Solutions to Fix "Download Pending" Issue on Google PlayStore

How to resolve "Download Pending" error message on Google PlayStore? Here are several methods that you can do about it.

"Download Pending" is an error message on Google PlayStore. When this message appears, it indicates that there is something wrong with the internet connection (most possibly) and cause the app to be enable in downloading new apps or updating the current apps on the phone. Here is the list of the solutions to get rid of that problem on Google PlayStore and make sure that the app can work properly again.

Download Pending

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

The first solution and most likely the simplest one is to check the internet connection. If the connection of the internet is not well-established on the phone, there will be so much troubles happening, including the "Download Pending" on Google PlayStore. Here are the steps that you can do to make sure that the internet connection is well-established.
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If you are connected to Wi-Fi:
  • Open “Setting” and then “Wireless and Network
  • Select “Wi-Fi
  • Make sure it is turned on and connected to the Wi-Fi name
  • If it says “Not Connected”, check the Wi-Fi router to see if it’s turned on.
  • If it says “Connected” but it has exclamation mark, try to restart the Wi-Fi router.
If you are using mobile data:
  • Check your data plan to see if you are eligible to access the internet
  • Open “Setting” and then “Mobile Network
  • Make sure it is turn on and the preference is on 4G
  • Restart the device to save changes and open the PlayStore to see if the "Download Pending" message is still there.

Method 2: Clear the Download Queue

Back then, PlayStore allows multiple download of app at the same time. However, the newer version of PlayStore won’t allow you to do that anymore. It uses one download at a time. It means when you want to download numerous app at the same time, there will be a queue and cause the "Download Pending" message. Here’s to deal with it.
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  • Open Google PlayStore
  • Select “My apps and games
  • Press the X button on the apps being downloaded at the same time, leaving only one app to download at a time.
  • When the download process is done, download the other apps in the queue one by one to avoid the "Download Pending" message from reappearing.

Method 3: Clear Google PlayStore Cache and Data

Cache is small files that are basically invisible but when they are existing too much, they can cause problems, including making Google PlayStore runs improperly. To resolve that, you need to make sure that the cache as well as data on the app are cleared. Follow these steps to do that and finally resolve the "Download Pending" problem.
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  • Go to “Setting” >> “Applications” >> “Google PlayStore
  • Select “Clear Cache” and proceed
  • Select “Clear Data” and proceed
  • Exit the setting and restart the device.

Method 4: Force Stop Google PlayStore

This is probably unwise but it sometimes works to return the Google PlayStore app back to normal. The solution here is to force stop the app. It will carry some risks but most of the time it is safe and not damaging. To force stop Google PlayStore in the hope of removing "Download Pending" error message, here are the steps:
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  • Open “Setting” and then “Applications
  • Select “Google PlayStore
  • Tap on “Force Stop” underneath it.
  • Tap “Yes” or “OK” on the prompting question
  • Wait until the process is done.
Those are five of the best solutions related to the problem of pending download on Google PlayStore. Since there are a lot of solutions given, you should try each one of them when you get the "Download Pending" problem. If one solution does not work, there are a few more to try in order to solve the problem without professional help.

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