"Couldn’t Add Widget" to Your Phone? Here are 3 Ways to Solve the Issue

What to do if you found that you couldn’t add widget to your phone? Well, there are three DIY methods you can attempt on your own.

A significant portion of Android Lollipop users stated that they couldn’t add widget into their devices. This is making smartphone usage becomes inconvenient as user will not be able to access apps just from home screen. They need to scroll through their entire app library first in order to find the right app.

System issues tend to be inevitable, especially for a newly introduced operating system. If you have enough time and patience to visit the official booth nearby your area, you can definitely do that. However, there are DIY steps that you can follow if you couldn’t add widget to your smartphone too. It saves plenty of time.

Couldn’t Add Widget

Reasons for Failure in Adding Widget to Your Phone

Before learning how to fix the issue, you should know why you fail to add a widget to your device at the first place. Without knowing the core of this issue, you will not be able to solve it properly. There are two main reasons for this particular problem which is related to Google Search.

1. Deleted Google Search

The first reason for this is that you may have deleted your Google Search accidentally. When this application is deleted, you will not be able to create a widget to your Lollipop OS. Therefore, you should check whether your app is still intact before trying anything else.

2. Google Search Does Not Work in Standard Mode

Another reason that might be the reason why you couldn’t add widget to your smartphone is because the Google Search application is frozen or simply unable to work properly in standard mode. The frozen app is probably the result of rooting process. If you have checked that your app is still present within your directory, you should then see if it is still working properly.

The Steps to Resolve Widget Issue in Your Phone

There are three different ways to resolve this issue that you can try out. If one way does not work, you should attempt for the others. Let’s check them out.

1. Cleaning Up Data in Google Search App

Perhaps your app does not work properly because there is a pile up of junk and spam in it. Therefore you couldn’t add widget. You should attempt to clean up all the data first. Here are the steps to take.

  • Access your home screen then go to “Setting” menu. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Choose sub-menu named “Apps”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Scroll through your application list to find “Google Application Search”. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Choose menu called “Space Management”.
  • Clean up all data within the app.

2. Re-installing Google Search App

Probably you couldn’t add widget because you have deleted your application. If so, you should try to re-install the application to your device once again. This method will also work if your Google Search does not run properly after data clearance.

  • Access the application store within your Android device. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Look for “Google Search” in the search bar. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Choose to install the application into your device. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Wait until the installation procedures are completed before running the app.

3. Re-booting Smartphone Device

If all else fail and you still couldn’t add widget to your phone, you can try re-booting your device. The re-booting must be done in safe mode, though. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Press the power button on the side of your smartphone. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • A popup will appear. Press on “Power Off” menu for few seconds. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • There will be another popup which gives you option to re-boot the device in safe mode. Click on “OK”.
  • Wait until the re-booting process is complete and you are in safe mode. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  • Repeat the entire process, but this time, you are re-booting your smartphone in standard mode. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com

After doing all those three ways and you still couldn’t add widget, it will be better if you head to official booth for consultation. There might be bigger problem that causes your inability to add some widgets.

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