Sexy Love Quotes to Spice up Romantic Relationship

Sexy Love Quotes to Spice up Romantic Relationship

Sending sexy love quotes to each other is probably the best way to spice up a relationship. It makes everything more appealing romantically.

Sexy love quotes may sound really dirty and inappropriate. However, there are numerous quotes that have sexy meanings but not too revealing. Here are some of the best quotes in that area. They are perfect if you flirt a little bit.

Sexy Love Quotes for Romantic Partners

The relationship between two people can wear out from time to time. That is why they need to keep being naughty and appealing to each other. Try it out by sending these sexy love quotes to each other.

"That amazing feeling is when the grip gets harder and tighter, and everything starts getting hotter."

"I can be very, very naughty when I want to be. Do you want me to be?"

"The only word that can describe how handsome you are is fuckalicious."

"I love it when you are in the mood of being naughty and flirtatious."

"Don't bother buying expensive clothes because whenever I'm with you, I'm gonna rip your clothes off."

"I'm a good, timid girl but I can become naughty for a deserving bad boy."

These are hilarious sexy love quotes for him and her.

"There's nothing wrong with a good girl who have mischievous side once on bed."

"Being naughty in bed makes life way more fun."

"Good morning, my love. I'm in the mood for being sexy with you today. How about you?"

"A sexy thought a day keeps the anxiety away."

"Your lips look so lonely. They need some friends. Would they like to meet my lips?"

"You look so handsome and hot when you speak dirty to me."

Even though they are short, these sexy love quotes are perfect to be sent to your lover.

"You're like an ice cream on hot summer day. I want to suck you and lick you so bad."

"A real gentleman does not always be gentle on bed."

"Don't you wanna kiss me? I'm sexy and delicious."

"Do me a favor and make me happy: Be naughty."

"Hot men always treat women's legs like butter. They spread them."

"Your clothes are nice but it would be nicer if they're on my bedroom floor."

Keep your relationship fun and flirtatious all the time by getting inspired by these sexy love quotes.

"I'm not trying to be perfect. But you should remember that I'm loyal, incredibly fun, and naughty on bed."

"The perfect morning starts with hot kisses that turn into cuddles that turn into sex."

"The best feeling in the world is when I wake up and your hands are all over my body."

"I love when you give me big hug... naked."

"Your body looks lonely. It needs my hands all over it."

"The best thing that you can do for your lover is treats them nice outside the bedroom and treats them nicer and naughtier inside the bedroom."

They may sound dirty but these sexy love quotes are truly whimsical and naughty.

"There is no difference between dirty mind and sexy imagination. They both revolve around you."

"An unbreakable relationship is formed by combining love, loyalty, trust, and great sex."

"Whenever I'm sad I'm picturing you naked in my head. That helps get rid of the sadness."

"I love you. That's why you own my heart and everything on me that you want to touch."

Sexy Love Quotes for Married Couple

Even when someone is married, the love life needs to be spiced up every day. These are some sexy love quotes perfect for married couple. Here they are:

"I love how you always be by my side. But I love it better when you are on top of me."

"There are two things that I like the most: making you smile and making you horny."

"Words can't describe how wonderful it is to wake up next to you every morning, or under you."

"Marry someone who makes you feel loved and make you feel horny all the time."

"I love your personality but I have to tell you that your wild side is kind of my favorite."

"I don't like making up my bed. I love messing up my bed... with you."

Married life is hard. Ease them by putting up a laugh reading these sexy love quotes.

"The best thing that happens to me every night is you whispering on my ears 'I wanna do bad things with you'."

"The skin-to-skin moment between you and me is literally priceless."

"I like when you are on top of me telling me I'm yours forever."

"When you tell me that you don't wanna be with anyone else but me, I don't think you're selfish. I think you're turning me on."

"Married life is simple: You're sad. You're in each other's arm. The sadness is gone. You're both in bed."

Not all these quotes are in silly tones, some of them are truly meaningful. Here are the examples of romantic sexy love quotes for you.

"When you are with the right person, you always want more of that person."

"All I want tonight is the taste of your body and your wet lips."

"I don't care If I don't be everything to everyone. I just want to be someone special to the love of my life, you."

"Are you some kind of drugs? Because I think I'm addicted to you."

"Tonight is the night to get wild and the time for me to push your body to its limit."

"The most beautiful gift is not jewelry or flowers. It's attention... and good sex."

These sexy love quotes keep the relationship on fire and flaming every day.

"Nothing is sexier than a man who treats his wife with respect, even when they're on bed."

"I love thunderstorm because it is the time where cuddling with you would be more than perfect."

"Being married is basically free to cuddle until it turns into sex and it turns back into cuddle."

"You are an extremely sexy husband, with or without your shirt on."

"The perfect husband acts like a gentleman all the time, except when on bed. On bed, he's a bad, bad boy."

There are numerous quotes in sexy, naughty tones. They all have one same purpose: put a smile on each other’s face and keep the wild imagination alive. Choose any of those sexy love quotes that you think suit your style the most and send it away to your lover.

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