The Cutest and Sweetest Girlfriend Quotes Sayings

The Cutest and Sweetest Girlfriend Quotes Sayings

Girlfriend quotes sayings can be used easily to show the love you have to your girlfriend and to flatter her every single day.

Reading girlfriend quotes sayings is probably important to remind you how precious your girlfriend is. Down below, there are numerous quotes you can read and even share to your beautiful girlfriend. The quotes are going to be able to keep the relationship alive and keep both of you entertained. Here are the quotes for you to read.

Funny and Humorous Girlfriend Quotes Sayings

Telling the world that you love your girlfriend does not have to be in a serious and romantic way, you can use funny and humorous way instead. These girlfriend quotes sayings are all in hilarious tone, making them fun to read.

"I don't need Google at all. My girlfriend knows everything."

"Nobody texts faster than my girlfriend when she's angry."

"Arguing with girlfriend is pointless. You're always wrong."

"You're driving me crazy, but I still love you like crazy. I think I'm the fool here."

"If your girlfriend is not the most annoying human being you've ever met in your life, she is not your girlfriend."

Those girlfriend quotes sayings are extremely hilarious, even fit for memes.

"Girlfriends are annoying, but your stupid self keeps thinking that you can't live without them."

“Do you know who does better research than an FBI detective? Your girlfriend when she suspects something off about you.”

“When your girlfriend asks: ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’, don’t answer. It’s a trap.”

“My girlfriend is like pain in the cash.”

“Girlfriends are like pizza with pineapple. They’re annoying but yet still taste incredibly good.”

Flatter a girlfriend does not have to use flowers or chocolate. Use those girlfriend quotes sayings above instead.

“You don’t need to ask where to eat to your girlfriend. The answer is always ‘I don’t know.’”

“If you make your best friend and girlfriend in the same person, you are probably a lucky duck."

"If your girlfriend can keep your feet on the ground, you better end up marrying her in the future."

"A good girlfriend makes you feel comfortable. If your girlfriend makes you feel caged in instead, run."

"Treat your girlfriend with respect. Remember that your mother was once someone's girlfriend, too."

Those are simple girlfriend quotes sayings, yet have beautiful meaning all over it.

"All I need in this life is my loving girlfriend. And probably a house filled with dogs. And money, maybe."

"When you can love your girlfriend through the football season, you probably really love her."

"When your girlfriend still prepare your stuff and make you breakfast after a huge argument last night, she's a keeper and you better marry her."

"My girlfriend is the reason I look down at my phone all the time and grin like an idiot."

"I thought pizza was the best thing in the world, but then I met my girlfriend."

The girlfriend quotes sayings are great to be sent and shared with the lovely person you love.

"My favorite place in the world is inside my girlfriend's hug."

"Girlfriends are all the same. They want two things: loyalty and food."

"My girlfriend is not made of sugar and spice. She's made of sarcasm and wine."

"Appreciate your girlfriend. She's probably one of the most beautiful gifts the world has to give."

"If I had a flower for every time my girlfriend and I argue about where to eat, I could walk through my garden flower."

Romantic Girlfriend Quotes Sayings

If you are a romantic person anyway, you need to express the feeling you have for your girlfriend in romantic way, too. These are some of the best girlfriend quotes sayings in romantic tone.

“You're only my girlfriend today but I love you so much I wish you'll be my wife one day”

“The best thing about having a beautiful girlfriend like you is being able to wake up every morning to the pretty scenery.”

“A girlfriend is someone you share everything with, including your heart and soul.”

“Even though our relationship is only boyfriend and girlfriend at this point, it'll grow day by day until we make it to the 'I do' moment.”

“I didn't believe in love at first sight until the moment I met you.”

“A girlfriend is someone you can love, you can laugh with, and you can't live without.”

The romantic girlfriend quotes sayings above are packed with beautiful meanings and surely can flatter your lady.

“There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and find my girlfriend sleeping by my side.”

“Having a loving girlfriend is like the best thing in the world. She's going to make you feel loved all the time.”

“Girlfriend is just a wife in training. She'll be yours eventually.”

"My girlfriend doesn't need any makeup. Her smile is all she needs to look beautiful."

"The best girlfriend is the one you can laugh together at the dumbest jokes or the one you can go along with the craziest idea and enjoy the best time."

"How much do I love my girlfriend? It's like when I spend the whole day with her, I still and will miss her the second we are apart."

Send those girlfriend quotes sayings above, the girlfriend is going to be very happy for sure.

"Do you know why I'm the luckiest person in the world? It's because I have you as my girlfriend and you are mine."

"When your girlfriend asks you to describe her in one word, answer with: mine."

"A boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not a test. So why cheat?"

"Before I met my girlfriend, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason."

"My favorite moment in the world is when my girlfriend lies on my chest and listens to my heartbeat. Very romantic."

"My love for my girlfriend is a journey: it's starting at forever and ending at never."

Those are some of the best girlfriend quotes sayings to share with loving girlfriend.

"When I saw you I fell in love, and here we are today, boyfriend and girlfriend, loving each other."

“Loving you is like breathing. I can’t live without it.”

“One of the signs telling you that you love your girlfriend is when you would do anything to make her smile.”

Now, you know there are tons of quotes that you can use to tell the world how much you love your girl. Whether it is in humorous way or in the romantic way, those quotes above are just great to appreciate her. This is why all those girlfriend quotes sayings above should be well read and understood.

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