Everything to Understand about Freedom Mortgage Payment

Everything to Understand about Freedom Mortgage Payment

Using Mortgage payment means you pay the bill every month. When you want to make Freedom Mortgage payment, here’s what you need to understand first.

Freedom Mortgage payment can be paid in many ways. For those who use the service of this home financing company, of course it is mandatory for you to make sure that you know every single way to clear the bill of Freedom Mortgage every night. Here is more information about it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom Mortgage Payment

For new customers of Mortgage Payment, of course there are so many questions in mind when it comes to make payment to the home financing company. Some most-asked questions about Freedom Mortgage payment are listed here along with its answers.

1. Do we have to pay Freedom Mortgage with Cash?

As one of the biggest home financing companies across the nation, Freedom Mortgage has established many methods for customers to make their payments. The payments do not have to be cleared with cash. Cash is totally acceptable and customers can even mail their cash payments. However, for easier way, Freedom Mortgage payment methods are now available in online payment and automatic payment as well.

2. Can We Pay Freedom Mortgage with Debit Card?

Some people want to make payments for their bills using debit card. Even though debit card is very fun and easy to use, Mortgage Freedom has not established a method to make payment using debit card. The money in your bank account can still be used to pay the bill by setting up online payment or by setting up automatic payment.

3. Can We Pay Freedom Mortgage with Credit Card?

If debit card is not in use when it comes to Freedom Mortgage payment, most people must be hoping that credit card is allowed to use. Credit card is even simpler than debit card. It does not matter how much money you currently have, as long as the credit card is in use to clear the bills, it will work. However, credit card is not allowed either to be used in clearing bills of Freedom Mortgage. You will have to choose other methods to pay the bill.

4. What is the most recommended way to pay Freedom Mortgage?

The most recommended way to pay Freedom Mortgage payment bills is by establishing or setting up automatic payment. Automatic payment allows the company to automatically take payment from your bank account. This method makes it impossible for you to miss the bill. It is because the payment is going to be automatically deducted from your bank account. The only thing customers need to concern about this method is just to make sure there is sufficient amount of money in their bank account to make the payment.

5. How do we contact Freedom Mortgage when we have questions about bills and payments?

If you face any problems or difficulties in paying the bills, such as issues or errors on the online payment systems and so on, all you need to do is calling the customer service of Freedom Mortgage. The customer service representatives can be contacted at 855-690-5900. They are ready on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 8 AM in the morning to 10 PM at night. The customer service representatives are also ready on Saturday, starting from 9 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the afternoon.

The Easy Ways to Make Freedom Mortgage Payment

Making Freedom Mortgage payment can be done in numerous ways. Five of the most convenient ways of paying the monthly bill are listed down below to help you choosing which method to pay the bill.

1. Making Payment by Mail

Mailing your payment is still possible these days. For those who prefer to pay the bills with cash and they want to mail the payment to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, simply send the money along with a copy of the bills to this company. The address is P.O. Box 6656, Chicago, IL 60680-6656. Once the mail is received by the company, it will immediately get processed and your bill for the month is clear.

2. Making Payment Online

Making payment online is probably the most preferred methods of clearing bills these days. Freedom Mortgage payment can surely be paid online. To use this method, you need to link your bank account numbers with your Freedom Mortgage account. The setup is available in "My Account" option once you are logged in the Freedom Mortgage website.

3. Making Payment by Phone

Even though making payment by phone is quite strange for many people, Freedom Mortgage has the option for people to pay their bills using phone. The payment can be done by calling the automated phone system of Freedom Mortgage. It is ready 24/7 at (855) 690-5900. Simply inform your account and your bank account number to the phone system to make the payment.

4. Making Automatic Payment

Automatic payment makes you simply forget you have the bills to pay. The bills still get paid, though, because the Freedom Mortgage payment is automatically deducted from your bank account. As long as there is money there, the payment can be performed with ease, even when the customer does not realize it. To choose this method, go to "My Account" section and choose "Manage Recurring Payments” and then select “Set Up Recurring Payments”.

5. Making Payment by Third-Party Apps

The last method of paying the bill of Freedom Mortgage listed here is by using third-party apps. There are numerous apps related to paying bills, some of them are compatible with Freedom Mortgage. There are two apps that suit the best when it comes to clear the bills from Freedom Mortgage. The first one is Prism Money and the second one is Plastiq. Both of them work similarly. It allows Freedom Mortgage users to pay their bills using debit or credit card; something that is impossible to use in the regular way.

Now that you know the bill of Mortgage Payment can be cleared with ease, there is no way that you will miss the bill or get behind it. Simply choose one of those methods related to Freedom Mortgage payment above, and you can easily enjoy the service of this home financing company until you get your dream house.

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