Couldn't Connect Mi Band, How to Fix This?

The error notification saying "couldn't connect Mi Band" won’t make both Mi Band and Mi Fit work properly. Figure out how to solve the error here.

“Couldn't connect Mi Band” is error e that often appears on the Xiaomi device and interrupt the activity done using the device. As we all know, Mi Band is a bracelet-like device paired with Xiaomi smart phone. The device is used for a lot of things, but particularly to track down physical condition of the wearer.

Mi Band has to be paired to the smart phone using Bluetooth. Then, from the smart phone, an app called Mi Fit is used to control the usage of Mi Band. Sometimes, this message of “Couldn't connect Mi Band” appears during the usage of all devices, indicating that the bracelet fails to maintain connection to the phone.

Couldn't Connect Mi Band

This problem can be caused by many things, including the lack of reliable internet connection in all devices involved, errors on the Bluetooth, and many things else. To make sure that the devices can track all the physical activities of the wearer without issues, the problem of “Couldn't connect Mi Band” has to be fixed.

In the older version of the devices, this problem can be easily solved by restarting the device. However, in the newer ones, not so easy like that. Find out the solution to this “Couldn't connect Mi Band” problem down below. Everything will be explained clearly, particularly on the solution to solve each problem.

Solution #1: Turning Phone Off and Back On (Restart)

The first solution to solve “Couldn’t connect Mi Band” error from the phone is to basically turning the phone off and then turns it back on again. This method is going to restart the phone and hopefully get rid of the error related to the Mi Band and the device connection. Try to press the restart button for a few second and then when the phone is completely off, leave it up for 3 to 5 minutes.
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Then, turn the phone back on. Open the Mi Fit app and then see if the error message is still there. If it is, try to do something about the Bluetooth. After all, Bluetooth is the one connecting the main device to the band. Go to “Setting” and then select “Bluetooth”. Make sure it is on and visible. If it already is, turn it off for a while and then turn it back on. This solution should be able to remove “Couldn't connect Mi Band” issue.

Solution #2: Unpairing Mi Band

The next solution here is to upair the Mi Band and the phone. In order to sync, both devices must be paired. However, in order to get rid of this “Couldn't connect Mi Band” error e, try to unpair the devices temporarily. Here’s how to do that:
  1. Open the Mi Fit App on the phone
  2. Tap on the Profile and then select "Mi Band
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  3. Notice the "No Band" error message there. Then, scroll down. 
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  4. Tap on "Unpair" and then select "OK
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  5. Close the app and repair.
Now, it is time for you to pair the devices back on. The method to do that is by opening Mi Fit app and the select “Pair Mi Band”. When everything is set properly, the device should be able to track that band and pair it up. If you see blinking light on the band, it is indicating that the band is being paired properly, hence solving the Couldn't connect Mi Band issue.

All those methods above should be able to let you use the band and phone with ease. Whenever you go outside for exercising, you do not have to get annoyed by the message of “Couldn't connect Mi Band” displayed on the screen.

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