Solving “Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped” Problem on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

How to solve "unfortunately contacts has stopped" message on Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here is what you should do.

As we know, the unfortunately contacts has stopped message is commonly found on Samsung Galaxy devices, especially on the S4 to S7 series. Even though people rarely open their contact these days, if the contact list is not available to open, it will give hard time to find out someone’s phone number.
That is why this problem has to be solved as soon as possible. For those who have Samsung Galaxy device and it shows that unfortunately contacts has stopped all the time, here are several ways to solve the problem for making sure that the contact list can be opened properly. Let's check the steps below.

Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped

Clear the Cache (The First Method)

The first method to get rid of the unfortunately contacts has stopped message is by clearing the cache. Cache is like small files that can slow down the device and give it error runs when they are piling up too much. To clear the cache on the contact application, here is the step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Well, the first thing to do when clearing the cache on the ‘Contact’ app is going to “Setting”, and then select “Application Manager”. 
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  2. There are three tabs on the “Application Manager”. Select the “All” tab. It is on the far left side or basically the first tab that is available on the “Application Manager”. You will find all the applications there. 
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  3. The next step on getting rid of that unfortunately contacts has stopped message on Samsung Galaxy device is to find “Contact” application. Scroll down the list carefully and find the “Contact” app. Once you find it, select the app. 
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  4. Now, select the option “Clear Cache” on the “Contact”. If you want, you can as well clear the data. However, clearing the data will automatically restart your contact application. All the settings you have made will be gone. 
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Change the Date (the Second Method)

However, if the steps above are not working, just apply the second method. You can try getting rid of the unfortunately contacts has stopped notification by changing the date format on the phone. It sounds weird indeed but some people find it really helpful to solve the error problem of the contact.
In this case, the point here is to change the date and time format from 12 H (AM and PM) into 24 H format. If your phone is already using the 24 H format and the unfortunately contacts has stopped notification is still appearing, you may want to just leave the phone to the professionals to get it fixed.

  1. To prevent error of unfortunately contacts has stopped on Android particularly on Samsung phones, change the date format by going to “Date and Time” setting. It can be accessed by entering “Setting” menu on the phone. 
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  2. Now, find "Use 24-hour format" and then notice the slide bar on the right. Slide bar to activate the 24-hour format for your phone. The inactivated 24-hour format slide bar will have grey color. Once it is activated, it will have the color of red or any other color according to your phone theme’s color. 
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  3. Last but not least, restart the device. Then, check the contact app by trying to open it. It should get fixed by now.

Well, those are some of the best ways to make sure that contact application on your Samsung Galaxy device will be able to open properly. You can try both methods as the solution. Generally, those two ways can work well in solving the contact problem and preventing unfortunately contacts has stopped to keep reappearing on the screen.

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