Cheer Up Quotes to Motivate and Support Your Friends

Cheer Up Quotes to Motivate and Support Your Friends

Good friends keep supporting each other. There are many ways to do it. Even, some simple cheer up quotes can be enough to support your good comrade.

Cheering up friends is necessary, and these cheer up quotes can be good words to share. When you are bored with the common expressions, these quotes can become good options for you, so you can cheer up your great friend in his or her bad day.

Good Cheer Up Quotes to Make Your Friend Happier

It sounds bad when you cannot cheer up your friends. Then, it can be worse when you have no good words to support your friend. In this case, the cheer up quotes can give you some great options, so you can have more words.

“You do not need to worry about those guys. When they bring you down, they are already lower than you.”

“Let the past goes and forget it. Now, see what you have right now and prepare better steps for what is coming in the future.”

“Sometimes, you cannot get what you want. However, it is not thing to regret since you will get the better one.”

“It is not necessary to have perfect things when you want to be happy. You can be happy as easy as being grateful.”

Those are some cheer up quotes to share. However, those are good in many conditions. You can pick one of them based on the condition faced by your friends.

“Trust me. Difficulties are not the end of the world. Even, you still can find possibilities in the midst of these difficulties.”

“Storm does not last forever. You will see the rainbow soon. Just be patient and keep believing.”

“Sometimes things go wrong. However, these are normal and other people face the same things, even the worse ones. There is nothing to worry and you have me to help you.”

“Winner is not label given to those who never fail. It is given to those who never quit and give up. So, you still have chance to get your winning trophy.”

These may be simple words. However, sometimes simple words in the cheer up quotes can be more useful than other kinds of gifts, or even money.

“When you failed in some plans, don’t give up. Sometimes, plans do not work, but it does not mean that tall things go wrong. You only need to keep breathing, moving, and making your own surprise attack.”

“God never gives you unbearable burdens. He trusts you. So, rise up. Take the challenges and make great compliments of it.”

When you still need more cheer up quotes, there is nothing to worry. There are still many words to cheer up your great friends.

“When good things do not come to you, maybe you are the good things for other people. So, make yourself more useful.”

“Do not stop in Plan A. You still have more letters. If those are not enough, you still can use numbers and the combinations.”

“Stars will never shine unless there is no dark sky.”

“Bad day is not the end of your life. It may lead you to something better. It is because medicines also taste bitter, but they cure you.”

You can always use these cheer up quotes to make your friend more comfortable. Although you can only give words, at least you are still there when your friend has no one to cheer him up.

Other Funny Cheer up Quotes to Share

When you love making jokes with your friends, you may need funny cheer up quotes. These still can cheer your friends up, although the words are in funny tone.

“Let’s live, laugh, and love. When these do not work well, then get ready to load, set the target, and fire. It can make you feel better.”

“Dude, cheer up when the night already comes. You should do it since tomorrow you will get new day. There can be better day, but there can also be worse day. So, at least finish your bad day, and get ready for tomorrow.”

“When a mirror is broken, it is better to leave it. You will only hurt yourself and it will only make you look stupid.”

When you are so close to your friend, these cheer up quotes best friend can work well. You can make fun of the bad days, and make it as source of laughs.

“I cannot be good cheerleader for you. So, please get well sooner. You look bad with the sad face.”

“Rise up. Shine. I will lend you may lamps when you still cannot shine brightly.”

“Move on. There are still long ways to go. Do not stop here. You make me unable to move.”

“Get yourself ready. Wear your best outfit. Let’s drink somewhere and throw all of those bad things inside your minds. I will gladly throw mind to you when those are still not enough.”

Sometimes, sweet words do not work in cheering up your friends. That is why some funny cheer up quotes may be good ideas to try.

“Money does not give you happiness. But, it can buy you nice drink to break your problems. So, take my wallet and get something to drink.”

“Savor the moments. You will never get the same moment twice. Even if it is bad day, be grateful. At least, God still remembers you.”

“Wind only strikes tall trees. So, go and climb the high trees and let’s fly.”

“Pain cannot be avoided. However, suffering is still optional. You still can choose it.”

Laughs can be good remedies. That is why it is great to make your friend smile. Then, there are cheer up quotes in funny tones to share.

“When people throw you stones, hold yourself. Keep the stones and build a tower, so you can throw them harder.”

“Cheer up. You should not end here. You even have not treated me good thing to drink.”

“Life must go on. When you cannot do it, call a taxi. There are many ways to move on.”

Those are some good quotes to share. You can always cheer and support your friends. Even when you cannot be there, at least these cheer up quotes can comfort him in the bad days.

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