Rocket Mortgage Sign In to Make the Mortgage Application Easy

Rocket Mortgage Sign In to Make the Mortgage Application Easy

There are a percentage of people who cannot apply for mortgage due to limited accessibility. In this case, Rocket Mortgage Sign In solves this issue with modern tools.

You often see people having to move around constantly when applying for home loans. They have to go to the mortgage lender office to submit important documents then perhaps the bank to get a copy of their account statements. Rocket Mortgage Sign In makes this process incredibly simple for borrowers.

The Main Use of Rocket Mortgage Sign In

Rocket Account Login is an online tool developed by Quicken Loans to aid its customer base. Thanks to this portal, customer is able to access useful resources through internet 24/7.

The main use of this platform is to speed up the process of applying for home loan. Conventional mortgage application takes considerable amount of time. Usually, the entire process takes about 30 days. It can even take longer than that in certain circumstances. Meanwhile, if applicant is utilizing this platform, the process of home loan application can be shortened significantly. The application process can be as short as ten minutes in total. User is also able to close the deal within a week span.

In addition to speed up the administration procedure for mortgage application, this platform is used by mortgagor after the home loan is approved. Borrower can make their monthly payment through Rocket Mortgage Sign In. The online tool also enables user to set up automatic monthly payment by linking it with user’s bank account. It helps borrower monitoring their home loan progress. The tool summarizes total interests that borrower has paid and the amount in escrow account.

Benefits of Utilizing Rocket Mortgage Sign In

This online platform receives high regards from borrowers and critics. There are several benefits that users of Rocket Mortgage Login will be getting from using it. Here are the examples.

1. Fast Approval from Lender

This online tool enables mortgage applicant to get fast approval from lender. The fast approval can happen because during the application process, user is asked to enter their bank account information. Because of this, lender can quickly gauge applicant’s financial ability and tailor the most suitable plan. Applicant who is self-employed may be granted approval in longer period since lender will expect some proves in regard to his or her financial ability.

2. Transparent Information in Real Time

In traditional home loan, applicant will send application form to the lender. They need to wait for a while to get recommended plan by lender. At times, the plan is not transparent enough and applicant may even miss fine prints about additional cost. Rocket Mortgage Sign In prevents this from happening by providing information of applicant’s mortgage plan in real time. Applicant can see the difference of mortgage payment based on the term length, interest rate, and FICO score.

3. Thoroughly Online Process

Applying mortgage through this platform is very convenient since the entire procedure can be done online. This helps people who are living far from areas that have commendable mortgage lender branches. In addition to that, online access means that people can apply for mortgage anytime and anywhere. It saves them the cost to have to travel to the company’s branch during work hours and missing their job shift. Self-employed applicants might be required to have phone calls with the company’s representative for additional interview.

4. Swift Mortgage Closing

Closing can be done within a week with the use of Rocket Mortgage Sign In. Usually the process will take much longer than that in conventional loan. However, if both parties have agreed on mortgage terms applied then the contract will be signed immediately by borrower and lender. If there is no disruption from third party, the streamlined process can be followed through.

Steps of Applying Home Loan at Rocket Mortgage Sign In

If you are interested in applying for mortgage through this tool, you should know the basic steps. The following part contains step by step explanation of the company’s mortgage application.

1. Pre-approval

This is the step that is advertised to only take several minutes. During this process, applicant is asked to enter basic financial information in order to proceed to the next step. Applicant also establishes a Rocket Mortgage Sign In account in this step. Here is what you should do.

  • Visit the website at
  • Click “Buy a Home” or “Refinance” depends on your home loan objective.
  • Select “Get Started” then create an account using email address.

2. Full Application Process

In this step, applicant will be asked to provide comprehensive information which is related to their financial ability. There is an online application called MyQL connected to this online tool which can be used to upload important documents to be reviewed by the company’s representatives.

3. Plan Customization

Once the documents have been uploaded, applicant will receive a recommended home loan plan that has been tailored to suit their needs and financial condition. The plan can be customized in real time by altering the term’s length, down payment, and interest rate. This way, customer can design a plan that matches their financial objectives.

4. Online Approval

The lender is going to review applicant’s information in order to decide whether applicant will be able to hold the agreement on their end based on their financial situation. If yes, the company is going to give approval with loan offering that is not far off from the applicant’s customized home loan plan.

5. Bargaining Process

The bargaining process then happens after the online approval has been sent to applicant through Rocket Mortgage Sign In. Applicant will study the offer from lender then trying to persuade it to make adjustments that are beneficial to the borrower. This process can take quite long time but cannot be skipped at all cost.

6. Home Loan Closing

Once the most desirable settlement has been achieved, it comes the time to strike a home loan deal. This process also happens online with the help of electronic signature. User can rest assured since the information exchanged in this platform is highly secured. If the closing deal has been signed, the borrower must adhere to terms and agreements.

Although many people need home loan, some of them end up not obtaining it. It can be that they live in rural area where the company has not established a branch yet or they do not have enough time to apply manually. Rocket Mortgage Sign In tackles this accessibility issue.

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