Rocket Mortgage Reviews You Need to Know Before Getting the Loan

Rocket Mortgage Reviews You Need to Know Before Getting the Loan

Rocket Mortgage is one of online mortgage companies to be considered in your list. Before getting involved, you may want to take a look first at the Rocket Mortgage reviews.

Have you known about Rocket Mortgage before? Have you ever heard about the name? If yes, you should dig more the information about Rocket Mortgage reviews. You may need their help to refinance or buy a home easily. Moreover, Rocket Mortgage provides you a good deal when you want to buy a home or refinance. Furthermore, the details about this company will be revealed below.

All about Rocket Mortgage to Know

When you open the official web page of this company, it is said ‘Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans’. Therefore, some people question it. For your information, Rocket Mortgage is developed by Quicken Loans. This online mortgage will involve Quicken Loans in the process for getting the loan. The process is very easy. You can tell by looking at the Rocket Mortgage reviews about it.

Since it is said to be online mortgage, the information will be received easily. Moreover, this company has an application already that can be downloaded from PlayStore and AppStore. As known, people nowadays are very into technology. Smartphone is a quick access to almost everything. Hence, a mortgage application is made for you.

Since the service is available online, surely it will be available 24/7. With a help of expert advice and qualified customer service, you can just work at your own pace. It sounds very interesting. Don’t you think so? There have been many Rocket Mortgage reviews about how easy it is. Since it is available every single day, you can get a fast approval. It means buying a house won’t be just a dream. Before going far again, here are the pros and cons of this company.


  1. It provides your loan information for within minutes.
  2. It has 98% asset statements from U.S. financial institutions with your authorization.
  3. Getting a loan can be done by self-service that's provided by the company.
  4. All the asset and document retrieval capabilities of this company can put you at ease.


  1. Alternative credit data is not provided, meaning that it only looks at debt-to-income ratios and credit scores.
  2. It is not suitable for those who have a type like ‘look me in the eye’.
  3. HELOCs or home equity loans are not available.

The Offered Products and How to Get the Loan

Now, it is time to get to know the Rocket Mortgage products. After reading Rocket Mortgage reviews, you may have known several products offered by the company. It will be discussed more in this section.

In general, there are two types of mortgage: government-backed mortgage and conventional mortgage. As you might know, the first one includes VA, FHA, and USDA. All of them are provided by Rocket Mortgage. Regarding to the refinance and buying a house, there are different things you need to know. As for the refinance, you have three different options. Each of them has its benefit. Take a look the explanation right here.

1. Shorten loan term

Your loan term may be too long and you want to shorten it. Now, it is possible to shorten the term. It is helpful to pay the mortgage off sooner. To be clear, this option is good for being free from mortgage faster and reducing the interest that you need to pay.

2. Take cash out

This one is good for paying down the high-interest debt and renovating your lovely home. It is done by leveraging your own investment and also using your house’s equity.

3. Lower the payment

The third option is good for planning for retirement and saving for college. It is helpful to improve the financial security for sure.

This can be done by four simple steps. Firstly, give the company your financial situation and also the refinance goals. Those three options will be shown to you. Secondly, mention your income. Fortunately, it can be done just by clicking on the ‘start income search’.

Thirdly, the example of refinance solution will be revealed. A decision to take it or not should be decided here. Next, you can lock the rate after making a decision. This can be finished by online as well. Clients won’t meet paperwork of follow-up calls. Now, you have used the mortgage. It is not difficult at all. Indeed, Rocket Mortgage reviews show that it reaches 4.8 out of 5 for the rating.

How about buying a house? Let’s discuss this. There are three processes of home buying and all of them are provided by this company. First step is just researching. You can get expert information by clicking on the service on Rocket Mortgage’s official website. Second step is to get started buying a house. Here, the client will start an approval about it.

If you have done passing two steps, there is one thing left: get personalized solution. This step is for those who have found a home. After reading the Rocket Mortgage products, have you decided which one to choose? Now, get to know the mortgage process.

A. Apply for a loan

What is a kind of loan that's suitable with you? You can dig deeper about this before exploring the options in rocket mortgage.

B. Explore options

Take a look at the products and get a lot of Rocket Mortgage reviews about them. You can even contact a home loan expert to help making a decision.

C. Verify the information

Input your real personal information. It will be checked by the company once you input it.

D. Close the loan

Close the loan when you want to do so. It can be done by online again to put you at ease.

E. Manage the loan

The company is such a big help for managing the loan. Yet, you should get involved as well.

After reading all of the information above, are you interested in using their service? So far, all of the Rocket Mortgage reviews show positive results. Their clients are satisfied with the service. If you are still in doubt, there is an expert that will give a help. Hope it is useful.

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