Fixing "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" Error on Android Phone

The Connection problem or invalid MMI code is very annoying because it keeps appearing on the phone. Here are some ways to remove it.

When a message of "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" appears, it means that you cannot make changes on USSD dialer. It often happens when you want to check tariff on your phone or checking out internet service on the phone.

How to deal with the problem? Thankfully, there are several methods that can be done quite easily. Here are some of the best methods to make sure that the "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" message won’t appear on the phone anymore.

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

Solution 1: Restarting Android Smartphone

The first thing that you can do to fix invalid MMI code is to restart the Android smartphone. It is pretty basic but it can help remove the error quite easily. To restart the phone, all you need to do is the usual steps, such as:
  • Hold the power button for several seconds.
  • Press “Restart” option on the display
  • Wait until the process is done.

Solution 2: Trying Safe Mode

The next solution of getting rid of the "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" is to trying starting the phone using safe mode. To enter safe mode, you can do these steps down below. It will help you get rid of the invalid MMI code problem for sure.
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  • Turn off the phone
  • Press together power button and the volume button (down) together
  • Wait until the logo is gone
  • Operate the phone like usual. Try to see if the error has gone.
  • If it has, turn off the phone once again.
  • Wait until the phone is starting properly

Solution 3: Modifying Prefix Code

The most complicated way to get rid of the invalid MMI code message is to modifying the prefix code. This is probably something that won’t be easy to try. However, sometimes it works well.
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  • Open a dialer
  • Type in the request code (*123# for example)
  • Add a coma (,) to the request (*123#,)
  • Try to send the code

Fixing Low Signal Level

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The invalid MMI code sometimes is related to low signal level problem. To make sure that this problem is not happening, check your internet connection as well as the basic signal of the phone. The signal should be constant, not changing drastically from 4G to EDGE. If the signal is unstable, try to fix it first by going to the "Wireless and Networks" options on the phone. It will certainly help the error message to get removed. Select the option “4G LTE” to make sure that the phone will stay as long as possible on the network. If the network is still constantly changing from 4G to EDGE, try to check the internet connection as well.

Fixing Alien Roaming Provider

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Besides the low signal level, the invalid MMI code is also caused by alien roaming provider. You can stop this issue by go to Setting and then select the mobile operation manually. You can also check if the SIM card is on a good condition. If it is not, there is no way that you can get the MMI code done. Make sure that the SIM card is not corrupted. If it is, bring it to the operation straight away. There is nothing more you can do if the error is sourced from the SIM card. The SIM card will likely to be replaced by the officials.

After trying all the solution above, you won’t see the "Connection problem or invalid MMI code" anymore. It will help you to use the phone properly again. Try those solutions before trying to bring the phone to the technicians.

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