Nationstar Mortgage Login to Manage the Mortgage Easily

Nationstar Mortgage Login to Manage the Mortgage Easily

You can pay mortgage, check the payment record, and access everything through Nationstar Mortgage login. Everything becomes easier and simpler with this feature.

Digital era brings new tech in many fields, including financial and mortgage. For clients from Nationstar, they can access Nationstar Mortgage login. For your information, the company is known as Mr. Cooper due to new name. You don’t have to worry because every service, management, product, and the call service are still related to the previous Nationstar.

Features Offered by Nationstar Mortgage login

What is actually the Nationstar Mortgage login? It is a part of system to manage mortgage. You can access it via laptop through internet connection. Another option is the mobile app for iPhone and Android platform. Few things are important to know related to the features, accessibility, support, payment, and security measure.

1. Applying mortgage

Before applying, you should prepare necessary requirements. Mortgage is a loan that takes the property as collateral. Applicants need to submit the documents, such as income statement, credit score and history, recent loan and debt status, identification card, SSN, address, and phone number. Nationstar will review and contact to your number. If the application is approved, you will get the loan number. Here are the steps to apply mortgage by online system.

  • Visit
  • Go to the apply section at the top left.
  • Fill the detail information, such as your name, email address, phone number, and property location.
  • Then, click "Get Started".

2. Loan number

Nationstar Mortgage login uses loan number to identify the customers and their account. Each customer has unique number related to mortgage from Nationstar. You can access the login section from the homepage and click the Sign In section. More about this topic will be explained in second part, including how to access it via mobile app.

3. Transferred mortgage

Nationstar Mortgage Company also gives service called transferred mortgage. You already have a loan from other bank or company, but decide to rely on Nationstar service. In that case, you need to apply transferred service. The application process is similar to previous steps. You just visit homepage then fill the forms and wait the further notice.

4. Mortgage calculator

What is mortgage calculator? In past time, you needed to calculate manually to know how much payment you can afford. Today, Nationstar gives easy access for calculation section. You can visit and go to the right menu. Click calculator link and you will be directed to the calculator area.

Before applying and accessing Nationstar Mortgage login, knowing your capability is the most critical one. There are several calculators based on what you need. They are refinancing, payment, rent vs. buy, payoff, loan amount, and price range. Payment is money you will send to Nationstar in order to fill the loan. You need to know this part to ensure the payment doesn’t interfere your financial status. Meanwhile, payoff is the option when you pay the entire loan early before the end of term. It is similar to the term closing with purpose to complete the entire obligation you have to Nationstar.

Next calculator is for loan amount and the price range. How much loan you will afford? The company will check this section based on few factors, such as income, taxes, insurance, and property price. To know the price for your property as mortgage, visit the calculator for price range. Two houses with similar and identical specs may have different price because the location is not in the same city. The area with high risk will have more expensive price. That’s why you should fill the zip code section when applying mortgage.

5. Refinancing

Nationstar Mortgage login is not just for regular mortgage. You can choose to buy or rent based on the calculator. If you decide to purchase new house, the login access will show everything related to this type of mortgage. This situation is also similar to refinancing. Your account looks different because you apply for refinance.

What is refinance? In simple term, it is consolidation process for specific purpose. You have a house and need cash. Applying the mortgage and loan will be your source of money. Of course, the house or property is collateral until all loans are paid off completely. Refinance is also useful to get the new loan, term, rate, and put two mortgages into single installment.

6. Mortgage rate and term

Nationstar mortgage service cannot be separated from the term and rate. Both are the keys when calculating the loan, payment, payoff, and other services. Nationstar provides several options to make customers comfortable. You can choose the fixed or adjustable rate. Fixed one means the payment is similar from beginning until the end of term. For your information, the term is how long you will be in debt. Usually, the term is between 15 to 30 years. If you need more time, refinance will consolidate to meet new term.

The term and account is the key features in Nationstar Mortgage login. After accessing account, you will see how much payment based on your current rate. For the term, all payment history is recorded and you will know how many payments required to be paid off.

7. Automatic payment

One benefit for this account is you can link to bank account or credit card. Instead of sending money via the old way, using online payment is solution due to simple and easy access. Nationstar does not charge fee when using online payment. Automatic payment is the feature to make sure you do not late when due time comes. The payment is automatically active without much hassle.

Accessing the Nationstar Mortgage Login

1. Browser

Browser is the simplest way to access Follow the below instructions for further steps.

• Open your browser from laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
• Type in the address bar at
• The homepage will appear and you just need to tap or click the Sign In link. The layout in mobile and PC display might be different, but all menus are similar.
• You can explore each link and tap the phone icon if you need further information.

2. Mobile app

Mobile app is available for Apple and Android platform. You can visit Apple Playstore and use search feature to find mrcooper app. Just tap and the installation is started. To access mobile app, make sure you have loan number. The account has features to manage mortgage easily in your hand. For Android platform, the process is similar but you can install from Play Store. The rest of steps are exactly the same to mobile app for Apple devices.

From explanation above, you now understand the features and how to access the Nationstar Mortgage login. Make sure to check your internet connection first. Besides, update your browser to the new version and check the device requirements for mobile app. If you find issue related Nationstar login, call the customer service at 888-480-2432 or visit

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