Fixing "Connection timed out" Problem on Google PlayStore

The problem of "Connection timed out" that appears on Google PlayStore can be solved in many ways. Find out the best ways down below.

"Connection timed out" error message does appear quite a lot of time when you are opening Google PlayStore. To fix this problem, there are several methods that can be done. These solutions range from simply switching the internet connection to using a third-party app. Choose one that is best for your need.

Connection timed out

Solution 1: Using DNS Changer

DNS or Domain Name System is one of the most important aspects in establishing internet connection. Sometimes, the problem with the internet on the phone that makes the phone cannot get connected properly to the internet lies on the DNS. If this happens, you need to modify the DNS using DNS changer. Follow these steps to remove "Connection timed out" problem using DNS changer:
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  • Download DNS Changer app APK on the internet and install it to the phone
  • Open the phone's "Setting"
  • Select "Applications" and then tap on "GoogleDNS"
  • Find "Router Settings"
  • Type in "" as DNS Server
  • Restart the phone to save the changes.

Solution 2: Switching from Wi-Fi to 3G Connection

If you are online using Wi-Fi connection and it causes the "Connection timed out" problem, all you need to do is switching the connection from Wi-Fi to 3G connection. It is 3G not 4G because 4G has pretty much the same establishment as Wi-Fi. 3G is more like empty and neutral. Turning the connection into 3G should give the phone a chance to regain internet connection. Here’s the step:
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  • Turn off Wi-Fi connection
  • Go to “Setting” and then “Network and Internet
  • Select “Mobile Network
  • Turn on the mobile network and then select “Preferred network type
  • Select 3G

Solution 3: Rooting the Device

One of the common causes of the “Connection timed out” error is because there are extra addresses recorded in the /etc/hosts file. That is why you need to get rid of them. However, removing the /etc/hosts file has to be done after the device is being rooted. Rooting a device is quite risky because all the data and even the state of the device itself can be at stake.
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Solution 4: Correcting the Date and Time

This solution is going to sound really silly but it works most of the time. It is to change the date and time. If the date and time on the phone are not set automatically, some errors can cause the date and time to be incorrect. As the result, it bothers the sync process between internet and the phone. To correct date and time and resolve the “Connection timed out”, here are the steps.
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  • Open "Setting"
  • Select "Date & Time"
  • Turn on the "Automatic date & time" or set date and set time manually.
  • Exit “Setting
  • Reopen the Google PlayStore to see if the “Connection timed out” is still happening.

Solution 5: Uninstalling Freedom App

The last solution here to fix “Connection timed out” is to uninstall Freedom App. This app is very popular due to the fact that it can be used to download paid apps on Google PlayStore for free! However, this app can cause a lot of troubles, including causing the PlayStore timed out problem. The solution is to uninstall it. Follow these steps:
  • Open “Setting” and then “Applications
  • Select “All” tap and scroll down to find “Freedom App
  • Tap on “Freedom App
  • Select “Uninstall
  • Wait until the process is done.
Those are several ways to fix the problem. If you choose to use the rooting that involves removal of /etc/hosts file by rooting the phone first, make sure that the rooting process is done by someone who knows exactly what to do. Rooting a phone can be done at home but it is going to be less risky if the process is done by a technician. They know how to properly root a phone and most likely to delete /etc/hosts file as well and fix the “Connection timed out”.

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