3 Ways to Solve “Com.google.process.location Has Stopped”

Android user may encounter message saying com.google.process.location has stopped in their smartphone. This problem can be solved in easy steps.

There are instances when popup message about com.google.process.location has stopped working appear on Android device users’ screens. This situation can be really annoying. It prevents you from accessing an application that you need to use, because it may appear when you try to access certain apps.

In addition to that, the popup message can seemingly appear out of nowhere when you are using your phone. Sometimes, user is not in the middle of installing and updating an app in their device but message about com.google.process.location that is not working appears anyway.

Com.google.process.location Has Stopped

How to Free Your Device from This Issue?

You can look for support from the phone’s official store if you encounter issues related to com.google.process.location. However, there are several approaches that you can try out first before having to resort to that. They are really convenient since you can do them by yourself at home.

Android user can try out these three methods if they have ever encountered a case where popup saying com.google.process.location has stopped operating. One approach may work better than the other in some cases so if necessary, you should try experimenting with the three of them.

1. Re-enabling Disabled Program

This method is perhaps the simplest one that you can try out when encountering problem about com.google.process.location in your device. Sometimes, the popup message appears when you are disabling certain applications or programs. You should know, though, that this method does not always work.

Here is the step by step guide to do this approach.
  • Open your device then go to “Setting” menu.
  • Head to “Applications” then scroll through its content.
  • Click on “Disabled”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Tap on all of the applications that have been disabled to re-enable them.
  • Restart your Android device.
  • Check if the programs that have been re-enabled can work properly and if the popup appears again. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
2. Cleaning Up Data Cache

If the first method does not work, you can try cleaning up data cache within the phone. Accumulation of cache tends to bring errors such as in com.google.process.location. Therefore, you need to try cleaning up your system from it if issues start appearing within your device. It is a standard method that many manufacturers will recommend you to do by yourself.

The following steps explain how you can do it.
  • Access the “Setting” menu in your phone.
  • Click on “Applications” then choose sub-section named “All”.
  • Tap on “Google Play Store”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Choose to clear the cache within the application.
  • Confirming that you want to delete the application’s data cache. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Check if the popup still appears in your device.
3. Re-setting Android Device

Returning your device’s setup to its manufacture setting is the last resort when popup informing that com.google.process.location has stopped still appears in your phone after trying the previous two methods. Re-setting device may require some patience and extra footwork. However, this method works most of the time in tackling this particular system issue.
  • Create a backup of data in your device’s hard disk to another device (it is recommended to use computer or laptop for this).
  • Synchronize your favorite apps and contact list to your Google account.
  • Go to “Setting” menu in your phone and look for sub-menu called “Backup and Reset”.
  • Restore the phone setup to its manufacture setting then confirm your choice by clicking “Reset”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Wait for several minutes until the process is completed. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • You can relocate your data to the device and setup your phone to your heart’s content again.
Usually, after trying the third method, you will no longer find error related to com.google.process.location in your device. You need to make sure that your data has been backed up safely, though, before proceeding with re-setup. If not, you will lose your data forever.

As you can see, you can solve this issue by yourself by choosing one of those three approaches. When you see message informing that com.google.process.location has stopped in your device, you will know what to do.

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