United Wholesale Mortgage Login for Broker and Borrower

United Wholesale Mortgage Login for Broker and Borrower

As a big wholesale lending company, UWM established United Wholesale Mortgage Login. It helps broker partners and borrowers all around the States.

You will find many wholesale mortgage lending companies operating all over the country. Currently, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) is the biggest one. It offers a set of comprehensive services. One of them is the all-in-one United Wholesale Mortgage Login platform. How does this tool aid mortgage process for the customers?

The Overview of United Wholesale Mortgage

Before diving into the United Wholesale Mortgage online tool, it will be better to learn about this institution first. Some people still do not fully understand how mortgage wholesaling business works.

There are several kinds of mortgage lenders in the industry. You will find lender that interacts directly with its prospective customers. It means that the customer will have to contact the lending company directly in order to get a home loan. The interaction continuously happens as the loan progresses. However, there is also a type of lending mortgage institution that provides loans with the help of professional broker. Instead of interacting with the lender, borrower will go through the first steps with broker’s guidance. This company benefits both broker and borrower in several ways.

1. Variety of Loan Programs

United Wholesale Mortgage Login is not the only desirable thing about this company. It offers many loan programs to cater the needs of customers that come from different backgrounds. The company does not only offer the conventional mortgage loan to borrowers. It also offers government insured loan programs, such as: Veteran Affairs (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans. It helps catering people who deal with high value properties through jumbo loan too.

A variety of loan programs attracts the attention of prospective borrowers. Brokers who work together with UWM will have a surge of incoming customers who want to try out their service. In addition to having variety of loan programs, the rates that this company offers are competitive. That includes down payment and interest rates. The term length also varies according to customer’s needs.

2. Streamlined and Fast Process

Another thing that makes people flock in around UWM is its streamlined and fast process. There are many wholesale lending companies that provide wide array of loan programs. However, sometimes they do not really support streamlined mortgage process without complicated bureaucracy that will just prolong the process. UWM speeds up this process, most noticeably in the application procedure. Broker and borrower do not need to wait for a long time just to undergo loan processing and underwriting.

As the mortgage progresses, United Wholesale Mortgage Login helps borrower to solve various difficulties quickly. Broker likes working with this company because despite it is handling a massive volume of mortgage loans; detailed attention for every single case is still given. When the borrower is satisfied with how their mortgage loan is being handled, it is likely that they are going to refer broker and lender to other people.

3. Use of Technology

Many mortgage companies claim to use state of art technology to help running the business. Unfortunately, some of them have failed spectacularly to prove that the technology helps making mortgage easier for partners and customers. Based on consumers’ reviews, UWM is not one of those companies. Their online system works to aid broker and borrower from the application to loan conclusion.

There is a United Wholesale Mortgage Login platform for broker at the initial stage of loan application. In this step, broker needs to gather borrower’s documents that are crucial for applying mortgage. Broker will establish an account then submit the documents online. The access to this platform is available 24/7. It is easy for broker to check how the application progresses overtime so they can report to borrower.

United Wholesale Mortgage Login Platform for Borrowers

Brokers and borrowers who work together with UWM will need to establish United Wholesale Mortgage Sign In accounts. This passage is going to delve into details on how it is like for borrowers.

Why do you need to create an account in this platform? Borrower gets many benefits when establishing a mortgage sign in account. This account can be used to check one’s credit score without additional fee. You can see how your score fluctuates throughout the course of your loan. Borrower also gets to make free online payment through this platform, instead of going through the conventional routes such as phone call or airmail. Borrower can also contact the lender through messaging service in the platform. Most importantly, borrower becomes independent about their own mortgage loan. They will learn their own loan information without having to contact broker.

Here are the steps to create a United Wholesale Mortgage Login account for borrower.

  • Visit the login platform website at https://www.myuwmloan.com/.
  • Under the sign in bars, you are going to see a link named “Create an account”.
  • Enter borrower’s loan number which can be found written on loan statement.
  • Enter borrower’s Social Security Number (SSN). It is also possible to enter the Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) by following the website’s instruction.
  • Enter the ZIP code of property in question.
  • Do user verification by clicking onto available spot.
  • Click “Find Loan”.

Once the system has identified your loan, you will be requested to enter further information. Login credentials will need to be established so that you can get into your account. The usual credentials are username and password. Email verification must be made to activate one’s login account. Once the account has been created borrower can immediately use it to conduct variety of United Wholesale Mortgage Login functions. The following steps will help you signing in to your account.

  • Head to the login website at https://www.myuwmloan.com/.
  • Enter registered username (if you forgot it, you can click “Forgot username?”).
  • Enter registered password (if you forgot it, you can click “Forgot password?”).
  • Click “Sign In”.

If you ever encounter any trouble with the login site, you can always contact its customer support at (888) 464-2432. This number is available on Monday to Tuesday at 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, on Friday at 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, and on Saturday at 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. CT.

As you can see there are so any benefits that you can get from registering to United Wholesale Mortgage Login accounts. Whether, you are broker or borrower, the registration is essential and can hardly be postponed. Be an independent and smart mortgage consumer! You will have the best mortgage experience!

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