Essential Information about Gateway Mortgage Group

Essential Information about Gateway Mortgage Group

Gateway Mortgage Group is the perfect company to go to when you are about to buy a new house. The company gives the best mortgage loan you can possibly find these days.

Gateway Mortgage Group is prominent as the best mortgage company in the entire USA. There are a lot of people looking for a new home in the area, and they are helped by Gateway in order to successfully purchase their dream house. If you are not quite familiar with the company, here is the essential information about it.

Why Gateway Mortgage Group is Different?

There are numerous mortgage companies in the country. Why you should stick Gateway Mortgage Group? Here are the reasons why it is different and deserve to be chosen by everyone looking for a new house.

1. It Gives You Smart Mortgage Solution

Mortgage is not something to kid around. There should be a professional being with you when you want to purchase a house. The mortgage officers from Gateway Company promise to get you the smartest mortgage solution, which is great to solve any financial problem you have related to the house. They will help choosing what kind of loan program suitable for you and other things related to it.

2. It is Full of Local Professionals

Home purchasing is not something simple at all. There are numerous things to do, including negotiating and all the paper works. For the first-time home buyers, the entire process can be confusing. Thankfully, Gateway Mortgage Group is full of local professionals. They have years experiences in home purchasing, and they live in your area, enabling an easier communications all the time. This is basically the reason why everyone should consider using the help of Gateway Company when they plan to purchase a house in the near future.

3. It Has Reliable Customer Service

The Gateway Mortgage Group service is not only about the paperwork and legal stuff. It is also all about convenience and satisfactions of the clients. Therefore, the company provides reliable customer service to help you with any problems related to the loan for 24/7. The company also has many ways for the customers to contact them, including by phone, email, and even live chat on their website. Basically, it is impossible for you to be left alone in the home purchasing process. The customer service of company is at your service all the time.

4. It Helps You Throughout the Entire Home Buying Process

The process of home purchasing is technically done when you are closing the loan. However, if you use the service of Gateway Mortgage Group, you will be helped and accompanied beyond that point. The mortgage officers from the company will be with you all the time, throughout the entire process. Even after you are done with the loan, they will be ready to help anything related to the loan, including setting up a new loan. Basically, the service of Gateway Company is not going to end at all.

The Popular Loan Programs of Gateway Mortgage Group

A lot of people who use the help of Gateway Mortgage Group have different financial status and loan needs. Thankfully, the company has quite a lot of loan programs that the clients can choose. Here are several of the most popular loan programs of the company.

A. 15-year and 30-year Fixed Mortgages

The most common loan program of Gateway Mortgage Group is the fixed mortgage. This mortgage has two common options: 15 years and 30 years. When people decide to take this loan, they will be given fixed rate throughout the entire loan period. This kind of loan is perfect for those who have financial stability and probably those who have fixed income every month. This loan has several benefits, including the low down payment and lower interest rate.

B. Jumbo Loans

Jumbo loans are given to those who need even higher amount of money to purchase a house. Sometimes, someone's dream house is located in a very strategic or elite area, making them very expensive to purchase. Fortunately, the Gateway Company is completed by Jumbo Loan program. This program gives extra-large amount of money for people who need to buy an expensive house. The amount of money is usually more than $453.100, which is considerably large to buy a house these days.

C. FHA Loans

In addition, Gateway Mortgage Group loans are including the FHA Loans. FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration. This loan is backed by the US Government. If you take this kind of loan, Gateway will give several beneficial features. Among those features, there is low down payment, usually less than 4% of price of the purchasing and fixed rate. The company also gives free-penalties for the takers of this FHA loan. It means there will be no penalties or charging before the loan starts.

D. Freddie Mac Home Possible

One of signature loan programs from Gateway Company is the Freddie Mac Home Possible. This is the type of loan to be given to those who want to buy a house in under-served market. This program gives a lot of great features, including very low down payment (less than 3,5%) and flexible term of loan. It can be taken more than 30 years. This loan is perfect for those who have low income but still want to purchase a house.

E. USDA (Rural) Home Loans

USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. This governmental board backs up this loan, allowing people who love farming and other things related to purchase a house in rural area. Gateway understands that most people who want to live in rural area are going to live as farmers. Therefore, the down payment is not required in this kind of loan. The loan is also 30 years long, making it easier for anyone to pay it off eventually.

When it comes to home financing or mortgage loan, you need to contact Gateway as soon as possible. This company is indeed professional, has numerous loan programs, and has years of experience in dealing with any home purchasing scenarios. This is why you need to make sure that you choose Gateway Mortgage Group to get you your dream house.

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