How to Get Rid of “Warning: Camera Failed” Message on Samsung Gadget

Removing the "Warning: Camera Failed" message can be done with ease on Samsung Gadget. Four methods are explained here to help you out.

When Samsung device displays a message of Warning: Camera Failed, it will certainly upset the user of the phone. Samsung is the brand of smart phone and gadget to have its power on the camera. If the camera is not working properly, the value of that Samsung phone will greatly decrease.

This is why every user of Samsung gadget needs to know how to solve the Warning: Camera Failed problem. Here are four different ways to get rid of the error message and make sure that the camera will work again properly.

Warning: Camera Failed

The Problem Solving #1: Clearing Cache and Data on Camera

The first method of getting rid of Warning: Camera Failed message is to clear cache of the camera application. We all know that too much cache won’t be good for the phone. Thus, they need to be cleared up every once in a while.
  • For the first step, go to “Setting” option on the phone. There, find the option “Application Manager” to wipe up cache on your camera application.
  • The next step to get rid of this failed camera problem on Samsung device is by selecting the app “Camera” on “Application Manager”. It can be found on the “All” tab on far left. 
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  • Once the “Camera” app is opened, find the option to “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Data”. Select “Yes” when a prompting message appears on the screen.
  • Now, restart the phone, and then open the camera. This error message should be no longer there. 
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The Problem Solving #2: Enter Recovery Mode

In addition, the next problem solving method to remove the Warning: Camera Failed message is by entering the recovery mode. This recovery mode can be used to wipe up the cache as well when the first method up above is not working.
  • Enter the Recovery Mode by turning the device off and then pressing Volume Up, Power and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Next, navigate the highlight to the “Wipe Cache Partition”. Then wait until the process is completely done. 
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  • Once the process is done, navigate the highlight to the “Reboot System Now” on the upper part of the screen.

The Problem Solving #3: Using PC

This third method is still revolving around clearing cache. However, this time, it is using the help of PC. This method can be tried when clearing up the cache using the setting and recovery mode fails to stop the Warning: Camera Failed message.
  • First, connect the smartphone to PC using USB cord.
  • Open the phone storage and locate “Android” folder. 
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  • There, find the “Gallery” folder and then select “Cache” folder inside of it. Delete that cache folder. 
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The Problem Solving #4: Uninstall Alternative Camera

Last but not least, you can try the other method to remove Warning: Camera Failed message that does not involve cache. This time, it is by getting rid of secondary or alternative camera applications. They may be the root of the error happened on the camera.
  • First of all, select “Applications” on “Setting”. It is where all applications on the device is displayed and managed. 
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  • Select all the alternative camera app and then select “Uninstall”. 
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  • Now, reboot the phone to save the changes.
Well, you can choose one of four methods above according to your situation. However, if you have used all those methods, but the camera is still not working and Warning: Camera Failed error message keep appearing, make sure you bring the phone as soon as possible to the professional technicians. They will help solving the problem using their ways.

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