Quotes about Missing Someone Love

Quotes about Missing Someone Love

Not doing anything will not help the emptiness of missing beloved someone. Why don’t you try these quotes about missing someone love?

Sometimes, you will need quotes about missing someone love. The feeling of being apart from somebody whom you love can get so unbearable. Meeting them in person may not be an option anymore. However, you have to cope with the feeling somehow. These beautiful quotes should be able to help.

Poetic Quotes about Missing Someone Love

It is possible to express the yearning through beautiful and poetic sayings. The quotes about missing someone love can be recited to that person or read aloud to one’s self.

“Not having you by my side feels like having a phantom emptiness in my heart. At the same time, I feel like we have never been as close as when we are apart because I have you right here in my heart.”

“The feeling of yearning for someone is a great reminder of how deep is your passion and love.”

“Missing the loved one is an obstacle that will bring two hearts closer together than ever.”

“I miss you more than the moon that longs for the sky when daylight comes.”

“It is so hard to long for someone because the person has always been an important puzzle in your life.”

There are times when the feeling of longing to be with that beloved someone actually incites sadness. The reason might be because you are too close with that person. It is also possible that there is no chance to be with that person again in the future. The sad missing someone quotes are great for this.

“Thousand drops of tears will not get us back together. Even so, the memories of our time together can fill up my heart for the rest of life.”

“Once you have gone out of my life, there is a glaring hole in it which I constantly stumble upon. I know that hole will never go away like my yearning for you.”

“Everything feels sparser and emptier after you walk out of my life.”

“My days are stretched long and thin because you are no longer by my side.”

Those sad quotes about missing someone love can apply to many cases. They are applicable to sad cases of missing friends, family members, or lover. Some quotes are also specifically directed to ex-lover.

“I regret that I did not kiss you enough, hug you enough, and love you enough when we were still together. Now I only live with that regret and longing.”

“My sadness feels more intense now that you are no longer here to kiss my tears away. Loving you hurt but parting with you hurts more.”

“Your side on the bed is glaringly empty and cold because you are no longer there to warm it up.”

“Through the haze of this pining, I know that I will never be able to love someone as much as I loved you.”

Friends can also give intense feeling of longing. Everyone expects their closest friends to be there no matter what. These quotes about missing someone love will be suitable for friends.

“You are the brother that I always wished I had. I regret that I did not tell that to you every day.”

“Our friendship is what gets me to this state. Your influence on me will never cease even if you are faraway.”

“You are the best buddy that I can ever ask. No matter how our geography states prevent us from being crazy together, I know our hearts are one.”

“I miss our insightful conversations. There seems to be not enough topics in the world to cover our shared wittiness.”

Parting because of your beloved person’s death is a painful experience. Expressing that feeling through quotes about missing someone love who has passed away will make grieving more bearable. It serves as an outlet for the burdensome feelings.

These sad quotes about missing someone love also serve as motivations to have more positive attitude toward it. It will help shortening the amount of grieving significantly so the left one can move on fast.

“Even if you are no longer a part of this world, I know you reside within my heart, giving an extra strength to each of my step.”

“When I miss you so bad it hurts, I will replay our time together in my head. I cry, but I also smile because it was so beautiful.”

“Parting with you forever creates a phantom pain that I will never recover from. But loving you creates the happiest feeling that cannot be erased.”

“Knowing your life story is the luckiest I have ever been.”

Funny and Witty Quotes about Missing Someone Love

Do you always have to be melancholic when declaring your desire to see someone? These funny and witty quotes about missing someone love will prove you otherwise. Humor is healing.

“I feel like the dumbest person for walking straight into a glass door because my mind is too preoccupied with you.”

“There is nothing that I miss more than your exclusively stupid face.”

“Humor me and say that your life is meaningless without me in it.”

“I wish I can throw a chair at you to express how much I miss you without getting charged for public violence.”

Missing ex-partner after breakup is a given thing. These witty quotes about missing someone love will help coping with that annoying feeling better.

“I am the prettiest thing you ever held hands with so it is your loss, not mine.”

“When I look at our picture together, I cannot help but thinking: did I drink the wrong med every morning when we were dating?”

“I thought your quirks were cute. Now I am sober enough to realize how dumb they were.”

“Breaking up with you is like moving to new, fancier, and bigger apartment. I shouldn’t bring my old garbage to this special place.”

Humor and wittiness also work well with friends. These funny quotes about missing someone love prove that.

“When I was walking home earlier, I faintly heard your stupid laugh even if you are miles away. Creepy.”

“I still don’t understand why I befriended you. But then you send me that stupid jokes and I am reminded.”

“Even if you call me names, you are still my BAE.”

“I can’t believe I say this, but I miss your bad breath.”

It is hard to miss person whom you love if he or she is away for various reasons. At times like that, trying out many coping methods is a good solution. Quotes about missing someone love can be amazing starters. People report that they deal with feelings better using quotes.

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