Rocket Mortgage Login: Simplifying Any Mortgage Loan

Rocket Mortgage Login: Simplifying Any Mortgage Loan

Sometimes, you do not have time to go to the mortgage company’s office to manage loan application. Well, Rocket Mortgage Login helps you in this department.

Applying for mortgage loan can be a very tedious process. Sometimes, you simply do not have enough time to follow the complicated process even though it is an important aspect in your life. Luckily, modern technology allows us to simplify mortgage related activities. Rocket Mortgage Login is the answer.

What are the Key Features of Rocket Mortgage Login Account?

Using Rocket account login, user can easily do the mortgage related activities from application to closing period. This process even extends to maintaining user’s mortgage account in the long run.

Here are some key features of this online platform.

1. Application for Home Purchase

The first feature that is offered by this platform is applying for property purchasing. Thanks to Rocket Mortgage Login, you can now do it online. If just start looking for a new home or even already signed the buying agreement, you can apply for home loan from this company. The service is given to people who have at least 580 credit score. User who can utilize this platform should be able to take up the home purchase loan within six months after the application. Here are the steps of applying for home purchase loan through this online platform.

  • Online application that involves synchronization with applicant’s bank account.
  • Customization of home loan model.
  • Online approval for home loan application based on information that user has entered. Please note that self-employed applicant may be contacted by the company’s assessor to communicate certain details.
  • Details verification process.
  • Closing the home loan.

2. Application for Refinancing

Rocket Mortgage Login platform also enables user to do refinancing of their property. Several reasons may cause the decision to refinance one’s home, such as: lowering monthly mortgage payment, immediate need for big amount of money, or even wanting to change former mortgage term. Experts from the company will recommend the most suitable type of refinancing loan to take based on information that applicant has uploaded.

Like in home purchase, this service is given to people with credit score above 580. The closing cost is added to refinancing applicant’s overall loan to make it more affordable. The steps to apply for refinancing loan through this platform are more or less similar to the online application for home purchase loan.

3. Online Mortgage Tools

User of Rocket Mortgage Login is also able to access several online mortgage tools. Two commonly used online tools provided by the company’s website are Refinancing Calculator and Affordability Calculator. These tools help user to make close approximation of their mortgage loan. By adding more information to the calculators, user will obtain more accurate estimation. The tools can be used even if you are not ready to apply for loan yet.

4. Helpful Resources

If you are visiting the company’s website at, you will be able to get varieties of mortgage related information. Someone who is not familiar with mortgage but will take one in the near future will benefit from information that is presented in this webpage. There are various tips to pay attention to, such as: key terms in mortgage loans, purchasing a home without the help of real estate agent, and variety of mortgage loan types.

5. Payment and Management

The online platform is also used once user has established a mortgage loan with this company. It opens access to Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage payment system. User is allowed to make monthly payment through this online platform by connecting their home loan account with bank account. It is even possible to set up automatic payment. Each month, an amount equal to your monthly payment will be taken out of your bank account. It prevents mortgagor from missing a payment due to forgetfulness.

Another great thing that this platform offers is the ability to manage one’s mortgage. Through the online platform user can monitor the progress of their loan. It provides information such as the total of payment and interest that you have paid as well as the escrow account. It has reminder of when user is expected to pay for the next monthly mortgage bill.

Utilizing the Rocket Mortgage Login Account

In order to access features that are offered by Rocket Mortgage Login, user must create an account first. It is done by accessing the company’s website.

Account creation is done through the process of applying for a home loan. Here are the steps to create an account in this useful online platform.

  • Go to the company’s website at
  • If you want to purchase a new home, click “Buy a Home” menu on top of the page. Meanwhile, if you plan on refinancing your home, click on “Refinance”.
  • User will be directed to webpage that depends on their home loan objective. Click on “Get Started”.
  • User will be asked to enter essential information which is related to mortgage loan application.
  • Establish username (it is usually user’s email address) and password which will be used in the login process.

Once the account is already established, user can immediately utilize it to monitor the mortgage application and receive approval. In the future, the account can also be used to make monthly payment and monitor progress. Here are the steps to sign into your Rocket Mortgage Login account.

  • Go to
  • Enter username which is the registered email.
  • Enter password.
  • Click on “Sign in” button.

This platform can be accessed all the time through various devices, including desktop computer and smartphone. If user finds issue when accessing their account, they can send email to the company’s support team at Contacting the support team through toll free phone call is also possible. The number is 855-207-9702. The operational hours are from 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. ET on Monday to Friday and 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Hopefully this passage is able to explain Rocket Mortgage Login platform to people who are planning to apply for mortgage loan from this company. This award winning platform really helps making the process of managing once loan so much simpler. Once you try it, you will not go back.

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