Solving “Unfortunately, the Process Has Stopped” in 2 Approaches

Seeing unfortunately, the process has stopped on your screen is rather annoying. Two ways to solve this are discussed in this passage.

Seeing a message saying unfortunately, the process has stopped at the bottom of your Android smartphone is not something worth panicking about. This problem is quite common for many users of this operating system everywhere.

In fact, you can actually try solving error related to the process on your own first before visiting the phone’s official booth. There are two methods that are going to be discussed within this passage. Those who live far from official support booth will find the following information to be very helpful in tackling this issue.

Unfortunately, the Process Has Stopped

What is the Cause for Error in Process Media?

When you see a popup warning with written unfortunately, the process has stopped on your screen, you should expect error to occur in one of two programs installed in your phone. The first program that may experience error is Download Manager. The second one is Media Storage.

Download manager is considered an important program for Android smartphone users, especially those who love to download files to their device. Nonetheless, since it is interacting with outside sources, the program is very vulnerable to outside attack. No wonder that the process error is likely caused by it.

Error in a smartphone’s media storage program can also cause the popup notice to appear every now and then. This program is very important for any phone user. It manages all of media files such as music, ringtones, and pictures. The program is also very prone to issues such as this one.

Cleaning Data Cache in Your Device

The built up data cache in your device caused by those two programs may incite ‘unfortunately, the process has stopped’ notice to appear. Therefore, you should attempt to clear your cache first in order to solve it.

Let’s see the following steps to clear your cache safely.
  • Open your Android smartphone then choose “Setting” menu.
  • Look for all of the applications that you have installed into the device.
  • Search for an application named “Google Services Framework”. 
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  • Clean up the application from all of its data and caches.
  • After that, search for an application named “Google Play”. 
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  • Clean it up from all of its data and caches as well.
  • Return back to “Google Services Framework” within the “Setting” menu then force it to stop. 
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  • Clean up all of its caches once more.
  • Access your Google Play application and if you see an error notice, you can just click OK.
In order to complete the process and preventing the process error to continue, you should restart your smartphone. You should enable your Google Service Framework once again. This method does not always succeed, though. You may need to try the other one.

Disabling Media Storage and Download Manager in Your Device

Although both programs that cause the process error are important in your smartphone, you should try disabling them first in order to make sure that your phone works properly again. This method is also relatively simple to try out.

Here are the steps to disable the two apps.
  • If you setup your phone to automatically synchronize with your Google account, you should disable the synchronization first. It can be done by accessing Google Sync in “Setting” menu. 
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  • After that, you can disable the Media Storage app in the “Setting” menu. 
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  • Return back and look for Download Manager to disable it. 
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  • Once you have disabled both programs, you should reboot your device.
  • You should no longer see error in the process anymore after this.
Once you have checked that the error notice no longer appears, you can definitely enable the programs back into your phone. This may cause another error in the future, though.

As you can see if, notice of unfortunately, the process has stopped appears on your screen, you should not be scared. The two methods mentioned above can help you tackling the issue before having to resort to official support.

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