Device is not Certified by Google: Why and What to Do?

Encountering “Device is not certified by Google” notice is not pleasant when you are downloading new app. Why does this happen and how to solve it?

It is shocking to see notice that reads “Device is not certified by Google” when you are trying to install a program to your device. Why does this error occur? Is there a foolproof method to solve such issues on your own? You will find the answer by reading this article thoroughly.

Device is not certified by Google

Reason for Certification Error Notice

How can a device gets Google uncertified notice when trying to install an app? The tech company is protecting its software copyrights. User can only utilize their phone to the full extent as long as it receives license to use the software released or built on the company’s platform. This process is done during the phone development period.

The manufacturer of your device must fulfill some requirements in order to receive the software license.
  • Paying around $100 to $150 for each series.
  • The specs of a device should be able to meet standard functions for the operating system used (Google’s Android).
  • Manufacturer can still file a license for certain operating system version even if the request has been sent to Google.
Since non-licensed device will definitely encounter Device is not certified by Google issue, the manufacturer will usually provide warning about things that are likely to occur during its usage. Here are some warnings that are applied to such device.
  • User will likely to experience failure when attempting to update their operating system.
  • The device can be unsafe for your data security.
  • Programs and other services may work improperly.
  • User may have to resort to unsecured methods to get reserved copies.
  • User may fail to install third-party applications from the app store (“Device is not certified by Google” error)
You might be wondering why people would purchase unlicensed device. Device that has no license would be significantly cheaper than device with license. It is because the cost of development is lower. Manufacturer does not need to develop device up to Google’s standard and paying license fee. Some people would care more about the financial aspect more than anything even Device is not certified by Google error.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Well, you can attempt to do something to ensure that you can use applications from the store despite using device that is not licensed. By doing the step that is explained in the next section, you will not see Device is not certified by Google anymore.

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Solving the App Installation Issue in Non-certified Device

People who purchase unlicensed device are trying to find ways to be able to use apps from the store. However, you must be mindful that methods that are discussed in this part is not entirely foolproof.
  • The method used possesses risk that can actually damage your device for a while or (in the worst case) forever.
  • This method might not work for certain cases so you may have to find your way around to fix Device is not certified by Google issue.
What do you need to prepare for the task?
  • Root explorer
  • Access for rooting
  • File named build.prop for stock and custom
Here are the steps to solve Device is not certified by Google error.
  • Alter the codes for the build.prop stock entirely to custom build.prop
ro.product.brand =
ro.product.manufacturer = =
ro.product.model = =
ro.product.device = = =
  • Save your modification
  • Head to “Settings
  • Go to “Application manager” then choose the Google Play store app 
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  • Clear all the data within that app
  • Repeat the similar steps for your Google Play Services app 
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  • Restart your device into Recovery mode (the Team Win Recovery Project) 
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  • Advanced wipe all the entire data.
  • Restart the device in normal way and try to operate your app store
If the Device is not certified by Google still blocks your attempt to install new app, you may need to consider buying a licensed device. Please be cautious when performing the steps above.

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