Robin Williams Quotes to Make You Inspired in All Steps of Your Life

Robin Williams Quotes to Make You Inspired in All Steps of Your Life

Words can be so powerful. Robin William said it and he also proves how powerful the words are. You can also feel the power through Robin Williams quotes.

Robin Williams is famous person and there are many interesting Robin Williams quotes. Since he is an actor and comedian, the quotes are inspiring and some of them are delivered in funny ways. Of course, it is great to know some of those quotes to inspire your daily life.

Some Inspiring Robin Williams Quotes for Daily Booster

In your daily life, sometimes you will need good booster, especially when you have bad days. In this case, there are some inspiring quotes from Robin William. You will find that the Robin Williams quotes can give you insights to make your day better.

“Life is about learning new things. There are many great things to learn, and there are also great stuffs to earn and find out there. Even, these are not only good things, since mistakes can also become good things to learn.”

“People are born with destiny. In case it is not a destiny, at least everyone has reasons in the world. There must be it and it is how the world makes sense.”

Life can be full of happiness, but it can also turn into sadness. However, you cannot choose it and these Robin Williams quotes can always help you.

“God only gives you little spark of madness. You have to keep it and don’t ever lose it. The small madness can open unlimited doors to unexpected experiences. Surely, you will regret it when you lose the spark.”

“In fact, being alone is not the worst thing in your life. There is still worse thing and you will find it when you find someone who can make you alone. It gives you greater suffer than being alone.”

These Robin Williams quotes already give you some insights for live. You can get more quotes, so you do not need to worry about the insights. There are many things to earn from Robin William.

“Saddest person knows what it means of being worthless and useless in life. That is why the person will always try to make other happy, so they do not need to feel the painful experiences.”

“There will always be bad times in life. You will experience them although you do not wish to get them. However, these all will wake you up and lead you to some great things that you never expect and pay attention to.”

“Words and ideas are the greatest weapons. By using those things, you can change the world and make it a better place.”

“Seize your day. It is because you never know when you are going to stop breathing and die. At least, seizing your day will not make you regret, since you already give all that you have.”

Although Robin is no longer in this world, all of his words still can inspire people. These Robin Williams quotes can be eternal and you can obtain great sparks of life from his words.

“You never know what other people face in their life. Appreciate them since they also have their own fight.”

“Don’t ever say goodbye. The word means going away. Then, it will also refer to forgetting. No one wants to be forgotten, so don’t ever say goodbye.”

“In fact, crying never solves anything. When you have problem, solve it and face it. It will never disappear unless you solve it.”

“Everyone living on earth needs to improve his and her quality. They live for it and it is not just about delaying the death.”

All of these Robin Williams quotes are so meaningful. He already faced many phases of life, and these quotes are the fruits of those efforts. Now, you can grab the fruits and make it your own booster in life.

Some Funny Robin Williams Quotes

Surely, there are many famous Robin Williams quotes. Some of those quotes are delivered in funny ways. Even, some are like jokes. It is normal since he is also a comedian.

You will find some inspiring Robin Williams quotes delivered in funny ways. In each of the word, you will find some good taste of comedy and it is good to make you laugh.

“Some people are born with all great talents. Then, the other achieves the greatness in their journey of life. In the other parts of the world, some people get the greatness as a gift of their graduation.”

“There is a funny fact about good people. They will end up falling into hell since they are too good so they can forgive other people, but they are never able to forgive themselves.”

“Right thing is what is left when you make mistakes and do things in wrong way.”

“I often question the meaning of rush hour. How can they call such a time as rush hour when they even do not move at all?”

These jokes look funny, but there are also deep meanings inside the words. Sometimes, you can also share the Robin Williams quotes, so your friends and relatives can also find the joke and the inspiration.

“It is time for you to make yourself spectacular. I know it since I already did it.”

“Don’t ever have a fight with ugly person. You will never win since they have nothing to lose. It will only be useless.”

“God granted men with brain and penis. Unluckily, they have not enough blood, so they cannot make both of them run at the same time and simultaneously.”

“My wine is like my women around me. They are ready to pass out.”

You can find that some of Robin Williams quotes have sarcastic meaning. However, these are delivered in fun and jokes, so it does not sound so painful.

“You will find that nature creates spring as a clear signal to say.” Let’s have great party.”

“Somehow, cocaine is God’s method to say that human already work and make too much pennies. So, they should have plans to spend it.”

“Can you find the difference between divorce and tornado in the south? You will never find it. They are just the same and both of them make people lose their trailer.”

Those are some of the funny and inspiring quotes made by Robin William. Those can be good way to laugh even in your bad day. Of course, the Robin Williams quotes can also give you better motivation to move.

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