The Best Way to Make Cenlar Mortgage Payment

The Best Way to Make Cenlar Mortgage Payment

Cenlar Mortgage payment should be made right after you get the bill. The best ways to make the payment are explained here.

Cenlar Mortgage payment must be made by borrowers once they receive their mortgage bill. Cenlar is a well-established mortgage company. It has been giving loans to many people in the USA, so they can purchase their own house. If you use the service of Cenlar as well and have no idea how to make the payment, the explanation is down below.

Official Methods to Make Cenlar Mortgage Payment

There are several ways you can use to make Cenlar Mortgage payment. The three ways explained below is the official methods. They are fully approved by the company. Here they are.

1. Payment Via Cenlar's Website

The first official way to make the payment is using its official website. Go to and you can start clearing your bill there. To make Cenlar Mortgage payment, you need to log in first to the website. To do that, you are going to need your loan number and social security number.

Open the website and two boxes will appear. In the first box, type in the 10 digit of your Cenlar loan number. Do not forget to type in all the leading zeros of loan number as well. Then, on the other box, just type in your social security number. It should have 9 digits. Make sure you type them all. After that, click ‘submit’ and follow the next steps. Once you are registered and logged in, you can make the payment as well as checking out the bills.

2. Payment By Mail

Payment by mail is still available to this day. However, this Cenlar Mortgage payment is probably the least favorite. If you want to use this method, you will have to send money to the company, literally, by mail. Most people do not like this method because they prefer online or card payment, like the direct deposit (ACH) method or paying bills with credit card.

However, if the borrowers want to make payment by mail, they can do that by placing a copy of the bill and the money in an envelope and then mail it to Cenlar. The address to be written on the envelope is PO BOX 77404 EWING, NJ 08628. The mail will probably get received by the company in 2 to 3 days. This is why you cannot make this type of payment too close to the due date.

3. Payment By Phone

The last official method to make Cenlar Mortgage payment is making the payment by phone. As one of the biggest mortgage companies in the USA, Cenlar provides 24/7 customer service to talk to the borrowers anytime. They can discuss anything about the mortgage loan, including making payment. By contacting the customer service, they will be given the right to make deposit out of your bank account.

If you prefer this method, the number to contact is 800-223-6527. Even though Cenlar’s customer service should be ready for 24/7, you probably encounter some difficulties to contact them at some points. It is possibly caused by line queue or the lack of customer service officers ready for the job. If the circumstances happen, be patient can call them back in few minutes.

Third-Party Apps to Make Cenlar Mortgage Payment

In this modern world, paying for bills does not have to be directly to the company. You can use third-party service, including apps and websites to make Cenlar Mortgage payment. The three bill pay service apps/ sites below are the examples.

1. Plastiq

There are numerous methods of Cenlar Mortgage payment using third-party app. However, Plastiq is probably one of the most famous ones. The all-in-one bill paying service takes two forms: website and mobile app. You can choose which one you like the best. Plastiq helps you to clear the bills with ease. It allows payment using more modern ways, including credit cards and digital money/ digital currency.
Using the service of Plastiq cannot be easier because all you need to do is making account there, list all your monthly bills, and have them paid automatically. You can list your mortgage bill there and you won’t miss paying the bill on time because Plastiq has everything managed for you.

2. Doxo

Doxo is a website dedicated to help people clearing their monthly bills. The borrowers can surely use Doxo to make the payment. Doxo has been around for some times, making them quite professional in handling bills and multiple payment. Even though the website is not officially affiliated with Cenlar, most of the Cenlar borrowers are acknowledging this website as their legit payment method.

To use Doxo, you simply go to their official website. If you have been there before and already have an account, log in using your user name and password. If this is your first time, register first by entering your email or phone number. After having an account here, just start managing your monthly bills, including the one from Cenlar. The payment can be done using direct deposit or credit card under Doxo.

3. Prism

Making Cenlar Mortgage online payment can surely use the help of Prism. Prism is an online bill paying service in the form of mobile app. The app can be downloaded on Google PayStore (for Android users) and from AppStore (for iOS users). Once the app is in your phone, make an account. After register and logging in, add in your mortgage bill number. The app will automatically get connected to the mortgage loan and capable to make payment every month.

With Prism, you do not have to pay directly to Cenlar. Instead, make payment or deposit to Prism app. It can be done using the paying methods that are not available at Cenlar, including credit card and debit card. This is why people would love to use third-party app like Prism. It gives them more flexibility in clearing their bills.

It is quite clear now that there is more than a way to make the payment for Cenlar mortgage bill. Make sure you make Cenlar Mortgage payment on time to avoid fines and bad track records in the future. Well, it may have impact on your credit score or FICO.

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