Father Daughter Quotes to Make You Miss Your Dad Every Day

Father Daughter Quotes to Make You Miss Your Dad Every Day

There is nothing more beautiful than a father-daughter relationship. These father daughter quotes will keep that relationship alive.

Father daughter quotes are always beautiful and inspiring. Sending the quotes to your father will certainly assure him that he is loved by his dear daughter. If you plan to do so, here are numerous quotes you can choose from. There are some of them in quite whimsical tones and some of them are really serious, sweet, and inspiring.

Lovely and Inspirational Father Daughter Quotes

There are a lot of father daughter quotes to honor and send respect to your fathers. These quotes down below are the best examples. They are sweet to read and certainly bring a big smile to your father’s face.

“The love between father and daughter knows no distance.”

“A father is every daughter's first love.”

“A good father always teaches his daughter to value herself.”

“No one in the world can love a girl more than her father.”

“No matter how tough a man is, he will shed a tear the moment he knows he had become a father.”

“Dad can talk to you like your best friend, protect you like your body guard, and be with you always like your guardian angel.”

These are inspirational father daughter quotes to send to your beloved father.

“A daughter's smile is the source of spirit for every father.”

“There is nothing more valuable for a father than his daughter's happiness.”

“Be grateful for having your father around because a daughter will always need her super hero.”

“I am the luckiest daughter in the whole wide world for having the best dad belongs to me.”

“The sweetest relationship is always the father-daughter relationship.”

“Dad + Daughter = the best team ever.”

Sending these father daughter quotes does not have to be on father’s day. It can be literally anytime that you want.

“A good dad will always feel grateful for the best gift he has ever received: his daughter.”

“A daughter is the only person a man can love more than himself.”

“The affection between a father and a daughter lasts forever.”

“Fathers literally will do anything to make sure their daughters feel happy and safe.”

“Superhero does exist. I call him my dad.”

When you are looking for a emotional and meaningful father daughter quotes, here are some for you.

“A dad is the only person that can love a girl truly unconditionally.”

“A daughter may find her price someday but her dad will always be her king.”

“Beside the wife, the daughter is the person to steal a man's heart completely.”

“The greatest thing a man can do for his wife is to love their daughter and the greatest thing a man can do for his daughter is to love her mother.”

These father daughter quotes are truly inspiring and ready to leave no dry eyes behind.

“A father's dream is in his daughter's eyes.”

“No matter how tall a daughter grows, she'll always look up to her father.”

"No one is able to make a girl feels like a queen, except for her father."

"The laugh of a daughter is like the sweetest symphony of a father."

"You will never know a man's vulnerable side until you see him with his daughter."

"Behind every great daughter there is an even greater dad."

"Every girl should know that the love of their dad for them knows no end."

Playful and Amusing Father Daughter Quotes

For those who have a father with a big sense of humor, these father daughter quotes can be sent to them. These quotes are silly and hilarious. They will make you both laugh and make you realize that laughter brings you two together.

"Guns don't kill people. Dads with pretty daughters do."

"A dad becomes really cool in his daughter's eyes when he said 'Yes' after the mom said 'No'."

"A cool dad always makes his daughter turned out awesome."

"Like father like daughter. I'm not surprised."

"Anyone can be a father but it takes someone very special to be a dad."

“I have a beautiful daughter, and a gun, and a shovel, and an alibi.”

“When a girl goes away on her very first date, her father at home is basically thinking about how to get away with murder.”

Make your dad laughs hysterically with these funny father daughter quotes.

“The best thing that a father can give to his daughter is his time... and his wallet... or probably his credit cards.”

“That’s my daughter. Everything she owns I bought her. Literally.”

"When you were a little girl, you think your dad was the coolest superhero. Now you grow up and realize your dad really is a superhero. That's the true love between a father and a daughter."

“A daughter is most likely to end up looking just like her father. Not just the face but probably the laziness and everything else.”

“My dad is like Superman. He’s a superhero and he’s wearing his underwear outside.”

“Father-daughter relationship is like a rollercoaster. It is full of crazy screaming and vomits.”

“Dear dad, thanks for being my dad and thanks for dealing with my crap. Literally my crap when I was little.”

These are short, yet so funny, father daughter quotes.

“Life does not come with a tool kit. It comes with a dad."

"Being a father is like having to assemble an IKEA shelf without a manual. it's chaotic but the result is definitely worth it."

"No matter how ugly the dad is, he's always a Chris Hemsworth in his daughter's eyes."

“A father took his daughter to the zoo on Sunday when he can actually stay at home drinking beer. That’s true love.”

For those with silly fathers, send these father daughter quotes to them.

“My father is like the cream cheese frosting to a carrot cake. Without him I’m incomplete.”

“For those who take dads for granted, remember that somewhere out there there’s a daughter crying for missing her beloved dad.”

“My dad is the sexiest person in the world, even with that beer belly... hanging beer belly that looks insanely immense.”

You do not have to worry about showing your true love to your old man. He will certainly love to know that his daughter he loves so preciously does care about him. Choose one or two of the father daughter quotes above and send them away to your dad. He will certainly love the sweet gesture.

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