How to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy in Effective Way?

You may ask how to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy? Actually, this feature is equipped to protect user’s private data but not many people appreciate it.

Is it possible to know how to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy? Many Galaxy users are curious about it but they do not know where to search for the solution. You have come to the right place then. This passage will provide information about dealing with this message.

You must have seen Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy. The notice will appear when you smartphone is at locked condition and you receive a new message from your messaging app (e.g.: WhatsApp or Telegram). Instead of being able to see the full content of message that you receive, you will be presented with such image instead.

Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy

Does that mean you cannot access the message at all? No, it means that you can only access the message if you unlock your phone. The message will not appear by simply checking on the notification when your phone is locked. Preview of your message will then appear in unlock condition.

Why is the manufacturer applying such complicated mechanism to its phone models? It is done to build protection around user’s private data. Message on the messaging app is considered as user’s private data. When the phone is locked, the manufacturer understands that in some cases, user wants to protect data in the smartphone from others. That is why the Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy developed.

Many users who do not particularly mind data protection issue find this feature unnecessary, though. They complain about not being able to see message directly when the phone is locked. If you are one of those users, you may want to know how to undo the feature.

The following part will be discussing the steps on how to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy so you can see your messages in chatting app without having to go through the process of unlocking your phone. The steps are fairly simple.

How to Undo the Hidden Notification of Chatting App?

1. Head to setup menu

The first thing that you need to do to undo Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy is by heading to “Settings” menu. This menu is usually symbolized with round gear and will have every function in your phone for you to edit.

2. Locate the security menu

Once you have gotten to the “Settings”, you need to scroll down on its menu options to find the security menu. The menu that you want to locate is named “Lock screen and security”. You will see a symbol of lock beside the menu name. Tap on the menu to access its content to find how to undo Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy.
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3. Tamper with the notification part

When you have performed that task, you can finally see its content. Continue to scroll until you find a button that reads “Notification”. The option that you will need in this how to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy tutorial can be found there.
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4. Edit the toggle menu

Find a toggle menu named “Hide content”. This menu is controlling the Contents hidden on Samsung Galaxy. If it is activate, then the toggle will be shifted to right side. To deactivate it, you have to shift the toggle to the left. The color will then turn to grey.

If you have done that, you must check whether your message is still hidden when your phone is in unlock state. Your message should appear directly on the screen and not hidden any longer. Usually this method is successful.

It is really easy to perform this setup. If you want to return the setting to its original state you can simply perform the steps above but shifting the toggle to right side instead. This how to get rid of "Contents hidden" on Samsung Galaxy tutorial should be understandable enough for you.

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