Sweet Valentines Day Quotes to Express Your Feeling in the Special Day

Sweet Valentines Day Quotes to Express Your Feeling in the Special Day

Valentine’s Day is the best moment to express love. Some of the sweet valentines day quotes can be the great ideas to show your love in this special moment.

February is month of love and you will need valentines day quotes and chocolates to show your love. In this case, quotes about love and Valentine’s Day can be good way for you show your love. Of course, the quotes can also be great message to send.

Valentines Day Quotes to Impress Person That You Love

Chocolates and flowers are what people usually give in Valentine’s Day. However, you can also give valentines day quotes to impress the person that you love. Combination of the gifts and quote will make her love you deeper.

“You are my happiness and I want you to be part of my life forever.”

“I just cannot find nice flowers for you. You are much better than any flowers. I hope that my love will be enough to admire your beauty.”

“Some people say that falling in love make people hard to sleep. It does not work on me. I want to sleep since I can see you in dream. Then, I will wake up because I can also see you in the real world.”

Sometimes, it is also great to show some sweet promises in the valentines day quotes. Promises are made since you are going to make the person part of your future.

“I cannot see my future. However, I am so sure that you will be part of it and you are the important part to make it beautiful.”

“Would you grow old and see the future with me? There are many great things to happen and I want you to be part of them.”

Valentine’s Day is also great time to talk about marriage. There are some nice valentines day quotes talking about it.

“Marriage is so unclear for me until I see you. Even, you make me want to get the marriage as soon as possible. Would you?”

“Valentine’s Day happens once in a year, but let me always give you surprises every day.”

There are still other valentines day quotes. You will not need to worry if you run out of words. There are sweet quotes to impress the person that you love.

“I love you now and time will change it. It will make it bigger, stronger, and I want to share all of the feelings together.”

“If I have only one day left, I want to spend the whole hours with you. I want to make best memories, so I will never regret and I can tell angels in heaven that I am thankful to have you until my last breath.”

“Valentine’s Day makes all people want to express their love, but it is not for me. I want to express it every second in my life, so I never miss a chance to make you mine.”

“I want to thank God because He sends me an angel, and now I can see the angel in front of me. Even, I can hug and kiss her. If I still can ask one more thing, I want to ask God so he lets me to have you until the end of the time.”

Those are some nice words of valentines day quotes. You can always share the quotes and it is not only in the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Even, you can always share different quotes every day.

Some Other Sweet Valentines Day Quotes to Show Your Feeling

There are many valentines day quotes to share. Each of them has different words and meaning. Of course, the words can be so powerful to touch the heart of person that you love. It will be so effective to impress her.

“Great loves create great wishes. Now, I have found my love and my greatest wish is to love you eternally.”

“I want to buy you all things. Unluckily, money will never be able to buy love. It is about heart to connect, and I want to make my heart connected to you.”

“When I see you, I know why God creates human with arms and lips. Arms are to hug and lips are to kiss. Both of them are easiest way to express how I love you, and I want to keep you inside my arms."

Some of the valentines day quotes are not just for the quotes written in the greeting card. You can make the quote as sweet message.

“I am glad if love is eternal. It means that I still can love you until we are united in heaven. It is because loving you is never enough and I always want to love you more.”

“Falling in love makes things so illogical. I am falling, but I feel like flying. I love you, but I feel like that I lose nothing, even the feeling make me so complete.”

“Loving you give me strength and courage. It is strength to prepare and face the future. Then, it is courage to take you with me.”

“Love is like a painting. It is a very beautiful painting where you become the centre. When you are not in there, it will no longer become beautiful.”

Some quotes are also funny. These funny valentines day quotes can make you and your lover smiling. Of course, it is great idea to have beautiful smile of your lover in the Valentine’s Day.

“Love is like thief. It comes in silence, but the effect is so great. However, when you hear some sounds, it is my heartbeat. Falling in love makes my heartbeat uncontrollable.”

“I really want to get married, so I can always cuddle and annoy you every day. Once you get angry, I only need to kiss and hug you. It will always make my day.”

Some of the sweet valentines day quotes can also be in funny tones. These are some examples of them.

“It is true that money will never buy love. However, it can buy stunning ring for our marriage.”

“My Valentine’s day will not be perfect without you. You make me able to get discounts of favorite foods, and surely, you make the food taste best. You make all things so special today.”

Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to feel deeper and greater love. It is also great time to show your feeling. If it is too hard to express, you have enough lovely quotes. These will successfully show your feeling. Even, there are some funny valentines day quotes to get nice smile in the special day.

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