. The quotes are good to throw at them.

“Now I find another effective way to kill myself. I only need to climb up on the top of your ego, and jump to the depth of your IQ. Surely, I will directly go to hell and heaven at the same time.”

“The art of sarcasm is that you can insult idiots and they will not realize it. It is so satisfying. What a great art.”

It is true that sarcasm words can be funny quotes sayings. Even, it can give more laughs that the common funny quotes. It will be great to collect them.

“If you are smart, then try to beat Google. If you cannot do it, then stop your acting. My brains are screaming.”

“If you find that it is too difficult to express your hatred, then you can text them and say that he is the Monday of your entire life.”

“If you want to punch with no trace, use sarcasm. The words can give more pain and it leaves no traces of wounds. In this case, tears are tolerated.”

“I am just too smart to know when I have to stay in silence. However, people are just too stupid and it makes them unable to speak nonsense.”

Life can be so painful. However, some sarcastic and funny quotes sayings can be helpful to make things look more beautiful.

“When you want to give me precious present, then you can give me your absence. It is so meaningful for me.”

“If I can send you to heaven, I will highly appreciate it. It is better to live in hell than living in heaven with you.”

“If I am not a lucky person, then I do not need to try sky diving. It will be the worst day to face.”

“I am just a stupid person between massive groups of brainless humans.”

Those are some great quotes to boost your mood. There are some funny quotes to make you laugh. Some sarcastic ones can also be chosen. These hilarious funny quotes sayings are great ways to make your day brighter, even when it is a bad day.

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