How to Make United Wholesale Mortgage Payment

How to Make United Wholesale Mortgage Payment

The United Wholesale Mortgage payment can be done in so many ways. Here is the full information about it for the company's borrowers.

United Wholesale Mortgage payment is something that you should clear every month when you have a home loan in that company. As a well-known mortgage company, there is no doubt that thousands of people use the service of UWM to purchase a house. So, how to make the payment? Here’s the answer.

Types of United Wholesale Mortgage Payment

The United Wholesale Mortgage payment can be made in many ways. There is no way that the borrowers will encounter any difficulties in clearing the bill. Some of the most popular payment methods in the company are.

1. Online Payment by Website

By visiting the website of UWM, you will be able to make the payment online. Once you are on the website and log in into your personal account, find the payment section on the website. When clicked, you will be asked to fill in some forms in order to make the payment. It is so easy to follow and to do.

2. Automated Payment (Automatic Clearing House)

The automated payment method of UWM is one of the best ways to clear the bill. The payment method is using ACH or automatic clearing house system. It means in this method, your payment will be automatically taken from your bank account. To set up the payment, all you need to do is provide your bank account information, and the company is going to deduct the money in bank account for monthly payment. This is the simplest United Wholesale Mortgage payment where you do not need to do anything to pay the bill.

3. Payment by Phone

If you do not like making the payment online and you rather speak to a customer service and then making the payment, you can do exactly those things by making the payment by phone. The official number of UWM is 248-433-9733. Call them during working hours and inform them your name, your UWM account number, and then your social security number. If they are matched with the record, you will be able to make the payment online.

4. Third-Party App

The United Wholesale Mortgage payment can also be made using third-party app. To this day, the UWM has not accepted payment straightly from debit and credit card. For those who still love using cards to pay for anything, including the mortgage loan at UWM, they can use the help of third-party app, such as Doxo for example. The third-party app is going to receive the payment and forward them to the UWM. If you would rather use this method, make sure the third-party payment app that you choose is 100% legit.

5. United Wholesale Mortgage Mobile App

The United Wholesale Mortgage payment system is actually available on its mobile app. The company is aware that everyone is using smartphone for everything these days. That is why they have created a mobile app, both for Android and iOS that can be used to maintain the UWM mortgage loan. Of course it is including paying monthly bill as well. Open the app, log in with your UWM account, and browse the app. There will be a section of payment where you can use to pay the bill directly from the phone.

Benefits of Making United Wholesale Mortgage Payment On Time

There are a lot of benefits that you will get if you clear your United Wholesale Mortgage payment on time. Among those numerous benefits, five of the best ones are listed down below:

A. Improving Your Credit Score

The best benefit that you can get from constantly clearing the United Wholesale Mortgage payment every month on time is that FICO or your credit score is going to be improved. As we know, credit score is basically the most important thing when it comes to personal financing. Without a good credit score, it is quite impossible for you to be able to get easy loan, buying cars by lease, or purchasing a house using mortgage. By paying off bills, including the UWM bill on time, you will have positive record and surely improve the FICO.

B. Giving You Bigger Chance of Purchasing Another Home

If you have clean record at UWM, your chance of purchasing another home using the help of UWM is going to be bigger for sure. You will be given special service on the next home purchasing as the gratitude from the company to your loyalty and consistency in paying the bills on time.

C. Avoiding Any Fines

Paying your UWM mortgage bill on time very month will give you the chance to avoid any fines. Paying the bills late or over the due date will make you lose several advantages or get you a fine. This is why you better choose not to pay the bill late. The fines can be in the form of additional money in the bill.

D. Enjoying the Peace of Mind

Essentially, by clearing up United Wholesale Mortgage payment bills every month, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a peace of mind. There is no way that you will be constantly contacted by creditors or by loan officers, urging you to pay your mortgage bill. This is the reason why people should think about paying their responsibility on time. They will be left alone and capable to enjoy a peace of mind for the rest of the month.

E. Improving Borrower's Status at UWM

If you clear the bill early every month, surely you will be labeled as premium customers. The company will treat you differently in positive way. You will be prioritized to get rewards, discounts, low rates, and so on. This is basically the reason why everyone should consider about paying their bill on time or early.

United Wholesale Mortgage is indeed one of the biggest mortgage companies in United States. That's why it provides multiple ways for customers to clear their monthly bill. If you have a loan in UWM, choose one of the United Wholesale Mortgage payment methods above that suits your preference the most.

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