Motivational and Heartbroken Quotes to Heal the Pain

Motivational and Heartbroken Quotes to Heal the Pain

Broken heart leaves severe pain. These heartbroken quotes will make you aware of it and help you to move on since life cannot just stop only in the pain.

The heartbroken quotes can be useful words to heal your pain. The quotes are not the best medicine to cure the pain, but it can make you aware that life must go on. These quotes can be such nice words to express your feeling.

Some Heartbroken Quotes to Show Your Sadness

Broken heart can be so painful. Yet, the pain will stay and will only get worse when you do not share and express it. In this case, the sad heartbroken quotes can be good ways to express your feeling.

It is true that expressing your feeling is important. It does mean that you will be suddenly cured form the broken heart, but you can be relieved and there can be person to help you reducing the pain. These heartbroken quotes can be good ways to express the feeling.

“I already give you my wings so you can see the sky, but then you leave me alone on the land. You fly and leave me here.”

“Feeling the love can be so beautiful. It will start to be awful and painful once your heart is broken apart.”

“You can suddenly fall in love and it needs no reason. In the other day, someone can break your heart and it can happen without you knowing the reason. It is true that love can be so illogical.”

“I can see the beauty of the world through someone, but then the person leaves, and I can feel the hell soon after that.”

“World can be so unfair. I give everything, but actually the person only takes some of them and sells the rest. Then, I only get the trash.”

“Everyone is free to set their hope and goal in life. However, it will be wrong to set the goal of love. I have made it once, and failure makes things collapsing so fast. It is better to have no goal in love, so the life will stay fine.”

Some of the heartbroken quotes can really express your feeling. It is like making those pains into sequences of words. It is quite relieving to express it by using words.

“Don’t ever make someone as your priority while you only become the option of the person. Once the person gets the priority, you are damned.”

“Eyes and ears can be closed, so no sounds and visions to recognize. However, heart has no door and sometimes you just cannot choose what to feel, even the pain of broken heart.”

"I hope that I was a kid, where some pains could be healed easily. There would not be broken heart that even best medicine in the world cannot take care of it.”

These heartbroken quotes can be so powerful. These may only be words, but they can express your feeling, and it can be what your heart needs right now.

“A cut on your hand will always leave scar. It cannot be healed as a memory of pain. Then, broken heart can be worse since it creates scars and the scars can always recall the pain. Even, it can be severe.”

“Sometimes, it is true that the hottest love will have such a tragic cold end. It happens when both persons cannot hold and keep the fire.”

“Betrayal can be so painful. It can be worse when it is done by the person that you really love. You give your heart and it is torn apart.”

Those are some heartbroken quotes to express. Some of them are sad quotes that can represent your current feeling. It is fine to feel the pain, so you can know how to heal it.

Some Heartbroken Quotes to Motivate You and Move On

The pain of broken heart cannot be ignored. It is so painful. Yet, you cannot just stay in the pain. Moving on is necessary and these heartbroken quotes can help you to do it.

It is fine to be sad, but it will not be good if you stay in the sadness. You should get your happiness and these heartbroken quotes can give you motivation to begin a new and better step.

“Don’t ever let bad person ruin your life. When it happens once, don’t even let it happen twice because you are too precious to be ruined.”

“When all the pains cannot be cured, forgiveness can release the pain and you can start to find soothing sensation from it.”

“Time has its own way to heal the pain. It has wings to take the pains and bring back some happiness for you.”

The pain should be cured and you are the one to do it. These heartbroken quotes can be good painkiller to you, so you can start to make new moves.

“Breaking up is painful, but other people also feel it. They can survive and move on, so you should also do better than them.”

“Love may give you pain, but it is still better to know how to love and how to be loved than you have never got the feeling.”

“Rainbow only appears after the rain. The sunlight makes the cold air beautiful. The pain in your heart may make you feel bad, but you also deserve a beautiful life afterward.”

It is true that these motivational heartbroken quotes can be so helpful to reduce the pain. The pain does not disappear, but at least you have more energy to wake up.

“There are a lot of doors in life. When a door is closed, there are still plenty of them to try. Even, you can make your own way through the window. Don’t let a single failure make you lose the whole life.”

“You have to know that a deer can leap highest when it is wounded. It is fine to feel the pain, but you should also jump to avoid upcoming worse case and survive.”

“When you know how to love someone, you will also know the pain coming from it. However, you should not forget that you will also learn how to heal the suffering and pain.”

“Heart is not thing that cannot be broken. It is so fragile. However, it is like phoenix that can revive and fly higher after the death.”

Those are some inspirational quotes that can cure and motivate you. Surely, life must go on and these heartbroken quotes can be good trigger for you to wake up and make a new step.

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