Frequently Asked Questions about Guild Mortgage Payment

Frequently Asked Questions about Guild Mortgage Payment

Guild Mortgage payment should be cleared every month to avoid bad credit score in the future. Here are questions related to the payment methods.

Guild Mortgage payment must be done every single month regularly if you have a home loan in the company. Guild Mortgage is well-known as one of the finest companies when it comes to home loan financing. To clear the bill of mortgage loan in Guild Mortgage, here are some questions along with the explanations.

Guild Mortgage Payment Using ACH

ACH or Automated Clearing House is a popular Guild Mortgage payment method. This method allows the loaners to pay the bill automatically by deducting money from their bank account. Here are some common questions related to ACH.

1. What Types of ACH Available to Pay the Loan?

There are two types of ACH payment available at Guild Mortgage. The first one is One Time ACH and the second one is Recurring ACH. One Time ACH is an online payment method to schedule a single payment to clear the Guild Mortgage bill. It can be done any time before the due date. Recurring ACH is like the long-term version of the one-time one because this payment method schedules the payment for the same day each month.

If you select One Time ACH, you have to set a specific date for Guild Mortgage to make deduction of your bank account for one time only or for one bill only. As for the Recurring ACH, your money will be automatically deducted from your bank account every month at the same date for as long as you choose the payment method. The Recurring ACH method is a great way to avoid being forgetful about clearing the bill.

2. Who Can Use ACH Payment?

Everyone can use One Time ACH and Recurring ACH payment. However, once they are registered to the Recurring ACH payment system, they cannot choose any other payment methods. As long as they are not registered to Recurring ACH, they can still pay the bill using One Time ACH or any other methods, like by mail, by phone, or by card.

3. How to Sign up for ACH Payment?

It is very simple to sign up for the ACH method, both one time and recurring one. It all starts by logging in to the Guild Mortgage site. Then, go to "My Account" section. It will take you to your loan page. There, find the option "Make a Payment". Click that option and you will find several choices. Select the ACH option and follow the next steps prompting on the screen to finish the Guild Mortgage payment.

4. Can ACH Payment Get Cancelled?

If you are signed up to Recurring ACH, cancellation is not an option. Your money will get automatically deducted for your bank account and you cannot prevent it unless you contact the customer service of Guild Mortgage. However, if you choose One Time ACH and you have set a date, you can still cancel the payment, even on the date of deduction, as long as the option "Cancel" appears on your loan page. If the note on the loan page says "Payment in Process" or "Payment Posted", unfortunately you cannot cancel the process.

5. Is There Any Fee for ACH Payment?

ACH payment is free of charge. It is just for the One Time ACH payment method, though. For Guild Mortgage payment with Recurring ACH method, there can be some fees to pay. It is believed that the company will charge the loaner for using the automatic deduction method. The fee varies from one state to another. However, the fees are very cheap and reasonable. The fee is not going to be more than $7,00.

Other Questions Related to Guild Mortgage Payment

Besides ACH, there are several other common or frequently asked questions about Guild Mortgage Payment. Check out the questions down below and see if any of them have been wandering in your mind, too.

A. Can I Pay the Loan with Debit Card?

Guild Mortgage payment methods are including payment using debit card. The cars available to pay for the bill are including Visa Debit Card, MasterCard, and Discover. To avoid complications while using this particular payment method, make sure that there is the sufficient amount of money in the debit card to be used to pay for the bills. Guild Mortgage cannot do any partial payment so having enough money on the card is essential.

B. Can I Pay the Loan with Credit Card?

Just like using debit card, credit card is also eligible to be used as payment method in clearing Guild Mortgage bills. The acceptable credit cards to pay the bills are also including Discover, MasterCard, and Visa Credit Card. This method is more convenient for many people. As long as they can clear the credit card bill by the end of the month or as long as the credit card has not reached the limit, the payment should be smoothly done with this method.

C. Does Guild Mortgage Offer Online Payment?

If you are looking for the online method of Guild Mortgage payment options, there are several of them that you can pay. However, the most common one is by making the online payment by phone. Contacting the customer service of Guild Mortgage and ask them to clear your bill using any preferred method that you choose will take care of the bill instantly.

D. Can I Mail My Payment?

Yes, Guild Mortgage accepts payment by mail. This method is often seen as an outdated way to clear the bill but it works anytime and it is very straight forward. Sending the money in cash and mail it to the Guild Mortgage office is a great way to clear the bill fast and easy.

E. Is Partial Payment Available for Guild Mortgage?

In Guild Mortgage payment rules, partial payment is not acceptable. This is why you should really check if the money you have to clear the bill is a sufficient amount or at least more than enough to make the payment. Any partial payment will be sent back to the loaner immediately.

Now that you know everything about paying Guild Mortgage bill, you can choose the most preferred method of paying the loan every month. Make sure you do not miss any payment because it can affect your credit score in the future. Choose the most convenient way of clearing Guild Mortgage payment each month and enjoy all the benefits.

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