"Unfortunately, the Process Android.process.acore Has stopped" Ways to Tackle the Problem

Notice of “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” can appear when you use your phone. What is the reason and how to solve it?

When a notice that reads “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”, some Android users are going tizzy and trying to figure out what is going on with their smartphone. We would like to argue that this is not a major system issue. However, the notice is undeniably preventing you from enjoying your smartphone usage experience optimally since it can appear so suddenly.

Unfortunately, the Process Android.process.acore Has stopped

In the sections of this article, you are going to learn four main causes of error in the process android.process.acore. Steps to deal with each specific cause of error will be discussed as well. The methods are fairly simple. You can do it yourself as long as you follow each step diligently.

Disabled Calendar Storage App

Sometimes, the error may also appear if you disable your Calendar Storage app in your phone. This is a less likely case among the other four, but it does not hurt you to try fixing it that way. It is also the simplest method to do.
Image Source: android-fix.com
In order to fix the process android.process.acore error that is allegedly happened due to the app’s disability, you must enable the app in your phone again. Here are the steps to do it.
  • Access your smartphone then choose the “Setting” menu.
  • Click “Applications” then scroll through the submenu.
  • Tap on a section named “Disabled”.
  • Try to find an app named “Calendar Storage” then click on it to enable the app.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Check if the Calendar Storage can finally work properly and if the notice re-appears again.

Issues in Contact Saving Data

Oftentimes, notice for error in the process android.process.acore will appear when you are trying to save new contact to your phone system. If this happens to you, you need to clean up your contact data in your phone because the error originates from there.
Image Source: android-fix.com
Perhaps, you are worried about losing all your valuable contact information. However, if you are following these steps, you will not need to be worried at all.
  • Synchronize your latest contact information to your Google account for backup.
  • Head to “Setting” menu in your smartphone.
  • See the list of applications installed in your smartphone by clicking “All”.
  • Find an app named “Contact Storage”. The name depends on your smartphone model but it tends to have similar meaning.
  • Clear all data within the app then check if your contact list is emptied out.
  • Make sure that notice of unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped no longer appears on your phone.
  • Download your contact list back to your phone.

System Must be Restored to Original Setting

Sometimes you have to do drastic measure in order to fix the process android.process.acore in your smartphone. Restoring your system setup to the original manufacture setting is the example. It is a tad more complicated than the previous two methods but very effective.
Image Source: android-fix.com
Before attempting the method to prevent notice of unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped from appearing, you should backup all of your personal data including contact information. That way, you can still regain your precious data after trying out this method.
  • Access your phone then go to “Setting” menu.
  • Search for a sub-menu named “Backup and Reset”.
  • Return all of your current setup to the original setup by smartphone’s manufacturer. Confirm your re-setting choice by clicking on “Reset”.
  • You need to wait for five to fifteen minutes until the setup restoration process is finished.
  • Once the process is done, you can move back your personal data into your smartphone.

System File Should be altered

Another difficult method to deal with the process android.process.acore error is by altering the system file. Here is how you can do it.
  • Access your system file in the directory.
  • There is a line saying “TRUE”, you should change it to “FALSE”.
  • The system should work as it should be
If you find that notice of unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped still appears from time to time, you can do the most effective method out of them all: cleaning your smartphone from all of its data. That should solve your issue.

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