Hurting Quotes to Express the Way You Feel On Relationship

Hurting Quotes to Express the Way You Feel On Relationship

Loneliness will hurt you and give feeling that's more painful. Hurting quotes will help to soothe that situation in subtle way.

It is interesting when exploring hurting quotes. Why do they need such thing? Well, the words have powerful impact in human life. Anything you say will show what you feel and think.

Tons of hurting quotes are ready to fulfill your expression. You can choose which one that fits your condition. Of course, there is also possibility to write on your own.

Express What You Feel Through Hurting Quotes

Life and love seem not in good term. You can have life, but love is difficult to obtain. Many people feel that love is not their thing. Relationship is good at the start, but it may not turn to be a happy ending. To express such way, you might consider hurting quotes.

"Feeling hurt is what I have right now. It is painful and definitely hurting."

"I smile and you see me as happy as you are. In fact, I feel pain because you hurt me many times."

"Pain comes and goes as wind. When hurting comes again, I know what do act and react. "

Being hurt is invisible from direct eyes. You hide that feeling and still keep smile to others. Deep inside your heart, you does not feel happiness. Sometimes, hurting quotes are reasonable way to express what you hide in your heart.

"Everybody hurts each other. You only find which one gives the least at all."

"Feeling hurt and sad is normal as human should be."

"You have choice to leave and stay with different hurt feeling."

"Hiding is the best way and takes times to be used for such way."

Someone may stab you in chest and it is definitely hurt. That is the metaphor for what happened after your loved one hurts your heart. Feeling pain is not just physically, but emotionally. This is where everything expressed by hurting quotes.

"Watch yourself, hurt is painful."

"What have you done? It is hurting and you do not care. I might forgive, but not forget."

"The best way to stand strong is to show what you feel."

"Hurt feeling leaves trace in heart. It will fade away, but memory remains."

You like and love someone, but he/she doesn’t feel the same. What do you have in mind? This one side love seems something you always experience. There is hurt feeling when no one acts the way you feel for him/her. Express everything in hurting quotes.

"Someone intends to hurt you. They always try to find way. No matter you go, they come again and try different trick."

"Our soul is connected, but now is separated. That's hurt so much."

"Hurt and pain are good teachers in life. You learn and know what to do when the same thing happens again."

More Hurting Quotes for Your Life

What do you know about feeling hurt? Everyone is different regarding this matter. Sometimes, it is extremely painful because something deeply is no longer in a place. On the other side, people also feel excitement because that's what makes them human.

"I made mistake hurting someone. I am ready to amend everything."

"No one can hurt me without my permission."

"Knife wound goes easily, but words stay deeply in heart."

"Be careful what you will say. Someone is not as strong as you are."

"You lie and I know it. That's quite hurt but I am used to what you do."

"Alone is my choice and it is better than let other hurt me."

Hurting quotes might sound sad and bad. That’s not entirely true. It is okay to feel sadness, but you have life to come. The quotes give spirit and motivation to be back in your feet. Stand strong and face the world.

"It seems you have hobby to hurt people. Keep in mind that what comes around goes around."

"Karma is real when you receive what you deserve after hurting someone."

"If you cannot help others, please don’t hurt them."

"It was delightful feeling at first, but not now because you ruin and hurt everything."

Hiding from your feeling is difficult thing to do. You can hide, but that’s not solution. Sometimes, the best way to do is to express clearly what you have in mind. Don’t go away from what you should face in this life. Hiding is temporary solution, but starts to reflect with hurting quotes on relationship.

"You deserve what you have done. Remember when someone felt the same the way you are today."

"People hurt you every time, but you still stand high to show what you capable of."

"Revenge is sweet and it is time to plan for it."

Hurting quotes are useful words to bring memory. Some of them are bad and the rest are good. Each has its own affection in your life. Bad thing in the past was already locked. It is time to move forward and experience new way.

"Keep everything in balance. Equal love and hate will make life better."

"The one who gives too much, helps more, and sacrifices everything is the one will hurt the most."

"You care to people, but they do not do reciprocally."

"Which one is hurt more? People tell they don’t need you or not telling anything to you until you are abandoned."

It is not you whom feel hurting. On contrary, you hurt someone or everyone in your life. What do you have to do? Making amend is better to start now before too late and you never have chance again. Some hurting quotes are useful for boosting consciousness about this matter.

"Revenge comes in sweet way. Don’t waste to wait. It always comes because karma is real."

"I wish time was stopped in order to erase what I feel right now."

"Life hurts more and I always bounce back again and again."

"Telling the truth might hurt someone, but it is better than lie."

Which quotes do you like? Hurting quotes have unique way to reflect human life. Everyone has different experience, but the shared quotes above can express similar thing. That’s something you should consider deeply before you hurt others.

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