Romantic True Love Quotes to Express Your Affection

Romantic True Love Quotes to Express Your Affection

True love quotes give you the hope to find the best one. The quotes also give you the opportunity to express how much you love your true love, if you have found one.

True love quotes are required not only to encourage you to find one, but also to remind you that love is something to be appreciated. Most people don’t care about sweet messages or quotes they can send to someone until they’re falling in love, or even married. Here are the quotes you can share with your lovers, partners, or spouse to tell them that they’re your true love.

True Love Quotes for People in Love

Falling in love is a bitter-sweet feeling. However, most people falling in love feel like they have found their true love. These true love quotes are suitable to express the feeling of those falling hard in love.

"True love can't be made up. It has to be discovered. I discovered true love within you, sweetheart."

"True love is when you can love someone entirely and accept everything about that person."

"The best thing about true love is that it will never die. Instead, it gets stronger with time."

"Finding true love is never easy because once you find it; you'll never be able to replace it."

"True love is real and it will never be over. That is why it's rare."

Those true love quotes are straightforward, yet very romantic. It shows exactly the main meaning of true love.

"You know you've found true love when there's this one person loving you so much that they don't even have to say it every day. You can tell they love you from the way they treat and respect you."

"Finding true love means never finding someone who won't give up on you. Ever."

"True love is to love entirely and never give up on the one you love, no matter how difficult the situation gets from time to time."

"True love knows no beauty face and body size because once you've found true love, those things don't even matter."

"When you can feel joy and affection in your heart and you can accept someone for who they are, that's when you've found true love."

The true love quotes above are all about love and affections. They can be sent to someone you love so dearly and clearly deliver the message that you care about them.

"Patience is a sign of true love. When someone has the patience to wait for the right person to love them entirely, that's true love."

"True love has a profound ability to change minds, hearts, and souls."

"True love is the kind of love without jealousy and concealed hatred within it."

"True love is hard to find because you have to fight for it."

"True love lasts forever and forever means forever."

Even though the true love quotes are short and a kind of one-liner. They still carry the powerful message of love and beautiful things revolve around it.

"True love is about giving everything and expecting nothing in return."

"True love is knowing someone's flaws and still accepting who they are."

"True love understands that someone has weaknesses and not taking advantage of them."

True Love Quotes for Married Couples

Even though many people say marriage kills the romance, with these true love quotes, married couple can still keep the spark alive. These quotes show them that being married to their true love is perfect.

"It's true, true love leads you to say 'I do'."

"True love does not make a marriage stronger, it makes the marriage invincible."

"It's impossible to tie the knot with someone without true love between them two."

"You are my true love. You will forever be my other half."

The true love quotes for couples committed in marriage above show that true love and marriage do have a strong connection.

"When I met you, I know I've found my true love. That was when I also know I'm going to marry you someday."

"Most people don't believe in true love. Also, they don't believe true love leads to marriage, yet here we are."

"True love is not the only thing a successful marriage requires. It requires falling in love with the same person every night, every day."

"True love makes you realize that you want to spend the rest of your love with that person and that person only."

Even though two people are already married, the true love quotes keep remind them how their significant others are their true love and that’s why they’re still married.

"True love makes I am yours forever and you are mine forever."

"Love is blind. But true love is a real eye opener and so is marriage."

"Being married to your true love is like nothing can ever go wrong."

“Do you know how I know I’ve found my true love? It was when I say ‘I do’"

“Never take true love for granted. If you got married to other people rather than your true love, there will be an unhappy marriage in the making.”

The simple true love quotes above emphasizing the point that profound feeling of love and joy is required to lead two people into big commitment like a marriage.

“True love is a big deal, so is marriage. Cherish your true love and your marriage for they are the source of happiness in your life.”

“Marriage is about expressing true love and true love lasts forever.”

“Marriage makes you understand that you can love someone entirely and accept someone for who they really are. That’s also a true love.”

Even though a bit cheesy, those true love quotes shows that romance, love, and marriage are meant to be together and eventually will happen to someone at some points.

“Marriage is loving your true love with an everlasting love."

“There’s nothing better than marrying someone who love you so dearly and makes you feel adored every day.”

Those are the sweet and romantic quotes about true love that you can share with someone you really care about. If people say that true love does not exist, they are wrong. Those true love quotes above show that true love can be found anywhere and it is all about accepting someone for who they are and love them entirely.

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