Short Sympathy Quote for Loss to Bring Consolation in the Hardest Moment of Life

Short Sympathy Quote for Loss to Bring Consolation in the Hardest Moment of Life

Everyone will be sad because of the death. In the moment, words can be good way to reach the heart. These sympathy quotes for loss can be some of the words of consolation.

The sympathy quotes for loss can be good way to express your sadness. It is hard moments and some consolations are needed. In this case, words can be so powerful to give consolations. These quotes can be good ways to express your feeling and console the family.

Best References of Sympathy Quotes for Loss

The sympathy quotes for loss can be good way to express your feeling. It can be so helpful when you cannot be there to cheer and hug. These words can be good ideas when you are looking for suitable quotes.

Sometimes, good words can also be good way to strengthen. These sympathy quotes for loss can be good ideas to support the families.

“The best consolation is the remembrances and memories of good things. The body is no longer here, but the soul and all the great memories will stay to comfort and strengthen.”

“Death brings sadness, but it never becomes the end. And now I can listen to the voice of angel saying that she is already happy in heaven.”

“Death only happens on his body. His soul is still with us. If you keep being sad and shedding tears, he will also be sad. Cheer up. There is nothing to cry.”

“Tears are powerful to express feeling. However, tears can be such a storm that will erase the memories. Stop crying. It is better to show smiles and spirits.”

“Your tears are enough to make the earth wet, but it will never bring him back. Stop it now and cheer up. He never likes seeing you crying.”

Then, inspiring sympathy quotes for loss can also be good ideas to say. You do not need to make the quotes, since these can be ideas to try.

“You have shared a lot of moments together. There are happiness, joys, smiles, and tears. Hold all of those moments and memories. Those are treasures left for you, so you can keep moving and seeking your deeper and bigger happiness.”

“Death is for all living beings. We cannot reject it. However, we can hold the memories and let the souls stay connected.”

“God creates heaven for all souls, so they still can live to see the earth. God creates earth for human, so they can also pray for those who are already in heavens. Souls are connected, and prayers are best bridge for it.”

Sadness always comes when there is death. However, words can be so powerful to bring happiness in heart. These sympathy quotes for loss can be great words to give happiness.

“God always has great plans. Even, He creates beautiful rainbow after the severe storms. Just believe that He also prepares the rainbows for your current sadness. Cheer up and prepare yourself for the upcoming colorful views.”

When you also need short condolence quotes, there are some ideas for you. You can share and give the words to express your feeling and your loss.

“He never leaves us. He is just invisible for your eyes.”

“She leaves you big love and you have to share it for others.”

Sometimes, sympathy quotes for loss can show your attention and it can also show such supports.

“You have my heart and I am here to accompany you in your time of sorrow.”

“There is still tomorrow waiting for you. Cheer up.”

Alternative Messages and Sympathy Quotes for Loss

You can share both sympathy quotes for loss and messages. These words may sound simple and easy to say or write down. However, words always have their own power to touch the heart and cheer the person who suffers from the loss.

“Sadness should never take the peace in your heart. Let the peace stay in there since it will be the house for the soul to stay.”

“Hands cannot hold forever, but souls can be connected for eternity.”

“You are not alone in this difficult time. My ears are ready to listen to you. My arms are ready to hold and hug you. My heart is always ready to share the burdens. You are not alone.”

“I am not God who knows your feeling. Yet, I know you are sad. You also need to know that I am here to accompany you. You will never walk alone in the land of sorrow.”

Prayers can be good way to make the heart comfortable. These sympathy quotes for loss are about prayers to console the heart.

“Death creates distance and time. But, God gives us prayers to connect the soul. Just pray and let the soul comes to your heart.”

“Bodies can hug. Hands can hold. Prayers can do more than those things. Prayers can surpass beyond space and time, and it can reach heaven to deliver your feeling”

“God gives life, and He also gives prayers, so souls can always be connected even when God takes the life to the heaven.”

Some consolations are needed by those who are left away. These sympathy quotes for loss can be good words to share.

“Your loss does not mean that you have lost everything. You still have future and he will be glad to see you happy.”

“Soul goes to heaven and stay in there. The soul will keep watching you. So, cheer up and grab your happiness. Don’t let him sad in heaven.”

“Body is not eternal. Let the body buried away and let the memories stay in your heart, so he can always come and stay in there to accompany you in your path of life.”

Sadness is normal, but it cannot last forever. These sympathy quotes for loss can cheer the one who have deep sadness.

“Life is priceless. Life is also eternal. Death will never make it disappear. The life will be in the heaven and time will unite.”

“All great memories are like melodies. These can be so powerful to comfort the heart. Let the great memories exist, so consolation can also come into deepest part of heart.”

“Death separates the body, but memories connect the souls. Hold the memory and send prayers, so the souls can always be connected until the time unites all souls together.”

Those are some quotes and words to deliver your feeling. These quotes can also give motivation and consolation. It is good to share the sympathy quotes for loss, so happiness can be felt even in the hardest moment.

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