The Best Rocket Mortgage Commercial to Watch

The Best Rocket Mortgage Commercial to Watch

There are numerous Rocket Mortgage commercial ads shown on TV over the years. Here are some of the best of them to watch.

Rocket Mortgage commercial has been shown on TV and on YouTube for years. They are used to advertise one of the best products of Quicken Loan. Indeed, Rocket Mortgage has become the best mobile app used to finance a house. To know more about the product, watching its commercial is probably a good idea.

The Rocket Mortgage Commercial Featuring Keegan Michael Key

Comedian Keegan Michael Key is one of the most famous faces to star Rocket Mortgage commercial. So far, he has been starring three commercials of the product. Here is the list of the Quicken Loan/Rocket Mortgage ads starring Keegan.

1. Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl 2018 Commercial

Rocket Mortgage commercial is often made specifically to be shown during special event, like during Super Bowl. For 2018 Super Bowl, Quicken Loan made a special commercial of Rocket Mortgage, starring Keegan Michael Key. This ad is less than 30 seconds but very funny and simply unforgettable.

In the commercial, a group of youngsters, apparently siblings are seen walking down the stairs. Keegan is seen behind them. They wear jersey and sporty apparels; most likely they plan to go watching Super Bowl. Suddenly, their dad is running down the stairs wearing peculiar “sporty” outfit, yelling and mumbling stuff no one understands.

Keegan explains to the kids that they do not need to understand a word their dad was saying, just like when they want to buy a house. They do not have to get confused of all the complicated procedures because there is this Rocket Mortgage app.

2. Rocket Mortgage "You Got This" Commercial

This Rocket Mortgage commercial is hilarious and this is surely one of the best to watch. In the ads, it is shown that a couple of husband and wife is busy looking for a new house. They walk into a vacant house accompanied by a mortgage officer who keeps talking stuff about the mortgage. The couple does not seem to understand a single word the mortgage officer says.

Suddenly, Keegan Michael Key appears on behind the mortgage officer, handling a mobile phone to the couple. The mobile phone shows the Rocket Mortgage app on it. Keegan explains that buying a house is now simple and just one click away with Rocket Mortgage app. There is no need to deal with complicated mortgage terms and stuff like those said by the mortgage officer.

3. Rocket Mortgage "Haircuts and Home Loans"

This Rocket Mortgage commercial is often shown right after the “You Got This” one. However, sometimes this commercial is also shown individually. In this funny commercial, a long-haired woman is shown sitting on a beauty salon’s stool to get her hair done. She asks the hairdresser the best cut for her hair and the hairdresser answer the question by mumbling uncontrollably, using words and terms the woman does not even understand.
Keegan Michael Key sits behind the confused woman and soothes the clueless woman about what the hairdresser is talking about. The comedian then says to the camera that understanding what the hairdresser says is tiring and complicated, just like applying for mortgage loan in the traditional way. He then introduces Rocket Mortgage, shown on a mobile phone, as the easiest way for buying your dream house.

Other Famous Rocket Mortgage Commercials

Besides of Rocket Mortgage commercial starring Keegan Michael Key, Quicken Loan has been collaborated with several parties to create awesome ads for the home loan app product. Well, here are some of the most famous ads.

1. Rocket Mortgage Avengers Infinity War Commercial

This Rocket Mortgage commercial is considered the best one ever. It was first shown on TV on April 2018, a few weeks before the release of Avengers: Infinity War movie. The superhero movie is adored around the world and Quicken Loan wants to use its popularity to boost the profit of Rocket Mortgage. In the commercial, a woman is seen walking casually wearing a big headphone. Behind her is a battlefield with explosions, house and building crumbling everywhere, and some Avengers, including Iron Man floating around shooting unseen enemy, probably Thanos.

The girl seems unbothered with everything. She keeps paying attention to the mobile phone on her hand. Apparently, she is applying for home loan on Rocket Mortgage. It is so easy to use the app to get home loan so it seems like it does not matter that her house is bombed down by the battle. The final scene of the popular Rocket Mortgage commercial is the woman is transported with the help of Doctor Strange into a lovely new home, like the one is just have purchased using Rocket Mortgage app.

2. Rocket Mortgage Yogi Bear Commercial

Yogi Bear is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. The cute bear wearing a tie is always great to attract attention, including for home loan commercial. Quicken Loan has used Yogi as the star of their commercial. This commercial is made entirely in cartoon and use Yogi’s world as its set.

In the Rocket Mortgage commercial for TV like this one, Yogi is seen stealing a picnic basket full of food. Behind him, Ranger Smith is running frantically trying to capture Yogi. Yogi is hiding behind a house and start eating the foods in the picnic basket. The narrator states that Yogi is always confident while stealing basket, but when it comes to mortgage, he is not so confident.

The facial expression of Yogi changes when he hears the narrator says that. Suddenly, Boo Boo the little bear comes to Yogi, giving him a mobile phone with Rocket Mortgage app shown on it. Yogi is seen clicking the phone, applying for loan and gets approved. The commercial end with Yogi seems very happy and content when the narrator says “Mortgage Confidently”.

Besides those five ads mentioned above, Quicken Loan still has numerous other commercials for Rocket Mortgage. In the age of internet and smart phone like today, having a reliable mobile app to apply for mortgage easily is indeed important. This is why Rocket Mortgage commercial is shown everywhere across the nation.

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