Freedom Mortgage Phone Number to Contact

Freedom Mortgage Phone Number to Contact

As a mortgage provider, Freedom Mortgage is such a good recommendation. You can directly contact the phone number to ask about anything.

For anyone who is looking for Freedom Mortgage phone number, it can be obtained in its official website. Some of you may have known this corporation and some others may not know about it at all. So, what is Freedom Mortgage actually? What does it offer to people? Let’s get to know one by one.

All the Things about Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage was just established in 2001. However, it has gathered a lot of people up to now. Some of you may have been very familiar with it. For those who haven’t had any idea, it is best to know the company first.

Freedom Mortgage is a corporation and it focuses on being a mortgage provider. This corporation is not an old one, but it has provided great services. The reviews show how good it is in handling the clients. Home financing is what it has provided. This company specializes themselves in mortgage for sure.

Over years of experience, many people have put their trust and this is what makes the company gets bigger. Based in the United States, you can get Freedom Mortgage phone number easily. Before jumping on that, there are things why you should trust this company. Well, the company is dedicated to foster homeownership around America, and it provides address refinancing needs as well as clients’ particular home buying. Moreover, it has more than 25 years of experience. 50 states have given license to the company. In fact, Freedom Mortgage is included in top 10 mortgage provider nationally, and it is a strong leader in lending field. In the USA, it is honored as a leading VA lender.

Since the commitment is to make the home refinance or purchase as easy as possible, loan specialists are provided to guide people. Furthermore, they are able to capitalize the increasing home equity and find lower rates. Are you interested in using the service? Do you want to get the Freedom Mortgage phone number? It is very easy to contact the company. There are various ways you can do.

A. Sending message online

Firstly, sending them a message by online is very possible. You can directly go to their customer service page and type down what you want to ask for a help.

B. Contact the call center

Secondly, Freedom Mortgage phone number is attached on their official page for anyone who wants to ask by phone. Call them at 855-690-5900. The work hours are from M-F 8a.m. – 10 p.m. As for Saturday, contact them at 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

C. Written request

Thirdly, a written request can be filed as well to the company. It may contain request for information or a notice of error. The designated address can be found in their web page of customer service. In addition, Texas has its own address, email, and hotline that can be contacted especially for those who take a loan on real estate in Texas. Instructions and a complaint form can be obtained by asking for the file to the department.

Although Freedom Mortgage phone number and address have been given to you, it is best to look for solutions of your problems through the FAQ. It is available in company website. It contains a long list of frequently asked questions from people that have ever filed questions. Try to use Freedom Mortgage call center after you cannot find the solutions in the FAQ.

Freedom Mortgage Services

After knowing the basic information about this company, services that are provided cannot be forgotten. What are they? Let’s check them out right away. This company has special expertise in USDA loans, FHA, VA, and also conventional mortgages, such as cash out, home loan, or home refinance. Its credibility shouldn’t be asked anymore. Now, let's check the services available.

1. USDA Loan

It is specially created for suburban and rural homebuyers. If you are interested in asking for a help to personalize a home loan, this is perfect. It can be done simply by visiting the page for USDA loans. Fill in a very short form, and send it through online. You will be contacted further. Several benefits can be obtained like no appraisal, no down payment, flexible credit scores, competitive interest rates, and also lower PMI compared to the conventional mortgage.

2. FHA home loan

Federal Housing Administration is the one that insures this home loan. The finance also comes from FHA using approved lenders. Do you consider in trying this one? You can get started by trying the mortgage payment calculator for this home loan. It is available in their FHA page. You can adjust the number for the purchase price, down payment, term, and interest rate. Using Freedom Mortgage contact is allowed as well for those who want to ask directly before making a decision.

3. VA

This service is meant to any veteran out there. The company has committed to help veterans to get good deal of home loan. Several solutions offered by this service including VA cash out, home purchase, and VA refinance. Again, you can file a request for this service by online. Just send them your basic information like the name, phone number, and email. Reaching Freedom Mortgage phone number can be done as well to get clearer information. Furthermore, the payment calculator is provided to calculate the VA loan you will have.

4. Conventional loan

The most visible difference between conventional loan and previous loans (mentioned to you above) is in the guarantee or insurance. This loan is not guaranteed or insured by a government agency. This service also needs the clients to have higher credit score compared to FHA loan. Further, PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance is required. It comes with less than 20% of down payment. As suggestion, this service is beneficial to purchase a second home of investment properties.

You have read all of services. Each of them comes with its own benefits. Clients should know which one to choose or which one is suitable. Consultation can be done first to determine what service to take. Don’t forget to ask any little thing that you want to know by contacting Freedom Mortgage phone number.

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