Freedom Mortgage Customer Service for Company Help and Support

Freedom Mortgage Customer Service for Company Help and Support

Freedom Mortgage customer service gives support and help for customers. They can call and get more information related to mortgage and other services.

Freedom Mortgage customer service is dedicated for customer support. If you are already a part of Freedom Mortgage, you can call the Customer Service at 855-690-5900. The company also has the other numbers for fax and sales. Besides, the basic information like company profile, service, submission, account checking, mortgage calculator, and other is available in official website. On the other side, customer service is still useful. More about this topic will be explored in the following section.

Things You Get from Freedom Mortgage Customer Service

Mortgage is business that involves the service and intangible products. You can use it for several purposes, such as buying new house, obtaining cash, refinancing, transferring loan, or getting a mortgage for veteran. Freedom Mortgage needs to maintain the service and support via its customer service.

1. Support and further information

You need Freedom Mortgage customer service because it provides further information. What kind of supports do you get? In general, customer service is where company receives complains about the product, or people want to know more about the mortgage. You have read everything in official website, but it might be still not enough. Certain part is not clearly explained. That's why you can call customer service. This is the first thing that mostly people do when deciding to explore the product. In general, the company has sales number at 877-220-5533. It's specifically for marketing and sales product.

2. Mortgage payment and issue

Another function of the customer service is for mortgage payment and issue. To obtain loan or mortgage, you need to complete several requirements, such credit history, income statement, taxes, personal identification, and financial status. After that, you just wait until the application is approved. Customer service is what you should call if no information received. You might need to reapply again if the first one is rejected.

If you have loan number, the next step is to create Freedom Mortgage account. Sometimes, customers cannot generate username, or the access is unavailable. In that case, Freedom Mortgage customer service is the first thing to solve this issue. You might face some issues regarding payment history. In this case, customer service helps to overcome this situation. Those are the example why the company relies much to this department.

3. Mortgage services

Mortgage services mean the products available from Freedom Mortgage. The core business is mortgage, but this field is vast and involves several parties. You can obtain mortgage with various rates. Well, mortgage is not just for purchasing new house or property. Some people use them to get cash, while the property is collateral. You need finance to expand the business or when having difficulty to pay particular bill. Mortgage is useful way to get money quickly.

The company also has mortgage for veteran. This is specific mortgage from government, and the company facilitates this service. Why customer service is necessary in this part? You might be a new member, so reading the basic information is not enough. Besides, mortgage process is quite complex and exhausted for beginner. You will do the steps over and over again until the application is approved. Instead doing unnecessary steps, you can call customer service and get the right direction immediately.

4. Transferring mortgage

Freedom Mortgage customer service plays major part when you do transferring mortgage. For your information, it is not simple task because it involves at least three parties. Client, Freedom Mortgage, and previous lender have to be in good term. Firstly, you call and ask about transferring mortgage. You will not receive straight answer about this matter. However, the basic guideline is ready to help you step by step.

5. Other supports

Besides the basic support, customer service is provided for the other help. If you cannot find the nearby office, just call the customer service to know the exact location. Moreover, you may pay mortgage via credit card, but cannot do this activity due to internet access. In that case, customer service can helps to do the payment properly and safely. Those are the examples related to what customer service does.

The above list explains why this company needs Freedom Mortgage customer service. It has many functions from the simple task to complex issue. You can visit the headquarter in 907 Pleasant Valley Avenue Suite 3, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. The address is also available in Freedom Mortgage official website.

More about Freedom Mortgage Customer Service

In the previous section, several services are already explained. However, mortgage is not just a loan. You should consider the term, payment, rate, even application process. Let's discuss it further in the below sections.

A. Mortgage and refinancing

Mortgage uses property, such as land, home, apartment, or any real estate as collateral. Someone can have more than single mortgage. Two rates are available: fixed and adjusted rate. The fixed rate means you pay the same rate since the beginning until your loan is paid off completely. It is usually for long-term mortgage. Meanwhile, adjusted rate is when you pay the fixed rate at first three to five year then the rate changes based on market level. You will not pay the same rate each year.

Another service is called refinancing. Well, Freedom Mortgage customer service is important part in this case. In simple term, this service will consolidate all loans and mortgage then put them into new term. Clients use this option if having financial difficulty for future payment. Instead of selling or applying default, refinancing can help to establish sustainable payment. Besides, two mortgages can be put into single installment after refinancing.

B. Veteran mortgage

Veteran mortgage is specifically for people who retiree from military or related department. Freedom Mortgage provides this service to fulfill their need for new home or property. Of course, the company has agreement with government to distribute and manage this kind of mortgage. If you are qualified for this service, just contact the customer service for further information before applying. The loan is not just for new property since you can do refinancing with VA mortgage.

The application requires credit history or score. It is the key to explain your capability to fulfill the payment. High score gives better chance approval, and vice versa for the low score. In addition, you need to arrange and consolidate the income statement. Basically, you still need Freedom Mortgage customer service and sales for submission and application process, even though you are experienced in this area.

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