Hiding "Apps Running in the Background" Notification on Smartphone with Android Oreo OS

Is your Android Oreo phone showing “Apps running in the background” all the time? If it is, find out how to get rid of the notification here.

The notification saying “Apps running in the background” appears a lot of time, almost certainly, on Android phone with Oreo OS. Indeed, Oreo is one of the latest versions of Android OS and it is claimed to be the most sophisticated one. However, it has several flaws, still, and the most annoying one is indeed this notification.

For those who love to have simple-looking phone with no piling notifications that cannot be removed, of course the existence of “Apps running in the background” notification is quite bothering. That is why they try to find a way of getting rid of it. Several methods down below can be done. But before that, there will be explanations about the cause of the notification as well as why you need to disable it.

Apps running in the background

Why Does the Notification Exist?

The basic reason why the notification of “Apps running in the background” exists is because Android Oreo wants to give the best user experience for those who use the phone. They will gladly inform you that there are apps running massively in the background and draining the battery.

The developers hope that when the running apps are exposed on the notification, users can manually turned them off to stop them from draining the battery. This is a good intention, though. However, sometimes people just do not like a popup notification that appears all the time and cannot be easily removed. That is why they seek a way to remove the “Apps running in the background” notification.

Why Disable the Notification?

The main reason about getting rid of “Apps running in the background” notification is to free the screen from the piling up notifications. When other types of notifications, from other apps, can be removed easily by swiping them right or left, the notification telling you that there are apps draining the battery is not that easy to remove. Disabling it for goods is probably the only way to free the screen from that notification.

Using Notification Setting

The first method that can be tried to remove the notification is by using the notification setting on the phone. If you are trying this method, these steps can be followed to modify the notification setting properly. Here they are:
  1. Open "Setting" and then go to "Apps & Notifications"
  2. Select "App Info"
  3. Select "More" menu (three points) on the right corner until a popup appears. Tap on "Show system
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  4. Scroll down on the "App Info" until you find "Android System". Notice the section "App Notification" and tap it. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  5. Find the "Apps Running in the background" and select it.
  6. Tap the option "Importance" and choose the option "Low" to all. 
    Image Source: android-fix.com
  7. On the option "On the Lock Screen", set it to "Hide Notification"

Using Third-Party App

If that method is not working to get rid of the “Apps running in the background” notification, you are going to need the help of third-party app. There are a lot of apps on the Google PlayStore that has notification manager apps. They can help you remove specific app. To get the third-party app, these are the steps you need to take.
Image Source: android-fix.com
  1. Open Google PlayStore
  2. On the search bar, type in "Notification Manager"
  3. Select the desired app and then tap "Install"
  4. Wait until the process of installation is done.
  5. Open the app on the phone and follow its instruction to hide notifications.
Those are some of the best ways to make sure that the notification of “Apps running in the background” is not coming back to the phone again. If you think that you do need this notification to tell you the app that has misbehaved and drain phone’s battery, you just have to keep the notification does it job and never to remove it.

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